Kith we miss you please come back

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ramses II, Mar 4, 2012.

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  1. Ramses II
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    Ramses II Help, I can't change my title!

    I'm writing this after playing a game where I randomed technician in a pub and went for the turret. Once I had the turret I basically never turned it off and didn't worry about it at all. I tested it on myself when I had level 2 nanites, and found that I was outhealing the damage. When I tested it on a recon (with his permission) he tanked about 10 hits before he lost a life. The black dog has been well and truly neutered, and really doesn't need to have either a self-destruct button or a hold fire button, as you would never ever ever have a use for them. (unless you blocked yourself in with the turret)

    The whole purpose of the bogey beast turret was to replace bob's bite, and give a way to apply open wounds to allies. Without that, the technician has lost a lot of his utility, as well as his micro intensiveness (without having to worry about the turret, weapons tech is really the easiest class to play in the entire game, and that is not debatable)

    The reduction of MotM technician's attack speed and movement speed would be entirely unnecessary if Ability had implemented MotM the way kith designed it in the first place: cause the tech to unally his teammates without them unallying him.

    In addition to the issues with the mutilation of the technician, we have a subtlety commando rework being discussed, and one of the more popular designs before he left (and in mine and others opinions, still the best) was his delta commando. It is, however, unfinished, and we need his expertise to complete it.

    Even if we don't use his design, he is currently the most experienced person here in terms of designing new classes (see the blackwatch mercenary and the technician) and would be very helpful with the concept design of whatever we do end up deciding is the best.

    We need him back. Badly.
  2. Lord NiteShade
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    Lord NiteShade NOTD Staff: Wiki Founder/TeamSpeak Admin

    Oh another spin around the merry-go-round, What harm could it do.
  3. Pyromaniac

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    What harm indeed... Perhaps this spin is the spin which causes bridges to be burned...
  4. Nicarco
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    Nicarco Warden

    As much as I would wish that he would come back, I think we should respect his wishes should he really want to retire.

    I would suggest that he give it a third chance, but I won't really force him to come back.
  5. Martel

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    I never really got to know Kithrixx very well. In the one of the few games I played with him, he went arms assault and died at airlock waves(LOL). Yet even I can feel the impact that he has had. His Technician especially surprised me at how well the class was made with with regards to balance, synergy and creativeness. Although I haven't heard of Kithrixx's Delta commando, I'm sure that he would've created a badass class worthy to be alongside OpsMando. Kithrixx' absence will be felt by everyone, even those who don't know him, and although he has decided to retire, I wish that he would comeback, even part-time if need be.

    Kithrixx, your skills and insight will be critical in making NOTD one of the best mods available, so I hope you will consider at least staying in touch.
  6. Arturia

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    Part of the reason Kithrixx appears to be gone is because people complain about his designs. If you hadn't read it, Kithrixx had posted a response to the complaints that an apparent large portion of the community had toward two of the Classes that he developed (Technician and Pathfinder), even though he does not decide the final fate of any of them, nor does he decide their balance, all he does is propose an idea.

    He isn't the one that your complaints should be direct toward after a class has been implemented; he is not a NOTD Developer, he is just a member of the community that propose Concept Idea's for classes that ended up becoming classes. Ability, Xavi, and Earendil are the developers, not Kithrixx, however, people had constantly voiced their dislike toward him because he gave his thoughts and created a Concept. Ability, Xavi, and Earendil are the ones who worked off that concept he proposed; Balance and Implementation are done by them, after they worked off of what he had proposed.

    Just read it, however old it may be, it shows the reasons Kithrixx left. He designed concept classes, and then many people breathed down his neck and gave him shit over its balance and bugs. He isn't obligated to design and create classes, and he isn't obligated to deal with the community disliking his designs and complaining about how they were implemented. All that looks apparent is that the cycle will repeat: He will design a concept, people will like it and it will gain popularity, it will get implemented, people will complain about its implementation and balance to Kithrixx.

    That is exactly what happened with Technician and Blackwatch Mercenary/Pathfinder. While implementation isn't sure, if it is implemented, that was the result.

    Kithrixx will do as he pleases; I doubt he would return just to deal with more of the same. I don't speak on his behalf, but I speak from my perspective of the issue while drawing my views from his post.

    While we may want him to return, after all that he has been sent through by the NOTD Community makes it unlikely he would return, even if the Community corrected itself.

    [Public Service Announcement] Your complaints, and my response to them
  7. Kith
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    You decide what that means.
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  8. Shooz
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    If you're going to come back. As much friends as we are. From now on you WILL adhere to the rules. If you step out of line this time. You are subject to my unbiased punishment. Know this, and that it is the truth.
  9. Lord NiteShade
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