Martian Lifeforms [01]

Discussion in 'Universe' started by Blaqk, May 4, 2012.

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    Microcystis marineris


    Kingdom: Bacteria
    Subkingdom: Eubacteria
    Phylum: Cyanobacteria
    Class: Cyanophyceae
    Order: Chroococcales
    Family: Microcystaceae
    Genus: Microcystis
    Species: marineris


    Discovered in Valles Marineris in a year someone else can make up, it was found in trace amounts in samples of freshwater taken from drilling in the valley. They are related to Earth's Microcystis aeruginosa but are not toxic to humans. Their discovery was met with great excitement as this species of algae performs photosynthesis through the Calvin cycle, meaning it can convert CO2 to O2 without the need for sunlight.

    If allowed to reproduce, this species of algae will manifest as a brown biofilm and can be used by the Martian colonists to produce Ammonia through Nitrogen Fixation.

  2. spartanhija

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    Are they asexual?
  3. FerralTech
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    lol invent/discover new lifeform and 1st thought "can I have sex with it".

    The legacy of Cpt Kirk.....
  4. spartanhija

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    Reasoning is how to categorize it, if it can repriduce by itself why is it dead and where are the others.
  5. Arturia

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    Because sometimes things get frozen/killed/ other life-threatening problems.

    Can Humans reproduce? Yes. Can we stop humans from reproducing? Yes.

    It is a Bacteria. It isn't some huge thing that we can easily see unless huge clumps of it are formed. It is noted to be a species of algae. Bacteria can reproduce by themselves if I recall correctly through Binary Fission.

    It is possible that you can help it to reproduce by providing suitable conditions for it to reproduce. It is possible a lack of suitable conditions or nutrients may prevent something from reproducing.

    The questions I would be asking about this bacteria would be if it could be used in making viable biofuels for the Martian Colonies.
  6. Harry B.C. Dresden

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    it is the harbinger of death. what movie was it that it was a bacteria was found? red planet? mission to mars? something.

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