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Discussion in 'NOTD Discussion' started by Lulz, Oct 23, 2012.

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    So as I previously posted in the bug thread MC is currently not working right were mech can be mind controlled. Hence i mced a reaper and created hell for everybody.

    Ok the backstory, regular channel alpha were all 8 alive chasing the doc around. Recon is level 9 and has a reaper then runs blindly into a school of zombs, we all chuckle he rage quits. Then doc moves again while our newbie flamer doesnt we dont realize it until its to late and he explodes. I am the FS engi making all teh zoos, the plan at that point was to shield my mini marines that i mced to tank cerb, At that point i realized reaper was still alive and thought to use reaper shield as well. I MCed the reaper becasue i diddnt want somebody to get it killed or somebody to send it far away from the battle.

    Anyways it worked to perfection rine tanked cerb with reaper shield.

    However nobody seemed to be able to use there 2-3 slots in there inventory. Whenever they tried it would just drop whatever was in the 1 or 2 slot of the reaper (i didnt test this, just what i was getting from our mando). So i put nothing else in the reaper and we moved on to the airlock with civs and ivax nobody seeming to use anything in there 2-3 slots ( not really a surprise as there typically medkits and road flares) Anyways we first noticed the problem continuing when we were having trouble dropping road flares. then as ivax is coming mando is stinging him from far away while reaper gives vision, he gets close uses long range we all move in and BAM, 4 instant deaths from surq stinger becasue mando tried to switch to his gun in the bugged slots and it didnt work. (see moes nub of the day post for mad lolz)

    In summary MCing a reaper appears to block everybodys inventory with the reapers inventory. (the reaper did have 1 item in its inventory when i MCed it, not sure if that has any effect).

    I am also posting this as a new thread instead of in the bug list
    1. because i already posted about mc and mechs in there
    2. Because i want more people to see it (dont MC Reapers, its bad!)
    3. Because i really want this bug to go away fast, its highly exploitable (think of all the x-1s that could be mced)

    edit- also note after reaper died in the Calvin misslie crisis, slots were still bugged

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