How to win friends and influence people

Discussion in 'NOTD Discussion' started by FuzzyWumpus, Mar 28, 2012.

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    um i did move away -.- stop trying to direct ur anger on me. i think for a quick minute then suddenly remember the new motm so i moved away; so i dont know what 30k person you are refering too.

    i have my good games, i have my bad games. how i act in recruit is sometime the way i act in vet / private games. you judge me by one game is not cool. you are as arrogant as the other vets.

    Well also my skill decrease when people suddenly bitch at me. sure i mono people but you have to see that i monoed him cuz he went out of his way and stand in front of me when agron is like less than 3 range away from me. i dont really know what he was thinking. then at mines which i clearly state there were 2 spines attacking a 150 hp marksman ( me ) dropped to 40 hp , so i had to mono to save my life. You didnt notice that fact and decide to group with the other jackass who complain about my marksman. i understand you like to cause troubles and sides with the people who is wrong but labeling me as a bad player ( usually i am , either tired or played way too much notd for that day ) from 1 little game is not cool on ur belief.

    -------------------- a note that is irrelevant --------------

    I dont know much about medals , game plays, old credits , old map , W/E. but ur weapon mods and moh doesnt match the record stated on the marine itself. like i said and i will say it again , i dont know the details of the map back(glitches,credits,etc) then so i cant tell if your legit . then again by the way you act i guess you are legit.

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    Not sure if lightning was the 20k Fort Demo who was running along side me, the Assassin MM OSOK kiting the queen in pub.

    This particular Fort Demo wielded a Laser rifle and shot 1/30 Laser rounds every 5 seconds at the queen.
    He also used TTD at random times and being the only tank, did not tank diddly squat. He hid behind DPS players.
    His excuse for 1hour 30mins of piss poor play was because "It's my first time playing Demo!" @ 20k XP.
    The person's alias as far as I can remember was Lightning.

    Not sure if its this guy, there's probably more than one Lightning... am i right?!
  3. Lightning
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    no im pretty sure that was me LOL
  4. CHENZ

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    If you have an issue with legitimacy, take it to the appropriate thread.

    just fyi, that last response doesn't help your case too much.
  5. ArcanePariah
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    OK Wall of Text incoming, you are warned

    First off, people need to respect each other regardless of ANYTHING. Even if you call me a hacking cunt son of a bitch loser elitist prick of an asshole, I'll blissfully ignore that statement, and continue to give advice and help people survive. This game is a COOPERATIVE SURVIVAL. To quote Gladiator "We stay together, we survive". Maybe I have a tough skin after getting called roughly the above in water polo practices in college, but anyhow...

    Vets need to chill. Yes, we have 30ker's who do NOT know various aspects of the game. This can be attributed to a number of things. They can be the pure pub players, that realistically have truly been not exposed to advanced tactics nor weapons and thus do not appreciate or use aforementioned tactics/weapons correctly. This is to be expected. Ask any wildly successful person how much FAILURE teaches them and they will say "A great deal". People need to fuck up to know something is bad. Sometimes it takes only once, sometimes many times. There is probably less then 5 people who can truly say they know nearly everything about this game (Me among them), but even then, I miss mechanics, or misinterpret things. So anyone under 70k in all likelihood knows even less. Others do NOT check the changelog religiously. Some people for personal preference or performance reasons will NOT play certain stories. So expecting anyone at any given XP to know precisely what to do in any situation is foolish at best. Take the time to explain things. It does help.

    New players need to be treated fairly. We were ALL noobs once. We all got better because we either A) Were told how to deal with something or B) Died enough times figuring out what to do or C) Told how the given scenario works then figured out how to deal with it. We call players noobs for not going high ground to avoid death by the black ops, yet most of the vets either had A, B, or C happen to them. They are new players, not worthless scum that fill our glorious game with their putrid stupidity and useless yammer and mindless actions (more or less how they are treated at times). Recruit mode is just that, a training mode to teach and learn the basic mechanics of the game. That is why advanced missions, weapons, dangers are all removed, to provide a relatively safe training ground for players to experiment with their classes abilities, a fairly large selection of weapons, some demonstration of the various qualities of weapons (Bulk aoe, single target damage to conserve ammo, armor ignoring weapons). Some things people NEVER learn because of poor teaching (SMG is a bad weapon useful for recruit mode only, don't use it all game). So all in all, cut people tons of slack in Recruit mode., regardless of rating/XP.

    Also I would refer everyone to Blaqks excellent and very eloquent treatise on this matter.

    Blaqk: A House Divide Can Not Stand

    To conclude, no matter how poor a player may be in manners, attitude, or skill, do NOT fall to their level and fight there. Instead be the better player, have good sportsmanship and raise them up to your level. Patience is a virtue here.
  6. Ramses II
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    Ramses II Help, I can't change my title!

    ^ Wonderful, I thought I was going to have to do one of those.
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    um im not defending myself, i have my own way of playing, (foolish at one point, serious at another , and VERY SERIOUS if needed) . no one can change how i show myself out in the game. i believe i will find true friends(if it possible)/group of people if i use my real way of playing notd.

    as for that last one, clearly im making a joke :), since i cant remember what i did back then and apparantly im the only lightning that reached 20k then i prob is me. i regret that past event but i cant change the past so i might fight on and continue on with the future of NOTD!!!!!!
  8. ArcturusV

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    Then there are jokers like me, who play class trees despite being told all the time that they are terribad and should never be touched. Pyro Flamethrowers, Arms Assaults, Weapon Techs, hell, it even goes back to my very earliest days of NOTDing when I'd run SubMM despite everyone thinking AssMM was strictly better. Back when OSOK was at 150/300/450 with no crit bonuses and that stupid skill Problem Child at that. Coolest skill icon for the most moronic ability.

    So just because someone does something that you consider poor, doesn't mean they don't necessarily know what they are doing. Or that they won't be an asset to the team. Sometimes I experiment just because I think a lot of the more experienced players got their minds stuck in a certain mode for everything and haven't really considered the possibility of anything else. The game is constantly evolved, our tactics don't though. An organized Easy Company Game still runs pretty much exactly like it has for over a year now with almost no change. Even though Easy Company itself has evolved A LOT and is quite a different beast than it was back then.
  9. CHENZ

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    lol i apologise then. i really can't tell if someone is making a joke by reading text. one of the pitfalls of the internet..
  10. Ryan III

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    Thanks arcane u read my mind I was planning to write one also
  11. Froblock

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    Its true, since we're in the same boat we might as well get along with each other and host some fabulous games.
    I still stand by my opinion though.

    Every vet would also agree that gaining xp is so easy nowadays.
    And since the change in survival, players have been gaining an increasing amount of credits & xp, much higher than those who play regular game modes.
  12. Lightning
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    no wonder survival games is like so popular. hell even im hooked on it
  13. ArcturusV

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    And why it's like pulling teeth for me to get anything other than a Survival game started in channel.
  14. Arturia

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    I usually steer clear of these threads. It can be best summarized by the "Oh Boy, here we go again!" thought.

    EXP is way to easily gained, as are credits.

    Alpha annoys me with its 1st person camera (I prefer the one that Predators get), because of how badly it functions, and just in general, how much it slaughters my already slaughtered fps.

    Survival is rather easy to play, and it gives you the option to play what you want to play (class-wise). I don't like playing Technician in Easy Co or Apollo, but In Survival or Alpha, I have no qualms entertaining myself with him. Its more like the appeal of novelty, and the ease of playing.
  15. Maniac

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    Your arguments are pointless. Its been done, i've seen. No turning back. So, well Good luck with ur future games, i won't see u in any advanced games. Deal.
  16. ProbeGst

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    not to pick anything expect for mags and teach them how to use it.
    Firt thing how to use mags.
    Second how to use weapon,use mod and skill
    3rd tell them not to facetank
    4 dont tell them everything or their brain explode
    5 tell them to read wiki and go to forum
  17. Lightning
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    for MANIAC ! i was bored this morning so i found two replays on all my games with him. love me cuz it gave me free time to find these replays.

    First is my MM replay - god i was an ok marksman(accidents at tart/airlock when i hit commando , Psy OP was totally not my fault since he ran into front of me when there is agron about 3 radius away from me) till spines <.< as you can see i was getting killed by two spines and i had to mono (the Psy Op blamed me for monoing him when clearly state that i was being killed!). So I in turn i response back with the current situation. Then the proud maniac stepped into the picture with "what spines". i totally stopped typing at that point, a guy like him ranting about his previous post turn out to be a guy who side with people who is clearly dumb. i definitely think he is dumber than those people.

    [attachment=509]- Replay of my marksman <.< (not doing well)

    Second replay on his prowess during tech during fort during muta / slasher. notice his profanity towards us and i was disagree cuz i forgot about the new crappy motm system(rarely tank as tech myself recently) but when i realized i moved away. He then dies cuz other didnt move away. Notice how he acted whole game

    1. he didnt explain to us.
    2. he didnt pause when dieing.
    3. he totally ranted like a 12 year old, throwing out swear words LOL
    4. totally blamed me for everything and even wanted to use my previous game with him as his leverage to make me look like a bad guy because i speak up .
    5. im glad i wont be in your games, your level of profanity make people around you distance you.

    [attachment=510] - flamer :D - i love that marksman he saved me during crystal. I protect him for a while after that. TDK I LOVE U!


    I believe a person should work on themselves before critize others. I admit that i am a bad player at times and make people hate me because i talk a lot. i apologize for doing so and hope my future actions can change your mind.
  18. Thermidor

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    I would also tell them about the notd chat channel as well to meet other people who play notd.

    On a side note, please take the arguements elsewhere.
  19. ProbeGst

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    sorry wrong thread. :p
  20. CHENZ

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    i find it amusing that a thread started with (assumingly) good intentions and with a nice title degenerated into a flame-fest within 3 pages.

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