How to pass ecr in 50min

Discussion in 'NOTD Discussion' started by zoneone11, Feb 17, 2015.

  1. zoneone11

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    My best record is 57min, anything wrong?
    1. If starting enemy not spawn outside, Con go take m45, c2 and drop them in first download.
    2. Con get tarta flame, trig cam, drop all flames to bridge team.
    3. Trig 3 cams and back to team then con will lv5 after download.
    4. Open muta gate, execute a tumor.

    5. Open cam gate and stand at comm. Lv6 con have no flash, so just dodge arg.
    6. When south args died, team do civs. Comm will be 70%.
    7. If civs go south, con clear creep. If civs go north, con cloak civs.
    8. Flame eggs and ere1 after that Con scout dome B, another get heli sg.
    9. 1 people hunt meno with mobcon and trig mine. Let boss go to team.

    10. Con wait in sy before the end of muta. Designate rock banes and then trig lab.
    11. Team do ere2 and keep going.

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  2. EdowardoLMP

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    Nothing wrong, but my always issue is: Waited in AL for 5-10 mins just for the team to ASSEMBLE.

    Besides it can be faster. Rush AC; let mobcon do all the sides right after map expand (except Zeus & Leto) while the team just starts Airlock right away; then after muta, team just hurdle to Mines for Z&L (and intercept ere2 along the way if lucky); gens... blah blah.... the end. This would roughly be around 45-50 marker. (taken if AL civs are ignored)

    Also during the worm holdout, basically the team can just walk to Mines for holdout instead of holding at EC muta, given if the team dares or not.
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    I'll upload a video to youtube later. A couple of years ago we ended up playing a recruit game that got recorded and finished it in just over 40 minutes. We're all half asleep in the video and it was by no means a serious game. Had we played it right we could have easily done it in under 40.
  4. zoneone11

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    Can share rp?
  5. EdowardoLMP

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    Here's a 55 min run which randomly did yesterday, with all sides objs done (except failed AL civs and no trucks). Queen literally just melted in the end.

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  6. zoneone11

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    need 2 mobcons, demo, cmd, med, dps.

    1.con rush first download
    2.con trig cam and team rush ac
    3.con do 3 cams, shoot 1 creep from outside trig eggs, 2 con 1 dps esfort civs melt ere, hunt meno. do mine, con do comm and 2 cams go dome D trig lab, waiting ere2, con do gens
    8.con do bbq and fest the other one do civs or cloak team
    9.wait queen on sy wall otherwise go fort if queen spawn at civ jail
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