how to solo sec team?

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  1. I have recently unlocked sec team and since there is not much sec games at my time I decided to solo ,but I always hit a solid wall of regeneration of demious. I usually do it with chemical expert but I can change .help would be great ( class, tree and strategy) thanks in advance
  2. Niktos

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    There are 3 general aproaches i can hint you with catchy names.

    1)Scout for L3-monade [any class]
    Simple find L3, pewpew L3 into eggs deimos everything. If deimos stand between you and eggs circle around (need kind of open space for that)

    2)Use em skillz [class limited]
    -Riffle nades to clear egg, deimos pewpew m5/smg better not bar coz recoil
    -medic VI 2-3 eggs shot first splash explodes them all
    -mm, lvl3 mono should oneshot eggs
    -chem cloud eggs
    -pf jumpin jumpin, or shift click fastfive on eggs
    -psi mind ravage 2-3 uses pop eggs [psi is bad for soloing and you should feel bad if you pick it]

    3) Lol so ez $$$$ flying everywhere [any class, spending credits]
    Buy sting end of story

    Oh and there is one more:
    -Like it hard -> hmg shiftclick on eggs and quickaim does the trick

    You don't want to get hit by deimos coz he slows on hit, eggs are priority, if minions hatch get them between you and deimos so he walks into napalm from their bodies.

  3. thanks will try those tomorrow (i am tired for today :( ) will tell you the result
  4. Kith
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    Deimos is a joke if you position him right. The Napalm effect from his Minions damages him as well, so all of that health regeneration that he gets doesn't really matter when he's on fire.
  5. you mean make his minions between him and me? i think i can do that
    BTW can i deactivate HAL and lock bio domes alone or i need someone else?
  6. Niktos

    Niktos Well-Known Member

    You can do hal, if nothing changed starting ivax shouldn't be a problem either
    B path is impossible as domes need 2
    A path is quite a slaughterfest on other hand so don't expect wins
  7. EdowardoLMP

    EdowardoLMP Well-Known Member

    And 3 people for getting all devas.
  8. Niktos

    Niktos Well-Known Member

    They are not mandatory, you can not pick them at all or pick just some. It's timed event that moves on either after you pick all or set time.
    Reason could be deimos can destroy them if you let him there or you can destroy them yourself by being careless.
  9. Kith
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    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton

    IIRC, B was updated to allow solo characters to deactivate the domes. Not wholly sure, though - been a while.
  10. EdowardoLMP

    EdowardoLMP Well-Known Member

    Oh, if it's updated then it's fine. But each person can only activate one devas right ?
  11. Ramses II
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    Ramses II Help, I can't change my title!

    Well yes, but you also have less spawns anyways. You get one dev per player as opposed to 3/8 dev per player.
  12. well i thought nazara was easy but turned to be wrong, now thanks to your help guys Deimos is a joke he gets burned by napalm so easily :D but now i have a problem with Nazara's assume direct control and x1s she just spawns 1 or 2 and use ADC on them and they simply deal insane damage i thought that a good idea was to take her out to the open in order to kite her well but actually i was not able to do anything to her because i was running from x1 although i was level 11 chemo at that time (maxed every skill in deso tree ) i died while she was at 2k (one T3 shot :( ) so any suggestions? also from what i heard about Apoptosis that he cant be soloed?
  13. Niktos

    Niktos Well-Known Member

    You can solo Apoptosis, just getting open wound solo is slightly annoying and can end with getting everything except for bleed that you need.

    As for nazara drones, lot of flares and focusing them with long range gun as they spawn. L3 does this really good but nazara is flier so whole boss dps is left to skills then.
  14. Ramses II
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    Ramses II Help, I can't change my title!

    You do have the benefit against Apop that you seem to be favoring chem expert b/c you can go get an open wound without getting venom stacks, but you also have the drawback against Naz that your skills won't do that much damage. I would bet that, as chem expert, unless you want a long-ass Naz fight with wasting quite a bit of ammo on L3, you should probably buy a stinger.
  15. Actually I don't have enough to buy a stinger per game( about$400) and I play chemo as he is the best only dps + crowd control below 10k (if there is another choice say class and tree)
  16. FerralTech
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    Try going Tech weapons tree, its' in the Sec story line for a reason.

    Mad Spark helps will with Deimos and pretty much every boss. Also don't forget to use exhaust fart for slowing by inflicting aliments.

    If you use drone or flood lights to get vision of Apollo before opening gates (no B team in solo) it's easy going. There are stacks of mobs and bane trains for XP that will gravitate to the edge of Apollo closest to where the largest proportion of players are located. In solo that's where you are!

    You'll should easily have Blackdog by Naz and almost certainly by Apop. If not hold off getting Dr Bergmann, and search the map for weapons, mods etc cleaning up the continuous spawns at this point until you get T3

    Drop the Blackdog and self inflict OW and then grab the doc. Apop can troll spawn so better safe than sorry.

    Tech will enable you to have vision of the cloaked lone BO that is sent to kill Bergmann. I'd throw down a spark and murder him just on the off chance things turn nasty down the track. You may have to kite by this point later and you'll have almost certainly forgotten he's there.

    As for path A or B

    A - is murder doing the reactor shut down solo, the spawns will rape you as your vision down in the reactor on the hex is almost nil. alternately if you have time you could camp for a long while prior to going to the hex and kill the never ending spawns until you get mini's. Placing mini's and blackdog on the high ground and a mad spark it's possible but you'll need alot of skill and luck. Once you've done it you have one last surprise on your way to EC exit (no spoilers)

    B - I haven't tried for quite a while and when I did it wasn't possible. The Dev's don't timer expire so getting one and destroying the other two to is the only way beyond this point. When you get to the domes it's was gg it needed two players, unless as Kith said it's been changed since.

    Finally buying weapon's in solo Sec is either lazy or sad. Lazy cos everything you need drops and you don't need to give share it with the team. Sad cos it's like buying hookers because you need too :oops:
  17. the problem with tech is mob control early on all he has is exhaust which is not very impressive just some slow or small hp loss and i cannot seem to be using his skills right (turrents get destroyed pretty fast and i just use the drone to see past vision blockers and emergency switch for huggers ) so some tips on those and is the array worth having IE does it affect me?
  18. David

    David Well-Known Member

    Honestly... tech is probably the only Apollo class that's able to solo it. I believe the only person to successfully solo apollo NM was Msluiter who used weapon tech.
  19. Well I believe you and I am known for having a head as solid as stell so will keep trying till I be the second :)
  20. got a question is there a hold out after HAL deactivation ? as there are soo many spawns around the map which makes me wonder whether it should be in holdout and where ? the agrons devs slashers seekers and stalkers make up a terrible combination

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