Java (Oracle) Update could be a virus.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Froblock, May 21, 2013.

  1. Froblock

    Froblock Well-Known Member

    I am fucked. I get this prompt to update my Java every time my computer starts up and today I just clicked Ok.

    It deleted all of my chrome extensions, settings, and bookmarks and added in Spyware add-ons for ebay and some other shit.

    Not sure what to do about this.
    I just went to the Java website and installed the correct version i hope.
    Going to run AVG and Malwarebytes...
    Piece of shit, its about to waste approx. 3 hours of my life now.
    Bitch ass no life virus making mother fuckers.
  2. Klobber

    Klobber Well-Known Member

    You know who makes viruses fro?

    That's right the people making antiviruses.
  3. Scorpione

    Scorpione Well-Known Member

    Klobber is correct. Thus who make antiviruses and "protection" are the ones that don't want you protected to begin with.
    You get virus = you buy new pc = profit.
    When you're dealing with a "hacker" you won't even know what hit you.
  4. Miracle
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    Miracle NOTD Staff: Assistant of many things

    From my experience, a real Java update don't ask you every single day, even if you decline it. Another reason why I download updates by going to the actual website rather than use the automatic update service >.>
  5. Froblock

    Froblock Well-Known Member

    Have been busy these few days, but the current update as of 30 minutes directly after this post:
    I used System Restore twice, first one failed due to Anti-virus >.>
    Seemed to have done the trick, but not entirely.

    Saved Bookmarks are back (thank god) but settings were still set in a weird default way.
    Re-installed my extensions and upon figuring out if it was 100% gone, i happened to stumble on another spyware known as Spigot.It was running in my backgrounds and relaying sites i visit to, known as SearchSettings.exe

    And yes Meg, that is my exact thought after going through this.
  6. squish

    squish Well-Known Member

    Froblock. Spybot Search & Destroy, although they used to be all-free, now they charge a price for some versions, the free version still Removes malware and rootkits.
  7. Lucid
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    Lucid Well-Known Member

    Do not trust the system restore, since it also can save the virus/malware in backup and restore it as well. This doesn't always fix your computer but it is worth a shot if you want to try.

    Run an offline av/anti-malware scanner whichever your preference is. I usually use bitdefender. Make note of the virus/malware and look it up on the their website to undo the damage done. Even if you remove it with software, it will still leave registry and residual files to leave you open for another attack/infection.

    Scanning in windows booted up is not advisable as some virus/malware can be retain within memory(RAM) and can be push back down onto your local disk. Otherwise backup, format, and reinstall.

    I generally reformat my computer if I know it's been infected. Which is less downtime, headache, and I know for sure that it is clean. Java is very commonly exploited out in the wild/internet.

    I hope that helps Floblock.
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  8. Mirage
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    Mirage ಠ_ಠ What are you looking at?


    Not so true, Some online ones work just fine if you download their stub (I recommend ESET)

    Again not true, most AV's these days are sophisticated enough to scan RAM as well. (Again. ESET, never failed me)

    Less downtime? Motherfucka how much do you have to reinstall to get going again? lol
  9. Lucid
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    Lucid Well-Known Member

    I've had terrible luck scanning within windows, either due to the AVs software, a very persistent virus, or something else. I will have to check out ESET now.

    I have out 50+ software installed. I just use a HDD/SDD image backup that I make every month. So depending how old it is about 1-2 hours which is mostly update.

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