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  1. JAW

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    Today I played my first NM game (AC NM, because I'm a pansy) in 4 months, and everything went smoothly until we hit Ivax. He opened with an EMP, then proceeded to spawn satchels continuously throughout the fight. As the satchels pushed us farther and farther apart, people either died to the satchels or got rocked by missiles until only 3 people remained. At that point, there were few enough satchels to allow them to move around, and they (I died, was caught off guard) managed to defeat Ivax right before the massive spawns surrounded them and finished them off. I'm not complaining, it was actually kinda fun, but I've still been trying to keep up with the recent changes, and I didn't see any mention of this stuff in the 90 day changelog. Was it a bug, or do I just suck? I remember him giving more than 1 second between the detonation of satchels and placing new ones, and I remember he used to only emp when his health got low. I also don't recall many ambient spawns during the ivax fight.
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    This was changed about a few months ago by ArcanePariah. I'll have to look up the thread so wait for me to put an edit in the post.

    Edit: I can't seem to find it. It may have been made in the Black Ops thread which is probably where I seen it.
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    This change to Ivax's difficulty is very much intended and is no bug. I enjoy the Dance Dance Revolution addition to the game, its hella fun ^-^
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    Ivax is working as intended. Thread locked.
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