Lt Sheng

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    Lt Sheng

    - Male, late 20s
    - Leader of Sec Team survivors
    - Cares deeply about the well-being of the Apollo colonists and his men.
    - Has a drug problem that nobody speaks of but most of his NCOs know about

    - Supports Alpha Company in Alpha storyline

    Chat Transcript
    Incoming friendlies. Do not fire!

    We got hit bad earlier and had to quarantine the airlock. Left some heavy equipment behind in all that rush.

    Lay down some traps. We'll strongpoint here.

    Heal up, use your Medkits.

    We have a team of Corpsmen stationed at the armory. Let's get to them.

    Patching in GPS feed of the Sector to your navigation units.

    Picking up a heavy life form. We should stay away from it.

    Good to see you've all made it through.

    Here they come. Lock and load!

    Switch to Marksman Rifles. We've got air bogeys. Alpha Company, give us covering fire against those Agrons.

    Roast 'em.

    We've cleared most of them - for now.

    Things went wrong a 4 days ago after the Compliance Nexuses got a regular update from Earth.

    People started getting sick, others delirious. Some went missing. Then 2 days ago, it began. A trickle at first..

    We caught an Infestor yesterday. It's chained up at our base. We've come close to understanding these zombies before we were attacked.

    There she is. Get to Charlie.

    She must have shaken it off..find her..she won't be far.

    Giving your team security clearance for most of Apollo's security gates.

    I've been putting my head around it. I have a feeling all this is connected with the doctor who landed a few days ago.

    Maybe. I'd like to question him myself when I get the chance.

    We're going to check the underground quarters for survivors. Stay safe.

    What we saw in the underground quarters will scar my men.

    Doctor, have you seen a man called Bergmann? He landed here a few days ago.

    Shame...I'm looking for him.

    Their numbers are dwindling. We've got through this.

    What is this!?
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    Lt.Sheng is also featured in my Fanfic so thanks for this thread I need it for my research!
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    R.I.P Lt.Sheng, another good man died for the UGC

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