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    NOTE! I did not create this class. I only recovered it from my colossal cache on my desktop. The original, named poster deserves all of the credit.

    This was revived as a reference for current discussion regarding the Pathfinder class.


    [align=center]The Pathfinder

    Pathfinder Lore: Derived from the original Airborne Corps, the Pathfinders are the rapid response troops that go above and beyond "rapid", adhering to the creed that "where" is more important than "how many". They constantly patrol, looking for places to deploy at the slightest hint of danger. A large portion of the deployments of the past have been false alarms, but there have been times where the rapid response of the UGC Pathfinders has saved the lives of many. They are trained extensively in the use of light weapons and equipped with them as their primary weapon to make their insertions faster and smoother, and also equipped with personal propulsion systems so that they may maintain a high mobility profile.

    Presence in Apollo: There's not much to be said here. Being of the rapid response/preventative nature, Pathfinders were deployed to the moon the instant that there was an issue with communication.

    Base Stats
    Model: Reaper
    Soundset: Reaper
    Hitpoints: 80 (regen rate very low)
    Shields: 100 (regen rate above average)
    Energy: 85 (regen rate high, akin to the Rifleman)
    Armor: 0
    Shield Armor: 2
    Movespeed: 2.65
    Weight Class: Light

    Innate Abilities
    Personal Propulsion System - Passive
    The Pathfinder is equipped with a jetpack to increase his mobility. As a result of not touching the ground, he is not slowed by creep. However, it is extremely fragile, and prone to exploding or going haywire after sustaining damage.

    Personal Shield Generator – Passive
    To compensate for the fragility issue of the jetpack and also keep himself relatively light to maintain maneuverability, the Pathfinder employs an advanced shield generator to increase his durability to more survivable levels.

    Handgun Proficiency – Passive
    The Pathfinder has a +2 range bonus when wielding a P-45 Gauss Pistol. If randomed in another campaign, he starts with a P-45 Gauss Pistol.

    Left Tree – Gunslinger
    The Gunslinger tree is focused on making the Pathfinder into a well-rounded DPS character while wielding the P-45 Gauss Pistol.

    Tier 1
    Trick Shot - Passive
    The Pathfinder angles his shots so they ricochet between targets. Requires P-45 Gauss Pistol.

    Level 1 – Attacks bounce 1 time
    Level 2 – Attacks bounce 2 times
    Level 3 – Attacks bounce 3 times

    The actual bounce attacks themselves have a range of 6 between targets. Each bounce attack deals full attack damage. The additional bounce attacks do not consume ammo.
    One of the biggest issues with the P-45 Gauss Pistol is that it lacks splash. Granting a bounce attack will effectively give it splash without giving it splash, keeping it a unique weapon with a unique mechanic.

    Fast Five – Active: 20 energy cost, 8 second cooldown
    Using superior reflexes and skill, the Pathfinder fires off five shots within a tenth of a second. Requires P-45 Gauss Pistol.

    Level 1 – Shots do 10% additional damage
    Level 2 – Shots do 20% additional damage
    Level 3 – Shots do 30% additional damage

    Activation of Fast Five applies a buff that increases the Pathfinder's attack speed by 600%. This buff ends after 3 seconds, he attacks 5 times, or he reloads.
    This is entirely possible. To further drive the point home, here's another video that makes the first guy look like he's moving in slow motion.

    Tier 2
    Handgun Expertise – Passive
    The Pathfinder's proficiency level with the P-45 Gauss Pistol is that of an expert, and as a result, he gains increased range and damage.

    Level 1 – Increases range by 2, Damage by 3, and increases armor penetration by .2
    Level 2 – Increases range by 4, Damage by 6, and increases armor penetration by .35

    Shoot to Maim – Active: Toggle, no energy activation cost, 5 energy per attack
    The Pathfinder uses precise aim in his attacks to cripple enemy targets, but in doing so, he no longer aims to ricochet his shots.

    Level 1 - +10% damage, each Maim stack slows by 5%, maximum stack of 3
    Level 2 - +20% damage, each Maim stack slows by 7.5%, maximum stack of 3

    Activating Shoot to Maim disables Trick Shot.
    Each shot applies the “Maim” debuff to the attacked target. Maim lasts 15 seconds.
    Maim slows both movement and attack speed.
    While Trick Shot is effective against mobs (as it gives a relatively high damage single target weapon a way to attack multiple targets), Shoot to Maim is for bosses. Combining Shoot to Maim with Fast Five results in a large amount of burst damage and maximum Maim stacks, which can be incredibly effective against high priority targets.

    Tier 3
    Invaders Must Die – Passive
    Back into the groove of using his honed abilities instead of sitting around and waiting for deployment, the Pathfinder unlocks once more his full potential and returns to his previous height of skill.

    Level 1 – Previous abilities with maxed-out levels gain an additional level.

    Trick Shot
    Level 4 – Attacks bounce 4 times

    Fast Five
    Level 4 – Shots do 40% additional damage

    Handgun Expertise
    Level 3 – Increases range by 6, Damage by 9, and increases armor penetration by .5

    Shoot to Maim
    Level 3 - +30% damage, each Maim stack slows by 10%, maximum stack of 4

    Right Tree – Rocketeer
    The Rocketeer tree is based more on risk vs. reward play by putting the Pathfinder into a combat caster role. The abilities that the Pathfinder has under this tree are very powerful, but they also put him in the middle of enemies, leaving him in a very bad position if the player doesn't think before they act.

    Tier 1
    Assault Jump – Active: 15 energy cost, no cooldown
    Utilizing his jetpack, the Pathfinder takes to the skies and then slams down on enemies, dealing a large amount of damage. However, the jetpack overheats quickly, and the Pathfinder is limited in the amount of jumps that he can make in a period of time. Completing a jump kicks up a great deal of dust, almost completely cloaking the Pathfinder from sight for a short time.

    Level 1 – 200 damage, 6 range, AOE 3, grants 80% evasion for 1 second
    Level 2 – 350 damage, 7 range, AOE 3.5, grants 85% evasion for 1.5 seconds
    Level 3 – 500 damage, 8 range, AOE 4, grants 90% evasion for 2 seconds

    Assault Jump has a minimum range of 3.
    The ability has a counter for how many jumps can be used at any given time. 1 jump is crated automatically at no cost every 30 seconds.
    During Assault Jump’s flight time, the Pathfinder cannot be attacked/targeted, but still takes damage from ailments.
    For the sake of balance (the airborne bosses), Assault Jump affects air.
    Also for the sale of balance, Assault Jump will not be able to allow the Pathfinder to traverse terrain levels.
    The ability having no cooldown but having the jumps be “manufactured” passively is the gameplay translation of the jetpack overheating and requiring a cooldown period. It also allows the player to decide when and where to use the jumps, if it would be appropriate to use them all at once to kill a mob, or to only use one or two and save the last for escape. The evasion chance is there to prevent being instagibbed by Infested Marines upon completion of a jump. Jumping into an enemy rich environment will still have a risk of being hit, so it's not completely foolproof.

    Full Throttle – Active: 20 energy, 15 second cooldown
    The Pathfinder engages the afterburner and surges forward with a great burst of speed, knocking back lighter enemies in passing.

    Level 1 – 200% movespeed, range of 6
    Level 2 – 300% movespeed, range of 9
    Level 3 – 400% movespeed, range of 12

    Does not deal damage.
    Light units (if they can be affected by Sonic Trap, they can be affected by this) are knocked back a distance of 1. Knockback does not effect air units, heavy units, or bosses.
    A backup plan if you're out of jumps or don't want to use jumps, or for movement in general. Unlike Shadowstep, it's not just a base buff to movement speed, it instead sends the Pathfinder to that location, making it more akin to Charge (albeit without the damage and stun).

    Tier 2
    Coming in Hot – Passive
    The Pathfinder opens the throttle wider for jumps, increasing the damage that he does with Assault Jumps and setting enemies ablaze upon landing.

    Level 1 – Assault Jump deals 25 additional damage, stuns enemies for 1 second, and applies a stacking burning DOT.
    Level 2 – Assault Jump deals 50 additional damage, stuns enemies for 2 seconds, and applies a stacking burning DOT.

    Scorched: 5 DPS at level 1, 10 DPS at level 2, maximum of 3 stacks, duration of 30 seconds.
    Considering the relatively fragile nature of the Pathfinder, a stun being added to his Assault Jump will increase his survivability considerably. It will also make the ability much more useful against bosses, with the stun keeping him safe from immediate retribution if he jumps on a boss and also with the DOT applying relatively decent damage once he speeds away to a safe distance.

    Improved Coolant Lines – Passive
    The Pathfinder upgrades his jetpack with an improved coolant distribution system, increasing its overall performance and allowing him to make jumps more often.

    Level 1 – Assault Jumps are produced 7.5 seconds faster, energy regen is increased by .35/sec, and the minimum range for Assault Jump is reduced by 1.5
    Level 2 – Assault Jumps are produced 15 seconds faster, energy regen is increased by .7/sec, and the minimum range for Assault Jump is removed.

    More jumps, more opportunities to get oneself into a really bad situation that could potentially get oneself killed, but also more opportunities to stomp on some zombies. Energy regeneration is also granted for more Full Throttles and Sprints to get out of bad situations, and also to compensate for the increased amounts of jumps being made.

    Tier 3
    No Quarter – Active: 40 energy cost, 1.5 minute cooldown, 12 range
    The Pathfinder ascends high into the sky, and comes slamming down with unparalleled force, dealing massive amounts of damage. If the Pathfinder lands directly on top of a foe, his Emergency Savior System activates, granting him brief invulnerability. Deals triple damage to bosses.

    Level 1 – 1,000 damage within a radius of 2, 800 damage within a radius of 4, 600 damage within a radius of 6, 400 damage within a radius of 8. If an enemy is struck with the 1,000 damage marker, the Pathfinder becomes invulnerable for 4 seconds.

    The jump itself takes 5 seconds total to complete, regardless of how far the Pathfinder has to travel while offscreen.
    Like Assault Jump, during the jump portion of No Quarter, the Pathfinder cannot be attacked/targeted.
    Also like Assault Jump, the Pathfinder cannot change terrain levels with No Quarter.
    Lacking the stun that is available to Assault Jump, No Quarter is much more risk vs. reward. It gains increased damage and radius, but lacks the possibility for an escape jump or a stun. Precision aiming is required for maximum damage and for the invulnerability reward; otherwise, the Pathfinder can end up dangerously close to a boss with no way to protect himself. However, if the player lands the sweet spot, the rewards are plentiful, with a massive amount of damage dealt and a period of invulnerability.

    Goddamnit Kith.
    I love you too.

    Alright, who do you want to replace now?
    The Combat Engineer in Apollo Security Team.

    … Why?
    Lore. The Combat Engineer was supposedly sent to repair the malfunctioning Compliance Nexuses, which isn’t even revealed that they’re malfunctioning ‘til halfway through Alpha Company. However, their presence in Alpha Company is fine, as an uprising or disturbance of any kind would mean that the Compliance Nexuses were at risk, and sending the people who designed them to fix them in the event that they break as a result of the disturbance would make sense. Having a Combat Engineer on the Sec Team to fix shit that breaks doesn’t make sense with the advent of the Technician’s inclusion.

    Fluff is all great and good, but what about gameplay reasons?
    The Combat tree is just below average. It’s decent DPS, but without Overdrive, the X-1 is kinda crap, and the damage bonuses that the CE gets with his skills just aren’t enough.

    As for Field, I have several reasons for why I dislike it in Apollo. The towers steal kills like crazy, and realistically, both routes kinda screw with Field Engie. Route A is far too mobile for his Field Nexus and the zoo to keep up, and Route B automatically obliterates the zoo with the event of Hades, so they can’t even be used, so the Field Engineer is kind of useless against Hades. There’s also the issue of the Field Engineer being able to cheese Athena through use of the Field Nexus and literally stacking argons on top of each other to block her path. There are fine holdout points for both routes where the towers are appropriate, but overleveling the Engineer accomplishes very little.

    Of what use will the Gunslinger and Rocketeer trees be?
    For Gunslinger, it will actually make use of what is considered to be one of the less useful weapons in the game, which is a big plus. It would also be incredibly useful for bosses, as combining Fast Five and Shoot to Maim will (at the expense of most of the Pathfinder's energy) apply a great deal of damage and also a sizable disable to the target in question.

    For Rocketeer, a great deal of use and raw damage can be obtained as long as the player is skilled enough to not get killed. Really, that's all there is to it. You're doing a hell of a lot of damage with huge amounts of mobility at the expense of putting yourself right in the middle of the action with no durability increase whatsoever.

    What about the turrets?
    Apollo Sec currently has the Technician and the Demolitions to handle the turrets.

    So what's with the shield armor thing?
    XS-4 needs some love, and I think that having a character that's going to get quite a few nicks and bruises jumping around like a maniac needs to have some form of ailment resistance, especially considering how low his base hitpoints are. He can take a sideswipe or two, but any more than that and he's done.

    Also, I think that having a shield durability-based character that isn't a tank would be neat and different, on top of it making sense considering his occupation.

    What’s with Gunslinger’s T3 being “upgrade everything else”?
    I found it to be appropriate. He's already got a solid skillset that deals with all threats with equal amounts of efficiency, and I figured that increasing the base efficiency would be far more appropriate than another active. It also fits his character incredibly well, as he employs techniques that are equal parts efficiency and showmanship. It would make sense to make them even more flashy and effective to drive the point home of “this guy really is a master of handguns” as opposed to throwing in another flashy trick.

    What about the other campaigns?
    I've actually thought about this ahead of time, and attempted to adjust for the other campaigns as well. He's got solid damage potential in either tree, and can serve as an impromptu recon should the situation require.

    What's with the evasion thing?
    Given the large amount of Infested Marines in Apollo (and for that matter, Alpha), jumping into the middle of a horde may or may not get the Pathfinder killed instantly without it. With that 1-2 seconds of grace period after a jump, there's enough time to cast the jump again to jump to another point in the horde or to get out. It won't make him unkillable, but it makes it so players are not punished by instant death by a group of Infested Marines that they didn't see.

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