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Discussion in 'Night of the Dead: Aftermath' started by v8skittles, Jan 24, 2014.

  1. v8skittles

    v8skittles New Member

    So I made a site dedicated to NotD:AM over here, we have a 15man TeamSpeak setup for anyone to use for their NotD wishes! It's pretty basic at the moment, but I hope to add more functionality to it.
  2. everithing4me

    everithing4me Well-Known Member

    Seriously? Another one? Guys, this is not a game played by hundreds, or more players anymore (if it ever was). You will not be able to get enough money from donations (BTW $6.73 a month is quite a lot, see to run it. You will not get enough users to justify yet another social website. After the inital "Hey, lets do this!", you will find out, that the game is mostly dead, and played only by a very small number of hardcore players, or should I say fans.

    All NOTD:AM needs is a Skype channel or something similiar (we have that), and possibly a simple subforum for doing something a bit bigger than getting a game together (we have that as well - here on notdstarcraft, where the original devs are). Everything else is overkill for a game with so few active players.
  3. AlbertW[RCDF

    AlbertW[RCDF New Member

    We're trying to bring it back, few players? I could probably name at least 10-20 Bnet users and 20-30 Skype players. With let's say 30-50 total players seems enough to me to pay a 7 bucks bill monthly, don't you think? And gathering them on such a bad program as Skype seems not completely efficient, where we cannot store stuff. Almost no one bothers to check this website because it just does not belong to NOTD:Am, even with the original Devs here.

    If you don't like the idea it's fine, but we want to do this for a reason.
  4. everithing4me

    everithing4me Well-Known Member

    Oh, I like the idea, I just want to warn you about putting your money and time into something more dead than alive; 50 players is nothing, really.
  5. AlbertW[RCDF

    AlbertW[RCDF New Member

    I assure you the economical situation of the person who pays the bill is fine enough :) Which is why we haven't stopped him.
    We'd be happy to have you back though, and perhaps update the admin list of the bot (2 or 3 more would help, I always have to go online to start the games lol)
  6. everithing4me

    everithing4me Well-Known Member

    Do buy some low-end virtual private server for $15 or $16 a year, instead of paying $7 per month for hosting and Teamspeak. The downsides are that you would have to configure web-server and the Teamspeak server yourselves, and pay more attention to the security of the server itself.

    I've recently given adminship to Caesar_Of_Blood. As for you having to start games, there is this special command, that was announced months ago - !votestart.
  7. AlbertW[RCDF

    AlbertW[RCDF New Member

    I've heard that it doesn't trigger. That's a nice decision you made there, you should examine of giving it also to v8skittles.
    I don't know if you're aware, but in the new WC3 NotD: Aftermath Clan we created in US East (with the objective of having a better player organization in-game) Caesar, skittles and me are the ones running the clan, so... Yeah, think about skittles ^^ Hope to see you around... perhaps...hopefully.
  8. PIC

    PIC Well-Known Member

    It's great to see things like that heppening, that people still take care of this game :) Good job :)
  9. Fardado

    Fardado New Member

    Hey guys, I'm an oldschool fan of notd am and it's good to see plp are trying to unite players for a few matches. Any chance I can join you there on the new commu site? are you still playing the game?
  10. AlbertW[RCDF

    AlbertW[RCDF New Member

    Yes we are. Everybody's welcome to play, as long as you keep up the fair and calm gameplay environment, you know, we don't like having troubles cause of people throwing bs at eachother, but that rarely happens, happily!

    Just check in the website, register you know, and add me on Skype, I'll add you to the official Skype NOTD:AM group.

    skype: pablocortes96

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