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Discussion in 'NOTD Discussion' started by stanK, Mar 7, 2015.

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    That one extra second of pointless clicking on inventory during a fast paced nm run is precisely the problem I have with the mags. And I've already established how unresponsive the "drag" feature makes inventory. One second is the difference between MOH and GG -- thats how the game is. Its not some "well designed" game where someone actually went into NM, ran a bunch of playability tests, collected loads of feedback data and made inventory the way it is. It was made simply to respond to newbies having difficulty with buttons, and while it made inventory more intuitive it also made it much more annoying to micro in a decent rating NM game where responsiveness is critical.

    To me having a challenging game is much more important than having some obscure mechanic that adds little challenge like ammo boxes. When someone enjoys a NM they enjoy the micro that is involved with beating challenging boss, or kiting large hordes at decent speed. And unresponsive controls kill that enjoyment because you don't die to a fair challenge -- you die to the fact that someone did a sloppy job implementing controls.
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    No, I carry no armor, and run my mag count as mando at around 90, and the rest of my shit is always weapons.
  3. ArcanePariah
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    Good evening. Number of questions and things raised here so I will try to address them all

    1) Sight is capped at 15 for units that use line of sight. It can be up to 31 for units without line of sight. Marksman achieves longer sight by having a series of persistents in front him that are short lived and reveal.

    2) The 32 ability limit is more to do with the number of abilities being monitored on the entire map. If you take a unit with 32 abilties and then generate 10,000 of them you will see an error to the effect of "Too many abilities present, can not create abilities". All abilities have to be monitored for their state, since abilty state affects requirements, behaviors, and a number of other things. There are quite a few validators that check against ability usage, and normal SC2 AI uses them extensively and NOTD 2 will be using AI as well.

    3) The drag issue was considered at the time. However, the issue with not using the default SC2 inventory directly is that you then must implement an entire layer of abstraction, that is also subject to normal gameplay and run time (UI plus translation layer from UI interaction -> native SC2 inventory). So theoretically it could be done, but in general, it is a pain in the ass, adds complexity, lose performance (any custom UI based inventory WILL be less responsive, since in the end, the trigger code will order your unit to do what you are already doing).

    4) Picking up ammo when you have a magazine auto stacks them. This can not be prevented nor even detected. So by default, any charged based item will stack if picked up and the charge counts will be adjusted accordingly.

    5) Inventory Hotkeys. After experimentation, can be done. One price tag though, they can not be remapped. I would be directly accessing the UI element (and altering the UI code to include the shortcut), and determining which one was used, then ordering your unit to use that item. So possible, but certainly will have drawbacks.

    6) Disabling drag. I may experiment and see if there is a way to disable it. The only drawback is that such a toggle would disable drag, thus you would not be able to move any items around in your inventory (equipping or unequipping anything) nor give anyone any item, or other wise do stuff. All you would be able to do is drop,pickup and receive.
  4. stanK

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    This is very interesting. Why was it MORE responsive then (before drag was a feature)? Was inventory always native SC2 inventory?
  5. ArcanePariah
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    Yes, the inventory was always native SC2. When SC2 came out, you could not overrride and alter the native UI. So people hid the native UI (all you could do really) and built custom UI's that with triggers, did the ordering and what not to the Inventory ability.

    The problem was then, you had to basically re implement the SC2 inventory interface/UI functionality and more importantly, you had to duplicate its state (track what items, what charges and what position). Something that, although it can be done, is not easy, and can be quite error prone. Even with the current inventory setup, much of it is custom coded. Things like clicking a item and having it being equipped is not native to SC2, that is done by us in triggers.

    Before it was less responsive, but more accurate, because every inventory action was buffered basically.

    Given what I've just written above, I can see if drag can be disabled with a toggle, and if it will affect whether triggers can circumvent this and manually rearrange items.
  6. Yukitaka Oni

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    So many update request, make me feel like i have to play it from recruit like a noob again D: too many update like this, will it (fit) for the news player???
  7. stanK

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    Well, the main issue is I click inventory item, and nothing happens. I would assume that disabling dragging fixes that, but assumptions need to be confirmed.

    If its indeed impossible to find a fix for it there, than the only solution thats left is hotkeys for several first slots in inventory.

    Anyways thank you for the informative answers Arcane.
  8. stanK

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    Nothing is being updated yet to my knowledge.
    My intent was to fix issues (or at least make them documented), change controls, but not change the gameplay.
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    Ok :)

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