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    Here's a mini-guide I posted in the old forum in response to Ptkfgs' call for information on the subject (slightly updated and improved).
    Google cache of the thread at http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/s ... =firefox-a

    Assorted tips/strategies for getting Level 3 medals:

    Combat Action Ribbon: Doesn't require level 3 to be nightmare. So just play a lot, speed runs of any sort will get you there fastest.

    Bronze Star - Step 1: die. Then get your kills before something kills you. Great things to farm for kills are the cocoons in the forest/area above airlock - they get you kills and don't fight back.

    Legion of Merit - Find a good mob recon and ask nicely :) or play as the mob recon yourself. Often the recon will want the team to stay nearby in or around the lab, but I've found that unnecessary. What the recon is doing doesn't have any impact on team at all whether they are in lab, fort, or scrapyard. He just needs to run around, use escape liberally, and not die. To get vision on the hexes bring along an explosives demo to put mines on the hexes, or better yet, a field engineer to mind control units and burrow at hexes.

    Navy - Get a really, really good team. Have an exped team except include 2 medics and leave out either the mm or demo (I prefer to leave out mm). Expeditionary Navies are certainly possible too, but you need to make sure your medic is good then. Changing certain strategies to minimize risky situations is recommended. For instance, give up on LOM and civilians for this run through.

    Survival - don't need nightmare for level 3 - just grind survival. Here the old guide was significantly out of date as it relied on using the turrets. I don't have a current strategy since I haven't played survival much lately, but other old techniques that I believe still work are to play either a cloakable class (mob recon or sub mm) or a fast class (nanomedic with level 3 nano strength or trapper with 3 in legs). These help you stay alive by avoiding enemies.

    Lifesaving - Play as medic in your nm games. This one is individual and you have to live to the end so max your strength stat to keep yourself alive - this will make it so that even if you facetank a meno worm or erebos meteor you don't lose a life.

    Silver Star - Traps are your best friend. Hide behind them always. Use repulse if trap is on cooldown. Convince the team to camp in fort (or camp anywhere, the less moving around you do, the better) so you never have to go anywhere after erebos 2. You've already got this placed trapped so if you get hits after this point you should feel silly. Get 3 in leg augments to help you run from stuff. You're taking less than 10 hits, you will never use saline anyway.

    Distinguished Service Medal - This one is so tough there was a thread about replacing it in the old forum. Only 2 people have claimed to have this. Learn everywhere there will be banes and avoid them or have demo tank them since if it doesn't break shields you're good. Bane places include Tartarus, cams, infestor eggs, bane trains, Erebos 2, dome c, and all devourers. It is suggested that Apollo Sec is likely an easier place to get this as there are less crapshoots like the Tartarus and Erebos 2 fights.

    Expeditionary Medal - Play with people of 8 classes, just follow the directions and make sure the team wins. Even if you die you get medal. This one is easy as long as your team wins the nightmare mode.

    Medal of Honor - Practice makes perfect. As elitist as it sounds: don't invite new people to your nightmare games if you want MOH, they have to be up to the challenge. Navy runs with 2 medics seem to be good for getting this since you have double the healing power to keep people alive. Make sure the team sticks together, no one but tank activates cams in case of banes, and no one makes noob mistakes. In general, have everyone play their best and not dick around.
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    For Silver Star, I actually like to go Combat Rifle and have better success with it. Having your 5 CP in Rifleman helps obviously. But Precision Shot is really your friend. Any target that might make kiting difficult or be able to get past any traps can be slowed to a crawl. As much as people don't like Grenades they're still quite useful for softening up mobs and making it easier.

    It's not the standard, but if you are having trouble with Silver Star in Nightmare (Which is oddly where I get my Silver Star points typically despite not being level 3 yet), it might be a way for you to try and go.
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    Oh yeah, for the class specific ones CP is always a help. Forgot to even mention that. I haven't had as good of luck with combat rifle myself, but that's partially because I got my silver stars as survival rifle before combat rifle started to have a comeback. Certainly, killing things before you have to trap/run from them should work if you can do it right and p-shot has the similar effect of traps in that it slows the enemy's progress in getting to you.[hr]
    Also, I've posted this here as I believe the Strategy and Tactics sub-forum was supposed to be locked and stuff only moved there by mods if deemed appropriate/up to par. If this meets the criteria, it could be moved there.
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    x4 armr is ur friend but u fighting w demo for it always
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    You can pop Gargoyles at range, and their double hit bug is Silver Stars greatest enemy.
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    well i think precision shot < grenades what do you do if you get charged by more then 1 muta ghoul etc etc. yea your silver is fked
    but if you sticked to grenades instead youll just focus fire and blow em up that simple. I made all my ss with nades and didnt regret it. though the few times i went for precision i got screwed by larvas mutas or whatever (i have my lvl 3 medal)
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    Actually.... lately my Combat Rifle Builds have been 1 Rapid Fire, 1-3 Critical Strikes, 1 Grenade, 1 Precision Shot, 2 Grenade, 2 Precision Shot, Bloodlust. Then depending on how I'm feeling Improved Focus Fire or finish out Rapid Fire, more or less based on how plentiful ammunition is running.

    Similarly when I go Survival Rifle it's been 1-3 Improved Focused Fire, 1 Saline IV, 1 Sonic Trap, 1-2 Weapon Proficiency, 2 Sonic Traps, Repulse, then moving on to Critical Strikes.

    I know that both builds are not very Standard. And some people might question getting Weapon Proficiency before sonic traps level 2, or getting Critical Strikes over Rapid Fire, etc, but it's been working out for me.
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    being a good player trumps any sort of talent build. Sticking with the team and dropping traps everywhere is the easiest way, but honestly it doesn't matter too much.

    By the time you're attempting silver star runs, you'll have enough credits for an xs-4, which almost guarantees a silver star.

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