ML Tech - Why or Why Not?

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Should a Tech receive Mind Link?


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  2. NEVER

  3. Depends on the Story/Difficulty Mode

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  4. Depends on what Boss the team is fighting

  5. Depends on what Armor the Tech has

  6. Depends on the Team Configuration

  7. Depends on the Tech's Skill Level

  8. If the Tech Requests Mind Link

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  9. It should be Voted by the Team / Decided by the Host

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  10. Depends on Other factors...

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  1. SunCloud

    SunCloud New Member

    What are the *Real* reasons why some people are against tech from receiving mind link in security NM (or in any other mode)?
    If your answer is "because you're tech" that is not a reasonable answer.
    If your answer is "because tech has good life and good armor" that is not specific enough.
    If your answer is "because mind-linked tech face-tanks and goes A.F.K." that is stereotyping, and assuming that all players (as tech) that receive mind link go A.F.K.

    1. What are the risks to team success, should a tech receive mind link?
    (Explain why it is a risk, or explain how it creates a risky predicament!)

    2. What are the disadvantages of mind-linking tech?
    (Explain why or how it is a disadvantage to the tech!)

    3. As an extension to #2, what benefits (to other team members) are sacrificed when tech receives mind link?
    (Give examples and be very specific!)

    4. What are the benefits gained by mind-linking a tech?
    (Explain why or how it is a benefit to the tech!)

    5. As an extension to #4, what benefits (to other team members) are gained when tech receives mind link?
    (Give examples and be very specific!)

    6. Finally, how does a mind-linked tech contribute to team success?
    (Explain how it contributes to the success of the team; give examples!)
  2. JohnyM

    JohnyM Member

    You dont tank in sec, tech is beefy and get all armors. Others are squishy and they need shared vision. ML is for mainly for stings, then for vision, then for slashers and devourers.
  3. squish

    squish Well-Known Member

    Lol. Anything you'd tank conventionally in sec obliterates you if you try, the exception to that is seth, and only seth.

    Tech doesn't get ml because high hp and only 1 point of shield, used only to prevent barrel from killing you.

    A mods tech with ml will outregen your ability to withstand the hp dmg you take with ss, med and other shit trying to postpone your death.

    Gotta remember, used to be ml could kill you.

    Last edited: Apr 13, 2017
  4. SunCloud

    SunCloud New Member

    My own feedback:

    #1. I agree with squish on this one; there is the risk that ML tech that takes damage damages team members. Good kiting skills on tech's part could help alleviate (but not eliminate) the risk. The risk to the team is highest when tech is on the go during orbital shut down. On the contrary, risks (externalities) to the tech himself are reduced by receiving mind link; this is assuming that the tech does *not* have "Modification" skills.

    #2. There really isn't any disadvantage to the tech himself for receiving mind link.

    #3. I agree with squish on this one. ML the tech means one other squishy does not receive the benefits of ML.

    #4. Risks or externalities against the tech during vulnerable times could be alleviated with ML, but in general these risks do not outweigh the risks mentioned in #1.

    #5. I can see a special (and yet common) case where ML the tech can serve a great benefit to other team members:
    - SMM generally needs to occupy all 3 slots with HCM, Arc, and HE (no ocular implant) to maximize DPS;
    - SMM tends to have a vision-disadvantage when fighting Apop and Athena (this is especially true against Hades #2);
    - Oftentimes, the only recon on the team is out on scout when Apop/Athena appears, and cannot flare or laser designate the boss;
    - Apop and Athena tend to get dangerously close to the team before SMM opens fire to damage the boss;
    - Tech has 3 useless slots that can be filled with a couple ocular implants;
    - It is already Tech's job to look out for Apop/Athena, and spark/Net when the boss appears;
    - Too many times I (as the tech) have been ready and sparked/Net early enough for SMM to shoot and kill the boss long before it reaches the team, but...
    several casts of spark/Net were *wasted* because SMM could not see the boss -- in other words the SMM could not see what Tech could see;
    - Solution: With ML Tech, the SMM can see exactly what Tech sees, and can open fire, shoot, and kill Apop/Athena long before it reaches the team...
    with *minimal* wasted sparks/Nets (while this approach has been only tested a few times (by my team) it has so far worked flawlessly in all tested cases);
    - This Solution, however, depends on Tech's overall *proficiency* as "Weapons" tech, and is not recommended for newbies that "want to try" tech in SECNM.

    #6. For the special case mentioned in #5, a *workable* resolution that can improve the success rate of the team as a whole would be to:
    - Mind Link the Primary Tech temporarily for the duration of Apop and Athena only;
    - If all recons are dead, Mind Link the Primary Tech during Hades #2 to allow the Tech to provide extended vision of Hades for the SMM.

    Final thoughts: Whether you're for or against mind-linking a Tech, is your reason because it makes the game unreasonably too difficult or boringly too easy?

    I look forward to hearing your thoughts, and hope this discussion leads to a healthy dialogue between players of all levels of experience!
  5. JohnyM

    JohnyM Member

    1)About shared damage: tech takes almost no damage if uses proper armor, git gud.
    3)Good that you agree with what I typed.
    4)Proper tech is already immortal, only thing that can kill him is sting.
    -i use hcm, he, arc, thats right.
    -i have no vision disadvantage when doing smm, actually, thanks to 50cp i can see a bit further than most players.
    -con should be with team on apop and ahtena, git gud.
    -proper tech can keep athena and apop away almost forever, and proper tech+po can keep them away forever, git gud.
    -"several casts of spark/Net were *wasted* because SMM could not see the boss" this is bullcrap, as casting range for net/spark is so shitty, that either smm were lying or in very crappy position. Either way, get proper smm, thats the carry role.
    -"solution" give me almost nothing if im smm as my sting range is equal to my base range + bonuses + ocular implant. So you are basically giving me an ocular implant, which i would prefere on psi ops.
    6) get ocular implant as psi ops, make sure you see hades.
  6. stanK

    stanK Member

    This is a non-constructive poll thunder. Mindlink-tech is a strategy, its DIFFERENT from a non-ml-tech playthrough. You do bosses differently, u do different team composition, you buy different stuff.

    So your question can be rewritten as "which sec do you guys wanna do, with ml tech strategy, or with smm-sting-spark strategy?"
    You can see the problem in how many options for responses u yourself wrote, and how most options are related to strategy and not class.

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