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Discussion in 'Archive' started by ChuckWing, Sep 28, 2013.

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    So... did some testing and combined is beyond anything anyone has understood.

    The way it works is as follows: It finds the highest damage modifier possible, then the lowest possible (if multiple armor types are present) and then average the 2 of them. So for flamethrower, against an armored bio unit, will take 8 + ((5 -3)/2) = 9 damage.

    This also means most weapons are totally off in terms of actual damage. Ironically this means that the flamer is LESS effective against light bio then pure bio, since light bio will get 8 + ((2+5)/2) = 11.5 damage.
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    And that's why the NOTD 2 weapons are as simple as possible in terms of modifiers.
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    well considering that theres no way to change how SC2s combined damage work id say either leave it that way or switch to maximum/minimum damage. But the later would need a load of weapon rebalancing and, as it is now, the only weapon thats really affected by this is the flamer since its modifiercombo+crits makes its dps skyrocket against bigger targets. All other weapons only gain/loose very small amounts of dmg and in terms of crits nth changed for them.
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    For the sake of dat science and to clear up rest of WTF element.
    1. How many flames are there in a single burst total?
    2. Is how many will hit dependent on:
    a)footprint of unit
    b)model size of unit
    c)hitbox (for example athena got godawfully big hitbox yet her footprint is smaller as she can pass 2x2 chokes while hitbox takes 1/3rd of screen)

    GG well played.

    That kinda explains why bosses take way less time when i'm mando with 9 perc even disregarding wep mods compared to someone with 0-3 perception.
    If RNGesus doesn't hate the hell of me i can do up to tripple dmg of someone freshly introduced to mando given execution is on par.
  5. bunny

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    Well, that makes sense. Glad to hear that we now know how flamethrower works (hopefully) :)

    Would any other weapons have similar results with the crits and/or number of hits? I am mostly thinking of shotgun here.

    Also, will this ever be changed?
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    Individual weapons can be made maximum/minimum so thankfully we can have weapons that are good vs. one type and bad vs. one type and not have the whole thing turn into a cluster. For NOTD 2, I mean. I am not even going to think about touching NOTD's weapons unless someone really, really wants me to. And by "someone" I mean Arcane and Ability.
  7. Arturia

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    It was known since page 5, with an example map posted to further support that conclusion. Whether people actually cared to read was a different matter, but the thought and proof has been there for a while.

    Show Spoiler

    That said, any insight into the reason why Laser Rifle supposedly double-hits?

    While Flamethrower is arguably going to be superior to Laser Rifle in nearly all instances for Critical Strike carrying classes, how exactly will it compare on non-critical strike carrying classes?

    Also, do you intend to revert flamethrower back to its original state where damage effects dealt critical damage independent of one another? Currently its damage is higher than stated by probably 20 ~ 40% (8 hits is essentially assured critical with just 9% critical chance).
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    I would argue that there's certainly a breaking point. 95% critical means you're pretty much guaranteed a critical, so I think flamethrower is more powerful in lower critical strike classes
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    This thread is done and will not veer off topic again.


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