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    Gather round children of NOTD and let ol man Reaper tell you many tales within the universe of NOTD. I have many stories to tell and I shall list them and link them for convenience.

    Completed Fiction
    • The Assault and the Eziekeel Project

    Next Fiction
    • The Red Planet - Hells Mirror (Now being updated and added)

    Fiction to be told
    • Black Ops and the Deathwarders
    • Rise of the Gifted

    [align=center]The Assault and the Eziekeel Project[/align]

    In the year 2074 ventures from the Moon and Earth are in full swing setting up the facilities to collect H-3 and the colonization of Mars is also underway at the same time to further ensure human activity in the sector. Travels made by vessels were at often times hijacked or raided by pirates and their precious cargo stolen and brought back to Earth. Tracking these pirates was challenge enough and deploying military force against them in time was even more challenging. Pirates would seek the aid of rebel countries and powers - countries not under the control of the UGC to provide them with protection and support in exchange for some of their stolen cargo.

    The issue faced with trying to mobilize to the country where the pirates fled to was decided as a poor choice at best by the UGC Military for pinpointing the entry point of pirates into Earths atmosphere was simple, following their course near impossible with the amount of signal jamming put out by the rebel countries and sending in an armed regiment to try and retake the cargo by force will result in severe casualties and flame by the media against the UGC. It was decided to catch the pirates at the earliest time and pursue on their course of re-entry to Earth.

    Operation Lance was launched which consisted of UGC Military forces occupying several of the cargo transports and being stationed on several space stations. Just 3 weeks after Operation Lance was put into effect a raid on cargo ship "The Broker 1-02" by pirates was met with force by security personnel on board The Broker. The pirates succeeded in making off with only 23% of the cargo on-board The Broker. A month later an organized attempt was ended before it could strike due to intercepted comm traffic by the UGC Military on board the Space Station Vigil. 1 week later things played out for the worst.

    At this time 2 cargo ships were scheduled for space travel. The first the Amadeus and second the Napoleon with the Amadeus going to Earth from the Moon and the Napoleon from Earth to the Moon. The Amadeus contained 32 civilian and 20 military personnel. At this time a pirate vessel came onto sensors by Vigil on a direct course for the Amadeus. Vigil launched 3 Intercept Type vessels to neutralize the pirate threat, Anvil, Storm and Mace. Shortly after their deployment radio signal was cut by between Vigil and all vessels within the vicinity. Captain Bennington Talon aboard the Vigil, commanding officer of the Operation Lance Project aboard Vigil could not believe that the pirate vessel alone could cause a complete communications blackout for the craft was much too small to support the technology capable of such a feat. His suspicions were later confirmed as the Napoleon crashed and tugged directly into the Amadeus and a group of separatist soldiers stormed into the Amadeus killing off many of the military personnel during the confusion and completely hijacking the vessel changing its course to another location on Earth. The 3 Interceptors were well on course to meet both cargo vessels but they were met by the earlier pirate vessel which caused severe external hull damage to the Mace. The Amadeus was on a speedy course to Earth with Interceptors Anvil and Storm behind it. The pirate vessel was destroyed by the limping Interceptor Mace, the officer aboard Mace knew that with the damage that the ship has sustained they cannot follow for the entry into Earths atmosphere would disintegrate the ship. He therefore ordered the ship to retake the Napoleon and put an end to the communications jam between vessels and Vigil.

    The Amadeus' entry point was that over the old country of the Republic of Chad ruled by dictator Malcolm Alshir who was in no way a friend to the UGC. Anvil and Storm came in hot, already being greeted by fire from the ground. The UGC Marines aboard the 2 vessels were well accustomed to coming into a fire zone - but this was their first entry from space into conflict. Anvil and Storm landed with minimal damage but a few clicks from each other to perform a pincer type strike on the nearby rebel encampment where the Amadeus landed. Shortly after landing the Marines of Storm were ambushed by the Chadonian Rebel Forces (CRF) and several lives were lost by the Marines. To 1st Lieutenant Nicole Breannes' dismay the Marines were too slow, sluggish and clumsy in moving to put up resistance of any kind. She would later describe the events as "Sheep stuck in mud". Anvil was requested to come in and support but arrived to Lt Breannes' dismay, late. When they arrived she could see that their performance was not any better than Storms Marines. A holdout fight ensued with both Storm and Anvil being unable to push forward. Lt Breanne knew that if it were not for this unexplained reason to the Marines handicap the fight would have ended pretty much on their arrival. The Marines started to tire and their performance degraded even more. The CRF were pushing forward with Armored Personnel Carriers and were making a spearhead assault into the Marine group and like an agent sent from Heaven the Napoleon commandeered by the Mace Marines lent fire support from the sky overhead with weapons they refitted onto the Napoleon from the Mace Interceptor. Lt. Breanne received orders from Captain Bennington aboard Vigil to retreat and pull out in full. Even the evacuation was slow to Lt Breannes liking.

    Horrified at the defeat they suffered the Marines were debriefed by Captain Bennington and Lt Breanne was called into private. What was discussed is unknown. The Amadeus was lost to the UGC and all of its cargo and several lives were lost by the Marines. A loss as great as this could not be allowed to happen again. A Dr Andrew Brooke and his team was called to the Vigil to examine the surviving Marines and find an explanation to their poor performance in Chad. The answer was simple - The Marines stationed aboard Vigil all suffered to the effects of space weakness, a condition which arises in those who spend an extended amount of time in zero gravity will have their muscle density and functionality greatly reduced. 6 weeks in zero gravity is the equivalent of spending 6 weeks in bed doing nothing. The Marines did perform usual training on Vigil to prevent space weakness but it was later explained by Dr Andrew that the members of Operation Lance were only meant to keep their operation in space and on the Moon and Mars where gravity was less that of Earth. Although the Marines are outfitted with a power armor which serves as the main means of movement the armor is designed to use the Marines nervous, cardiac and muscle systems to best determine movement but the Marines were not at all used to moving in power armor under such conditions.

    Dr Andrews surmised that future raids will take advantage of this weakness and that a solution must be found quickly to prevent another massacre. He concluded that switching out military personnel at regular intervals will be too costly and leave Earth standing Marines weakened at the same time. He proposed research into a program which when it finished will produce Marines capable of spending extended durations in zero gravity and not suffer to its effect. They would be the Rapid Response Marine Forces (RRMF), known among the UGC Marines as the Assaults.

    Project Eziekeel
    This was the project designed and tested by Dr Andrews to create Marines who could spend extended time in zero gravity and not suffer to space weakness. The projects name "Eziekeel" has the meaning "Strength, pride and might" linked to it. A fitting name Dr Andrews decided. He based his research in 3 main places. The first being the recruitment and subject testing center, code named "Fists Keep" situated near Mount Everest in Asia with harsh climate and minimal oxygen. There he experimented with several subjects. His main experiments was focused on hormones, proteins, bone and muscle integrity. His true aim for Project Eziekeel was to make individuals bodies be able to maintain themselves and not degrade in performance whether the individual did or did not partake in any physical activity. Dr Andrews found that the most successful results came from those subjects with the mesomorph body structure, a natural body structure which consisted of high muscle and bone density and proper protein and amino synthesis to maintain them. During his time there were no casualties inside the Eziekeel Project as he was using experimental hormones and proteins which would build up the body mass to the proper requirement.

    After 2 months of starting the project the first 3 successful subjects were produced. Among them was Bruce "Ares" Hendington, the most successful and prominent Eziekeel Project subject. The average was taken among the other 2 subjects and compared to the average civilian and the average UGC Marine. The results were outstanding.


    The Eziekeel Project Members are in many ways superior to that of the average human. The main differences being height, muscle, bone density and mass and whole new kind of metabolic system. Further benefits included the members a life expectancy of 122 years, improved respiration both metabolic and anabolic and members can withstand a blood pH level difference in their bodies by 1.5 where as the normal human can only withstand a change of 0.5 before bodily functions start to degrade. In one case during a morning exercise routine running from point of Everest to the other an avalanche ensued separating a few members from the main group. It took 6 days for them to have been found. They were immediately examined and received medical attention if needed and to Dr Andrews amazement it wasn't. The lost members spent 6 days in temperatures far below 0 degrees Celsius with only the vestments on their bodies and none suffered frostbite or even came close to hypothermia as their body temperatures only dropped to 20 degrees Celsius and no further thanks to the advanced metabolism and muscle density which worked as an insulator to preserve their body temperature. The most significant flaw found in members was reduced synapse time resulting in slower reaction times due to the massive amount chemical messengers in their body but only slightly being about 0.09 seconds slower than the average human and also that the cocktail of hormones and proteins acting all at once can lead to an increase in aggression.

    The Eziekeel Members also underwent weapons training and to the amusement of Dr Andrews they were clumsy when it came to fine weapons such as sniper rifles or pistols although they were right at home with the heavier automatic weaponry such as the C-14 Gauss Rifles and X-81 Heavy Machine Gun and could handle these weapons with the utmost ease thanks to their tremendous strength in handling the weapons. The next step proved to be problematical - Armor.

    The current UGC Marine Corps armor issued for many of its personnel was first too small to fit any Eziekeel Project member and worked on nerve impulses and body movement to determine its movement. The Eziekeel members were a complexity of signals and resulted in the power armor either performing motions inferior to greatly exaggerated. A simple step would turn into a massive leap performed by the armor in one case and then launching the member into the air. It was decided that the Eziekeel members would require their own armor.

    The Atlas Space Station
    The Atlas Space Station was launched by Russia in the year 2052 where it served the function of being an observer for lunar and atmospheric activity and used to map out key points on both Mars and the Moon which would yield the highest benefits and held approximately 150 personnel on it. 8 years after its launching a rogue asteroid named Orions Wing passed perilously close and a piece of debris smashed into the space station essentially breaking it in two. 72 personnel were killed in the disaster and the main function of the Atlas was lost. The same piece of debris which caused much of the stations destruction hanged close to the station and was later inspected by salvage crews. What they found on it was a blueish crystal with the most complex lattice structure ever recorded. Tests on these crystals revealed that they react readily easily with metals forming extremely strong bonds between molecules to create a near-indestructible alloy. This crystal was called "Metalantrium" the "metal" in its name being what it bonded with. If it bonded with Aluminum the alloy formed would be called "Alumiantrium". The remains of the Atlas Space Station was then positioned to center the debris so that harvesting processes could begin.

    Metalantrium was found to have a valance of 4 and in its pure form is extremely difficult to break down but once the breakdown process is complete it can then be bonded to metal with said metal being in a liquid form (a melting point for Metalantrium is yet to be discovered) and then shaping it into the desired form. The strength of the created metal depends greatly on the degree of saturation but each level of unsaturation spikes in its energy and condition requirements to do so. Dr Andrews made a deal with the Russian Space Expedition Board that he could use the crystal and essentially take over of the Atlas Space Station for his Eziekeel Project and that he will be the main and primary buyer of all that they could produce. They agreed.

    The Atlas Space Station therefore became the 2nd step in the Eziekeel Project as it became the true testing place for them and the reason they were created. Whilst at Atlas each member would work to create his own power armor best suited for themselves as no two members armor would be the same as each has to be adjusted to respond properly when a signal is received. The time it takes for each member to get a properly working suit is enough time for space weakness to settle in on a human. Once 10 members are ready they are suited up and dropped in a controlled danger zone where they are tested for combat effectiveness. To this day not one member has failed this test.

    Dr Andrews reported to the UGC Military Board of Directors that he has successfully created a soldier which exceeds all expectations and can serve their purpose as a soldier that can stay in space and not become weakened and remain effective. The UGC Military Board of Directors directed that the first 10 successful Eziekeel members would join Operation Lance.

    The Assault Class
    The year is now 2078 the 16th of November and after 4 years of extensive researching, experimenting, testing, training and recruiting the first 10, not yet called Assaults were ready and incorporated into Operation Lance. During the 4 years there has been a steady increase of unrest among flight crews as pirate raids have become more frequent. Aboard the Vigil Major Bennington (Promoted from Captain since the time of the massacre) welcomed the Eziekeels and named Bruce "Ares" Hendington, the most successful Eziekeel member to date Captain of the 10 members. The transport, presence and purpose of the Eziekeel members was kept a complete secret among the personnel aboard the Vigil as to ensure that there could not be an information leak. Barely 72 hours passed before a raid took place. The latest cargo ship leaving from Earth to the moon, the Phalanx was attacked before it could reach the relative safety of Space Station Vigil. The Assaults were ready. During the 4 years technology has advanced a great deal and tracking modules on ships could be traced even through signal jamming. The Assaults would be following in pursuit along with 2 teams of UGC Marines who were fresh and only spent about 2 days in space. They homed in on the beacon placed inside the Phalanx and followed it to its exact location which was Ethiopia in North Africa. Before the ships that were carrying them touched down on the ground, Captain Ares ordered his fellow members to jump and begin the attack - 75 feet from the ground.

    They landed hard breaking the ground as they charged forward whilst in the air the 2 ships were still circling to be able to land. Captain Ares issued the command to the pilots and the Marines on board to give fire-support from the air and that they should not land. The 10 Assaults charged head-on through weapons fire and land mines to reach the separatist stronghold which was a mountainous fortress with men armed to the teeth. The Assaults paid no heed to what danger they were in the open for they knew that once they close the distance the heavier weaponry which could be deployed against would be left useless and the rebel leaders will have to consider collateral damage among themselves. Across sand, rock and hill the Assaults bore down on the rebels jumping the walls with some smashing right through start close fire on every moving thing which was not wearing the blue armor they wore. Thanks to the strength of their armor the Assault were left immune to small arms fire and shrapnel from explosives and could survive hard impact and even if the armor was somehow surpassed the man inside is still a force to be reckoned with. Resolving to using heavy weaponry the Assaults killed the rebels by the number wherever they stood being it running or taking cover and so fast that the 2 circling ships with Marines could hardly find a target to shoot at. The rebels last ditch plan was to lure the Assaults into the mountain and collapse the cave with explosives burying them underneath tons of rock. In their charge the Assaults were indeed reckless and fell for the trap set with 5 members becoming trapped under rock along with Captain Ares. The 4 members along with Captain Ares were the original 4 who were caught in the avalanche on Everest, to them rock made no difference from snow apart from it being cooler. With their own bodies strength and every gear and servo inside their power armor they forced the rock to move through sheer brute force. Within minutes they were free and they bore down on the trapped rebels. In his later report Captain Ares addressed the concern of the other 5 Assaults who were outside when the cave collapsed that he "was grateful that the rock was still in place for the death cries could not escape".

    The rebel force which consisted of at least 200 armed men and a vast arsenal of stolen and smuggled weaponry was completely and utterly destroyed without a single casualty on the side of the Marines and the Phalanx cargo ship was successfully recovered and its cargo. It was concluded on the same day that the Eziekeel Project was a success. All Eziekeel approved members would be called Assaults and be incorporated into the current standing UGC Military Forces starting with those stationed at the Vigil Space Station as room was open in the newly formed Easy Company.
    The Assaults were given their own badge among the UGC Marine to distinguish them on their blue armor.

    Whilst the Eziekeel Project is a complete success the downside to the project is that at most as of date only 5 Assaults can be trained in a single month due to each individual enlist as not all those who volunteer for the program are successful as their bodies cannot handle the changes it has to undergo and forcing the procedure has been determined as dangerous.

    Enlist Structure
    Those who are successful of being admitted into the Eziekeel program follow a structure of enlist. Rank among enlists is determined by how high up in the listing one is.

    A Enlist - The enlists body is capable of undergoing the Eziekeel program and is currently preparing.

    B Enlist - The enlist has already passed the Eziekeel program and is currently undergoing further body conditioning and weapons training to better them self.

    C Enlist - The enlist has been approved to board the Atlas Space Station and there acquire his power armor.

    D Enlist - The enlist is ready for his first assignment or mission and has been approved by a UGC Military Officer under which he will serve.

    D+ Enlist - The enlist is combat capable having participated in a firefight and can be requested to aid in any mission.

    E Enlist - These enlists have participated in several combat drops and have received honors for duty on the field or whilst in space.

    S Enlist - To this date there is only one S Enlist and that is Captain Ares. Captain Ares despite his rank has authority in any military situation and can talk evenly with any ranked officer even if they are superior to his own rank. Captain Ares on his own stands out among other Assault members standing at 7.9 feet (without his armor), weighing at 161kg (without his armor) and being able to run 150 meters in 13.52 seconds (without his armor).

    And now my fingers hurt something fierce. :p
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    Wow. Very well done. You even have pictures! :) great job bro.
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    Excellent! Totally enjoyed reading this. Would like more feedback from community on this.
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    Assaults go through project juggernaut lol
    Themself is one word and I think it should be better themselves
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    If there are no violent objections, this will be canon Assault lore for now. Good stuff, Reaper.
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    RE: Lore by Reaps | The Red Planet (1/3 Added)

    Parts 1 and 3 of the Red Planet being added as of now.

    [align=center]The Red Planet

    With the Apollo Installation on the Moon starting to flourish and supply the Earth with amounts of H-3, it was time for the next step in space venturing - The red planet, Mars itself.
    Mars has always intrigued many scientists, philosophers, astronomers, astrophysicists etc... and has now caught the full attention of the UGC. With the slow but yet sure deteriorating state of Earth mankind has to ensure its continued survival by spreading their presence towards neighboring planets and moons. Mars being a vital place for its challenging environment and vast amounts of resources mainly being the rich iron ore deposits located all across and under the surface. This was fortunate for the UGC for the Mars Expedition would be able to sustain itself with given resources, use those resources to produce more. The UGC primary cash flow was towards the Apollo Installation constructing the compounds, hiring contracts, paying its workers and paying for the flight crews and their safe passage.

    The UGC was in a pinch for they lacked the funding for another colonization project. They turned to several corporations on Earth requesting if they would be able to fund the project in its entirety. The UGC would provide the required staff, workers, engineers and doctors while the corporations provide funding for resources, wages, transportation and safety costs - essentially the entire project. It was determined that a team of about 100-500 employees be sent to create the first prototype housing and environment structures to make Mars habitable for a larger mass of people at a later stage. Once the main facilities have been set up iron harvesting can begin and then turn the Mars Installation into the main metal and ore supplier for Earth and then start making a profit which will then fund the remains of the project.

    224 employees were chosen for the project. Leading this project is Dr Bronwyn Augustyn, Chief Medical Assistant and First Surveyor of the Mars Expedition. She would instruct, direct and guide all actions on Mars. Her first step was setting up 2 facilities which would serve as the heart of the Mars Expedition. The first facility being the primary Mars Compound located within a vast mountain range stretching along the surface for digging out the mountain for expansion space would provide much of the material for construction. The primary compound would serve as main housing and main iron ore processing. The second facility, located several hundred miles away near the very North Pole of Mars with its frozen environment is the Taproot Compound - Taproot being the name given to a facility whose function is to provide another facility with water and essential gases for human sustainability. The Taproot Compound would make use of 62 employees and from it a pipeline would run across the surface of Mars connecting it to the main compound. Around this pipeline in later stages would a highway be constructed for easy access to the different facilities. The Mars Compound being in its remaining half stretch has begun collecting richer iron deposits located deeper within the surface.


    Part 1: Settling
    Located within the mountain range RX-1 "Reds Spine" is the primary Mars Compound Epirus. Epirus holds 162 employees including Dr Augustyn and is the testing ground for future biohomeconditioning and planning for a larger populace in the future and the main site where all of Mars' iron ore is processed. Epirus is fed water and gas from the Taproot Station by means of a several mile pipeline stretching across the surface called Umblic. Umblic is monitored daily for any faults or issues on both ends for should a problem arise it could prove to be disastrous.

    There are 2 entrances to the Epirus Compound which are shielded off from the atmosphere by means of force walls and several airlock protocols as to ensure all goes smooth when teams of engineers move in and out with equipment. The first is Parsus Gate, the initial and first point of excavation into the mountain range to set up the Epirus Compound. The second is Nessus Gate which serves as a back door for refuse and unprocessable material - a gate to a dumping zone.


    The Epirus Compound was constructed in sections with several cycle doors between entrances as a safety measure for Dr Augustyn is not taking any chances at a breach or miscalculated ecosystem leak.

    <Doctors Log>
    <By: Dr Augustyn>
    <Date: 2084/12/12>
    <Entry #221>
    <Day 136>

    Nearly half a year spent on this place and things are finally starting to shape up. Ive given everyone the week off to celebrate Christmas and to spend extra time at the comm channels to talk to their families. There are several reports that there are places on Earth that are having snow where it has never snown before. The only "snow" in this place is at Taproot Station but anyone trying to write his name or making little angels is going to come back frozen to a chunk of nitrated ice for the remains of his/her life.

    Well, Happy Holidays everyone and Merry Christmas. I'm off to see who Dave is hitting on. . . again with no success.

    <END OF LOG>




    <Doctors Log>
    <Date: 2084/12/31>
    <Entry #222>
    <Day 155>


    <END OF LOG>




    <Doctors Log>
    <Date: 2085/01/13>
    <Entry #227>
    <Day 168>

    Had bit of an incident today at Dig Site 05. Teams were starting to dig past the 50 foot mark as scheduled for today when they hit a hard and unmerciful section of iron ore. The strain on the drill caused it to malfunction and blow several of its electric systems. Thankfully the lockdown kicked in before it could sustain further damage and perhaps even blow. No one was injured. Dig Sites 01-02-03-04 should be reaching their 50 foot marks today or tomorrow

    Good news from the Taproot Station also, they have further refined the water and gas we are receiving. Just as I was getting used to water that tasted like soap.

    <END OF LOG>




    <Doctors Log>
    <Date: 2085/01/14>
    <Entry #228>
    <Day 169>

    Dig Sites 01-02-03-04 have reached their 50 foot mark. Sites 02 and 03 have also encountered the same iron ore as yesterday and from the reports received they were extra careful not to damage anything as Dig 05 is still out of action for their drill is still damaged.

    <END OF LOG>




    <Doctors Log>
    <Date: 2085/01/28>
    <Entry #231>
    <Day 173>

    The first bit of the new iron ore are coming in and their yield is better than expected. 56% of the volume is metal that we can use, 12% contains other usable minerals and the remaining 32% is waste. I'll see what we can do with the waste later when the next team of employees come in with a few more geospecialists. Just too busy at the moment.

    <END OF LOG>




    <Doctors Log>
    <Date: 2085/02/07>
    <Entry #233>
    <Day 176>

    Ive been called to spend more time in office as the metal processing is starting to produce its first bit of material that we can use and laying out the next is crucial for Epirus. The next is the prototype ecodome and atmosphere generator which in turn will allow for us to expand further into Red Spine and not risk a gas/pressure problem. The last thing I need is for employees to be like goldfish taken from one bowl and tossed into another.

    Taproot Station has found a new nitrogenous molecule within the ice. They are going to run it through a few processes to see how it reacts. They predict that with the right conditions the molecule will act as an atomic filter which can trap or bind with loose particles effectively neutralizing them. For the human this would mean that water and liquids can be purified of excess substance and toxins can be drawn out.

    <END OF LOG>




    <Doctors Log>
    <Date: 2085/02/27>
    <Entry #241>
    <Day 189>

    First the good news, Ive been testing the water on several plant samples and what I can say is, on behalf of the plants, they love it. Synthesis reactions are happening at a faster rate meaning better carbon dioxide intake and better oxygen output. A natural step. Also the plants the are swelling with produce. Ive taken a step further took some of the minerals from the waste, ran it with the nitrogen compound and hydrated the solution. In the end I simply have a steroid for plants with no side effects. Plants are growing beyond their normal recorded sizes and best of all their flavor is something else. Ive never been one for fruit but I am having my 7th apple today. With this everyone can eat a bit more and be more active which is the next problem.

    The bad news, several waste disposal personnel at Nessus Gate are reported to be incompetent. There have been several complaints about them and some reports that they may be doping. Waste has started to pile up in the facility. It has been a busy week for all of us and everyone is sleeping less. I'll give the employees off so they can get a bit of rest. Who knows, maybe I'll treat everyone to some "forbidden" fruit.

    <END OF LOG>

    Hello reader, you sure do look good enough to eat. GGRRAARRGGHH!!!

    Part 2: The Man Shadowed in Red
    She proceeded to her office, swiped her security card alongside the door and burst into the room leaving the door wide open behind her.
    "Ive had enough, no more, no more of this!" She sobbed resting her palms on her desk, head hung with her hair hanging loose over her face.
    "Why would the UGC want to colonize this damn rock when it has just become the grave for so many?"
    "Because this so-called "rock" is vital Dr Augustun"
    She spun around, hands gripping the table and focusing her eyes towards the door which still hung open. No one there.
    "It is vital for further space ventures which the UGC has placed as a top priority"
    To her left came the voice, that of a man. She strained her eyes in the dark to see better but could only make out the silhouetted figure of the man sitting in a chair. The way he was sitting suggested he made himself comfortable while he waited for her to come back. How did he get in here?
    "I never would have thought that the UGC would have sunk so low to consider this death-trap a top priority. There are easier ways to kill ones fellow man instead of sending them on some space ride to this. . . this place" she gestured with her hand all around her.
    "Oh no it hasn't, the UGC cares very much for all those who work for it."
    "That is the biggest load of nonsense I have heard all day and believe you me I have heard some things."
    "I am sure."
    He did not move from the shadows and the way he responded, cold and short indicated that he, whoever "he" was was sent from one of the highest authorities within the UGC. Well whatever they wanted from her they would not get it, she was too far gone. She turned her back on him and proceeded to collecting her things to pack.
    "That is unnecessary Doctor"
    She continued to pack, she was grabbing items at random and collecting them in one place. Now she needed a bag...
    "That is unnecessary Doctor" he repeated.
    It amused her that there was no tone in this mans voice. He sounded like an automaton. Devoid of feeling or motion that its creator left out from its design.
    "And why is that?"
    "You have work to do."
    As you can see, I have other work that needs my attention" she looked at the shadowed figure at the last "away from this place." Now where did she put her bag?
    "You mean your husband and children?"
    She froze. Even though the voice carried no tone nor emotion still it gave her the chills. She knew that from anyone else it would have been mocking and cruel. She was even more scared by the fact that he was right but she did not make any mention to anyone of returning to Earth to see them again.
    "Yes, you are correct" She said collecting her thoughts, trying to stay calm. "I plan on leaving Mars and returning to Earth."
    "Your job is here Doctor."
    "Well you can take my goddamn job!" She ripped off her ID key card and threw it in the direction of the man. "I quit! I am not spending another minute in this hellhole!"
    "You are going to leave more civilians to die to the haze without even trying to help them?"
    She caught it, "the haze". It was too specific. She turned to him asking
    "What do you mean about "the haze", do you know something about this?"
    "Dear doctor, if you leave this "hellhole" as you termed it, you will only be trading one hole for another and the other is less forgiving than this one."
    "What do you mean?"
    "In this hole you can make a change."
    "How!? How do I do that? All the medical staff are either dead, mad or locked up in the remaining labs and the primary medical facilities were blown up! There is nothing I can do."
    "Very true, there is nothing that you can do."
    "So you agree with me, so why should I stay? This whole expedition is a failure without a proper working colony and if you would as so kind as to go take a look, it is working but it is everything but proper."
    "Dear Doctor, what do you think will happen if you leave here and return to Earth?"
    "Lets see, standard UGC Medical and Science Professions, Chapter 6, Article 3 which was a pain in the butt to learn but reads simply "any member who leaves their post of duty will be forced to resign their position, all information and workings be handed to the archives and I will be fined for the amount of damage that ensues afterwards from the point of resignation or duty dismissal" all accounted for, I am more than happy to lose my job as I have lost it once already today". She pointed to her ID key card lying by his feet.
    "Do you believe that will happen?"
    "I do also foresee that I will be an outcast and a black stain on all medical professions everywhere and be hated by those who have lost loved ones here which I could not save."
    "That is why I am here."
    "Oh, and why are you?"
    "To warn you not to leave."
    "Warn me? WARN ME?" She was laughing and in her ears it sounded very much like the laughs of those driven insane outside.
    "Yes warn you."
    "And what is it you have come to warn me of? Locusts will come to eat the crops? Fire will rain from the sky?" While it might have been humorous the man paid no heed to it.
    "If you leave here, you will not reach Earth. You will be stopped on the Vigil Space Station by a group of men who will not reveal their identity, you will be taken to secluded part within the station, there another nameless man will tell you that your family has come to a horrible fate, you will lose everything to your name and you will be dropped into one of the outer colonies on Earth which is not controlled by the UGC and before you ask how is this possible, this will all come from the highest of authority so it is for anyone elses viewing legal and justice".
    She could not believe it. Why would the UGC do such a thing? She knew of several secret operations carried out but none were of this scale, to make one persons life a complete and utter hell.
    He continued "This action however will not be carried out by the UGC."
    "Who then? Who would do all that to me?"
    "All the corporations and investors who have invested a large amount, an almost too large amount to see it fail."
    "Investors and corporations? What are you talking about?"
    "Dear Doctor, do you believe that the UGCs funding is endless? They have spent a vast amount on the Apollo Installation on the Moon and have nearly depleted the national treasury, they did not have enough to fund this operation. They then therefore turned to several corporations as to assist them in this endeavor. The setup in the end was that the UGC supplies the workers, scientists, staff, required equipment whilst the corporations provide the funds. The UGC could not wait in this as you know how things are turning out on Earth which is why they have considered it is vital for further space ventures which the UGC has placed as a top priority and especially now, Mars."
    She was speechless. The man confirmed her later suspicions...
    "The corporations own you dear Doctor. They have bought you and everyone here. In the beginning you thought you applied for the job but in actuality you had but no choice but to accept it. The UGC cannot, at this point, intervene with their decisions for if they cut funding it will be a major setback in the UGCs plans."
    "So who owns you? How big is the price tag on you to tell me all this?"
    "I belong to no one but I do have loyalties. My services have been requested here as a neutral party to come and talk to you and try and convince you to stay. Whether you do or not I am not to intervene in any other way".
    Not hired but has loyalties, services requested and following orders to the letter. She started to suspect that he wasn't a political representative but a military one chosen by political representatives. He leaned forward, this was the first movement he made during the whole conversation and picked up her ID key card. She could see him, or half of him at least for the first time. He was wearing a neatly kept suit, its color maybe dark grey and a tie, bad fitting shoes and his hair was swept back behind his head. She couldn't make out facial features yet but she could tell that his eyes were on her the entire time even as half his body was still shrouded in darkness.


    "To get back to matters dear doctor, you must stay here and finish your work."
    "I don't know how, the "red haze" as you termed it, I don't know what is causing it. First I thought something in the atmosphere that was affecting our ecosystem and then I suspected it was something in the water supply or something bacterial or viral that has been dormant on Mars waiting for some poor living thing to pick it up but I have been exposed to the water, air and the people who were affected and yet I am still fine, my nails and hair are intact and I am mad due to circumstance".
    "So you haven't noticed?"
    "Noticed what?"
    In one smooth rising motion the man stood up and crossed the room to her table with the grace of a cat and placed a suitcase in front of her. He undid the locks which consisted of a numeric cycle, thumbprint identification and one more security lock she did not recognize for he held the case with one hand behind and another in front for a few seconds and the latches came undone. He stepped back, one leg and then the other all machine like. She now believed that he could be military, everything he did was done with the utmost precision. He stood looking at her, half his body still covered in darkness but from this close up she could make out his features better. Every woman dreams at some point of a tall, dark and handsome man and he was exactly that. He was tall, shoulders broad and pulled back in a somewhat awkward way, she could tell he was not used to the suit he was wearing. His face had strong features, a strong jaw, cheek bones only slightly prominent, his skin was dark by color and his eye that she could see was probably a dark brown. With one hand opened he gestured to the case on her table gaping its contents to the room. She looked the case over, it was one for valuable documents, not the usual case you can buy at any retail store as no such suitcase was blast, acid, flame and pressure proof. Inside were several papers, disks and illustrations. She took one page and started reading.

    1-07/Patient#19 Condition has worsened. Claims seeing ghosts or demons and many horrifying apparitions. Self injury has reduced (Nails absent on appendages), blood loss increased, further signs of dementia detected.
    1-08/Patient#20 Condition stable.
    1-09/Patient#08 Deceased - Hemorrhage.
    1-10/Patient#02 Deceased - Fractured skull and cerebral puncture brought by cranial impacts with security glass.

    She kept reading and caught a date - 2081.
    "2081? You mean to say that there have been previous expeditions to Mars and they suffered the same conditions as now?"
    "Why wasn't there any logs about this aboard Vigil?"
    "There were"
    An unsatisfactory answer. Going back to reading she decided that the logs were deleted or removed by someone. She read about further subjects, the other expeditions and then . . . a cure. There was a way to cure and prevent it. She took another file and scanned it and here it was explained what the "red haze" was and where it originates from.
    "I trust from your reaction the information you have is satisfactory?"
    "Why wasn't this information passed on earlier? It could have prevented all the deaths and damage."
    "I wonder"
    She waited for him to say more but the delay meant she was to figure it out.
    "Dear doctor, you are aware of the reforming process?"
    "Yes I am why bring that up?"
    "Because that is what is happening here"
    "I don't. . . What. . . Oh my. . . You mean all this was intended to happen? At first glance this place looks like a new place full of promise for mankind, closer glance reveals it to be hell, hell gets reformed and becomes a better place for all".
    "Exactly that, I am sure you can guess as to the reason behind it"
    "Yes, because at the moment things look bleak at best, Earth is slowly but surely wasting away despite mans best efforts, this is a time of uncertainty and everyone is scared. And when people are scared or need guidance they need a hero, a beacon of hope, someone who will inspire a new generation of heroes but this hero will be made out to be more courageous I'd take it. The story will not tell how she could not save her friends, not find a cure and nearly thanks to your intervention would not have left her duty. I would be the hero they would make me out to be and if I even attempt to go public I would damage my name and I would suffer a "tragic and regrettable accident" and one the times greatest heroes perishes when it was planned out".
    "Full marks dear doctor".
    "Could you please stop calling me that?"
    "Calling you dear doctor?"
    "I can good doctor"
    She couldn't help but smile, this man still being toneless throughout the entire conversation knew very well how to read people. Perhaps he was an interrogator. She looked at him again and noticed that his one arm was in a strange position as if holding something rather big to his side with his hand, judging by his posture as well - upright, shoulders back, chin up she could guess that if there were an object it would be a helmet.
    "You have everything you need now good doctor"
    "Can this good doctor make this bad place a good one?"
    "I believe so"
    "For a man of very few words, you sure do inspire much"
    "Its my duty"
    "I'm also guessing its your duty to keep quiet about who you are and what you do when not visiting doctors"
    There was a moment of silence, he then replied
    "Doctors do scare me"
    "Typical man, scared of any woman that holds a needle"
    "Partly, but what they would do once all around them descends into chaos"
    "You mean goes to hell?"
    "If I may good doctor, this is far from hell, this is simply a mirror of hell with the image being reflected only slightly. If it truly were hell, one could look through the mirror and even then climb through to the other side"
    "Very deep of you"
    "Thank you for I simply have lets say..." he leaned forward, the darkness over his face fading, she could see the other half and it was a sight which could have fitted rather well into a horror film. The side of his face seemed old, weathered, there was a large linear scar running down the side from his temple to his jaw and a smaller one next to it following the pattern. But what unnerved her the most was his eye - It was soulless white. She did not for a moment suspect that he was blind in the eye but rather suspected he saw as well or even better with this eye than his other. And now, maybe it was a trick of the shadows which made it look like he was grinning when he said...
    "That I have seen hell in all of its horror and glory"
    He let the sentence hang in the air and pulled back to the cover of darkness almost as to avoid recognition from prying eyes.
    "You have much work to do now good doctor. I will take my leave now"
    He held out her ID key card to her. She solemnly took it from his hand and replaced it on her jacket. When she looked up he was gone. The security door had not moved. She was alone. She returned to her desk and slumped down into the chair absorbing all that she learned. She looked at the documents she was given, there were alot of them but that didn't bother her. Nothing could ever bother her now for she too has seen into hell. Sitting in the darkness with the soft glow from the monitor screens and the crimson light invading through the windows she said to the room.
    "Nice making your acquaintance, Captain"

    Part 3: Lifting the Haze
    After meeting with the man and his providing of the essential documents, Dr Augustyn finally understood what was happening. The Red Haze as it is called is an extremely complex carbon gas molecule found within iron ore on Mars. Among the metal it is low in concentration and evenly spread across Mars across all levels. The deeper to the core of Mars one goes the higher the concentration. The entire planet was in equilibrium until human activity. Previous tests performed showed that the Red Haze has several unique properties unlike any other gas, unlike its name suggests is yellow in color when concentrated and the most amazing property of it is is that it can effectively diffuse itself through many materials or medium resulting that even if you are wearing a fully contained and sealed off suit the gas will seep through the material, it is a form of molecular diffusion. Another property is that the gas is attracted to electrical activity. The human body itself consists of a complex electric field created from the nervous system which makes use of electric impulses to send signals throughout the body. The largest center point in the body is the brain which causes the greatest attraction and the reason why the effects of the Red Haze are so powerful. Part of the same property is that although the gas is attracted to electrical fields it is electrophobic meaning it will not directly enter and have its electrons move with a current. It is like a moth drawn to a flame, it will fly around but never will be burnt.

    Dr Augustyn found several ways to extract the Red Haze from the metal and ways to keep it from seeping into material. First was making use of Nanotechnology and molecular weaves which at a molecular level prevents any particle from getting through effectively separating what is on one side of weave from the other. At the time Dr Augustyn did not have access to Nanotechnology and it is also costly to request. She would later ask for assistance from the UGC Marine Medical Corps who make extensive use of Nanotechnology. For the moment what she could was seep out the Red Haze by running a current through barrels or any kind of object that was designed to hold contents in volume. An important thing to keep in mind was that the current must remain for if it were to stop the Red Haze will start to seep outwards again. She derived a law pertaining the Red Haze.

    Hazes Law - The concentration and force of attraction of haze to an electrically charged object or electric field is directly proportional to the field or current strength. Also, the rate of dispersion is directly proportional to the field or current strength when it lowers or stops.

    What this means is that the haze moves towards a charged object and will surround or be present near that object. If it is a strong current more haze will gather. Should the current stop completely in an instant the haze will burst outwards to establish an equilibrium in its new setting seeking out the next or nearest electric attraction.

    The Red Haze has extreme detrimental effects on living organisms mainly humans for it attacks the brain and the entire nervous system which carries electrical impulses. In her studies Dr Augustyn found a basis of intervals in which the Red Hazes effects are apparent. The following Stage representation is the effects of the Red Haze as its concentration increases in the body starting from low to high to normal exposure to the Haze.


    The percentage is an indication of by how much the subjects life expectancy is reduced. Even if a subject is exposed to a Stage 1 (0-19%) the effects are alien to the body making the body unable to properly recover if ever.

    Stage 1 (0-19%)
    Increases heart rate and synapse response slightly. No serious or notable danger to subject.

    Stage 2 (20-39%)
    Heart rate and synapse response is further increased. Can lead to cardiac arrest in some subjects. Nervous system does not correctly pick up on the bodies current condition resulting in a degrade of several body functions such as keratin and ATP production.

    Stage 3 (40-59%)
    Brain stimulation causes for influxes within the cerebral lobe causing sensory information to be mistranslated (A light prick feels like a hot sting), pupils dilate beyond their required means collecting more light and being mistranslated resulting in hallucinations or "visions", tests on other subjects have their vision removed for a time becoming blind temporarily. Brain electrical activity increases accelerating the stages to follow. If subject can be stabilized they will have a mental breakdown or fall into a coma within 72 hours.

    Stage 4 (60-79%)

    High electrical activity causes for the brain to shock itself and bleed in various areas and potentially starts the breakdown of the blood brain barrier which is meant to protect the brain from blood within the skull. This sensation is greatly amplified becoming unbearable to many and suicide is chosen as an option. All secretion, absorption, regenerating and respiration functions start to slow down. If subject can be stabilized they will suffer from permanent brain damage resulting in memory loss, pores and crevices on the brains surface and a greatly damaged body system for lack of upkeep and very likely loss of their eyesight forever.

    Stage 5 (80-100%)
    In this stage the subject cannot be saved. Regenerating functions will come to a stop resulting in the stomach being eaten away by the gastric juices and acids, wounds will not clot and bleed freely, brain coordination is nullified and goes into a complete shutdown resulting in the subjects death.

    Dr Augustyn also came across a file speaking of a "The Terror" program or unit which is going to weaponize the Red Haze in the form of grenades which is very possible. The grenade itself is designed to carry current to contain the Red Haze gas within and is plugged into power armor to keep its current stable. When the grenade is pulled the current will rely on a small battery to keep the current flow in check for awhile. The pin on these grenades act as a switch that once it is released the switch is open halting current flow, the grenade is then to be thrown for its fullest effect. Depending on the current flow that is stopped it can create a slow spreading effect with a low current to a burst with a high current. Loose notes also suggested that there was a way to change the effects of the Red Haze to be less harming to subjects in the long run and only lead to temporary sensory blackouts.

    Dr Augustyn noted in her own personal files that the Red Haze could originally have come from an organism which long ago existed on Mars for the Red Haze tends to lean towards a biologically created electric current than a mechanically created one of equal magnitude. In the end with the information she was provided she was able to save the remains of the Mars Expedition and the remaining few people of Epirus. When the next transport ship was to land she was to report what happened to her peers aboard Vigil, she answered all questions but kept quiet about the man whom she met plus the information she was handed as she was told and claimed that she "accidentally" discovered the solution just like so many great scientists before her through the ages. She requested that she stay till the final ecodomes and ecohomes were constructed for that was her job. When it was completed and all of final preparations were completed she took the very first transport back to Earth.

    Dr Bronwyn Augustyn conducts her studies and stays with her family after moving to Ireland in 2089. She was absent at the launch of the Endeavour colony ship in 2092 and although she still supervises much of the research programs on Mars she has not ever once gone back.
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    RE: Lore by Reaps | The Red Planet (1/3 Added)

    I loved this.

    Some inputs since I'm a 'corporate' type (credentials: worked in IBM and P&G for 5 years) - since I'm feeling its looking a bit too one-dimensional on that segment (NOTD's core theme is duality and its associated tension - nothing is pure good/evil). You may already be doing it right and these are just inputs - characters have their biases and since this is largely a characters' narrative it would reflect theirs. Maybe there's just a twist or more layers that come later - or the characters never fully understand.

    On to it.

    Largely, corporations want/have to do good. It's a bad stereotype that most investors are after money only. Many also want to be associated with companies that reflect on their values and are growing more sophisticated. If there's any wrong pressure, it usually starts at the subsidiary level (e.g. Walmart Mexico bribery base, Oil & Gas bribery on contracts in African continent, News Corporation phone hacking scandal) and it slowly spirals out of control as executive leadership fumble their way around it or mismanage the situation. The ones that stem from executive leadership are now more rare (Enron, Olympus scandal) and will be more so with stronger corporate governance (Sarbanes-Oxley Act, stronger compliance & risk functions).

    Subsidiaries are more far-flung and the checks and controls reach them more slowly. It's also easier to circumvent because of the time lag between corporate actions and subsidiary (pretending orders weren't received, attributing things to cultural differences in doing business in other regions, etc).

    In that case, if organizations are pressuring the UGC on the Mars mission, most likely scenarios would be mid/senior leadership facing internal pressures to deliver against their scorecards/KPIs and some of them pressuring elements within UGC the wrong way. It could be cutting corners, more lax controls, less detailed reviews due to understaffing, accelerating milestones at higher risk. These things happen not because a few men in secret rooms are plotting to take over the world (unless it's Al-Qaeda or the Rebels in NOTD's universe - that's a twist and whole new story in itself), but largely because they are facing job insecurities/impatient for their next breakthrough/promotion.
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    RE: Lore by Reaps | The Red Planet (1/3 Added)

    I think the rest of my story will reveal what I intended. But as for the corporations, they are more for the prolonging of humanity than money and they have spent a fortune to make the Mars Expedition a success and at the moment it was facing a major setback. For them, mankind can only step forward, stepping back is unacceptable and they will make sure the motion is onwards to the future by any means necessary. It does create the cold and merciless corporate feel that has been seen so many times but they want what is best for humanity.

    They would gladly sacrifice one to save thousands. My main character was about to do the opposite.

    Story Structure
    Part 1: Settling
    Part 2: The Man Shadowed in Red
    Part 3: Lifting the Haze

    Part 1 is the first real and actual attempt at colonizing Mars, here the main facilities are set up to begin the primary infrastructure and life support systems are put into place. About 5-10 years later the Endeavor begins its maiden voyage with 5,000 settlers. This colonization starts out with about 100-350 personnel to gather the required information and build prototype housing which can be used for the masses on Mars.

    As for the story itself, Part 1 goes from good to bad, Part 2 turns bad into good and Part 3 is good to extremely good. Part 2 was made to keep the main character in place.

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