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    I will open with my "waitng list", feel free to add anything you are hyped for (or just curious to try, or anything alike). Descriptions, images and any kind of details are welcome!

    Camelot Unchained (link leads to IGN Wiki, IMO best quick intro), often labelled as DAoC 2; this is CU reddit and you can find likely anything you want to know from CU Wiki (IMO better source than the official site). Currently in late alpha & under the NDA, beta is scheduled for March. I expect it to launch in early 2017. Also, if you like quests, PvE & endgame raids, this is NOT the game for you.

    My favorite CU features are everchanging world (the map virtually changes it's shape and texture, depending on territory control!) and building / destruction - say, the image below is 100% player made in C.U.B.E. and is (or will be) 100% destructable and lootable, brick by brick!?


    • Same goes for Crowfall (IGN Wiki link again), PvP sandbox being made by the creators of SWG, Shadowbane and such (say, Raph Koster is team member). More than 100 000 registered supporters, currently in pre-alpha, tests already began and alpha 2 (I guess...soon to be alpha 3?) backers are being invited. There is no NDA and people are already streaming tests.
    For example, here is CF reddit and below are (already not so...) recent test videos. Have mercy, it's pre-alpha with small maps, only 50ish players per session and lots of rough edges!

    Confessor PoW (ranged fire DPS) :

    Knight PoW (warrior / tank):

    • Albion Online,earlier compared to good old Ultima Online but devs seem to be shifting away from it lately!? - isometric PvP multiplatform with varying degree of PvP safety - from 100% safe (green zones) via yellow etc. to red (wild, wild west). Currently in closed Beta testing and should launch this year.
    Here's a fancy pic to hype you up :)


    Shards Online is another one I might play casually, and is much more similar to Ultima Online in my opinion. Besides official servers, players will be able to host their own, setting their own rules - anything from farmville to free for all full loot PvP!?

    We will also be able to chop off and collect each other's heads :) Check this lovely exterrior (hint: these are not flowers):


    Here's some gameplay (it's pre-alpha, keep rotten tomatoes for beta please!):

    • Chronicles of Elyria, Kickstarter should start soon and they have some very interesting gameplay concepts, say - aging and reincarnation through bloodlines and familly!? here is couple screenshots.[​IMG]
    • Richard Garriot's Shroud of the Avatar will IMO be more PvE that any of the above; single player & co-op mode will be there - I wonder how MMO it will be!? Developers are not using that word often.
    • Worlds Adrift looks lovely (the colors, the skies!), still in early development.

    • Gloria Victis caught my attention recently, and it's similar to Life is Feudal. The latter already launched co-op mode (small player hosted servers), with MMO to be launched soon...I guess!?
    Say, here's random GV pic:


    This is slowly growing out of my control!? There is more, but I better stop here :)
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    Couple new videos, Minotaur (tank / berserker of Crowfall) first impressions by ZybakTV:

    ...and some random PvP footage on Druid:

    The player tests are still "small scale" tho, long-lasting servers with big number of players, building, mining etc. are yet to come - but procedural world building was updated recently.

    Also, it turns out that building will be modular, that is - players will have separate wall sections, towers etc. and put these together at will. Some folks at forums put together size comparison charts (biggest structures such as palaces and citadels are not there yet + you can click on the image for bigger size), say here's one of medium buildings:


    Speaking of Camelot Unchained, a quick intro to building:

    ...which was partly based on this alpha test video:

    This is roughly how the game looks like now, video they made for Dragon Con 2016 - recent alpha tests footage can be seen in the second half (or maybe last 60-70%) of the video, first half is from 2015 and given for comparison, thou it's still quite rough:

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    Updated environment of Camelot Unchained, just compare it with previous images (beta should start in early 2018):





    ...Crowfall alpha preview by TheLazyPeon:

    ...PvP footage by ItsZiz:

    ...and Van Helsing guinea pig (!):

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