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    Most of the objective wont imply easy success with a recon I suppose ?
    If not : Any class distinction on objective xprience ?
    I mean a recon could scout killing every isolated crap, its better if he does some easy isolated objective, less rank xp at killing some bonus at objective, and the team (& IRL army) will appreciate to not split forces and lower chances of survival.
    But then what if a skilled rifleman does the same, he should have both killing rank experience and objective rank. no ?
    Suggesting to adjust all these on one base reference class such as rofl.
  2. ozzy

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    if there is supposed to be similar levels why do you not make it so that the team shares 1 level bar so everybody levels at exactly the same time
    so weapons classes will not be ahead of support at all
    every marine will be the same experience like heroes of the storm
  3. Kith
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    Certain classes will be more beneficial for certain missions, but not all missions will be doable by a single person.

    No. Classes are not going to influence the rewards gained from missions. Classes will only dictate how easy it is to complete the mission for the player.

    Because people like killing things and there's very little harm in giving a player 0.01 additional experience for landing the last hit. Characters get 0.1 experience for killing anything (with the exception of some bosses) and the other teammembers get 0.09 experience.

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