Live Q&A on February 28th

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    On February 28th starting at 5pm (UTC-5), Kithrixx and I will be hosting a live Q&A in the NOTD group channel on SC2. You're free to ask us anything NOTD related for either 1 or 2 and give feedback, suggestions, and influence the game in a live setting with direct and quick replies. This is your chance to get a feel of the direction NOTD 2 is going and raise any concerns or questions you might have about development, past or present, about either NOTD or its sequel. I will also be online (and playing NOTD) for most of the night, so if you're European and/or asleep at the start time then you're more than welcome to message me at any time later in the night.
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    If you could kindly remind me to be present on SC2 or TS so I can brought up to date :D

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    whats utc in gmt again? =/ lifes is so much easier outside of using utc, well at least in Europe/UK.
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    There is no time difference it's just notation. GMT-5 is same as UTC-5, so you need to substract/add stuff as usual to end up with 10pm for London.

    Shit gets messy when murricans start to use EST EDT and whatever times they got without the offsets.
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    Ty, im just old school and am used to understanding stuff in GMT hence my confusion. Tell me EST/EDT and i usually understand it right away.

    Thank you once again for the clarification.
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    Very important detail to add: if you feel your question was missed or ignored, message me directly! I'll answer it there.

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