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    Weapon functions


    a line made of thirty circles that each do damage so it is better on large biological units
    the flamethrower will fire at the centre of the targeted unit and the damage depends on how many circles hit the target
    smaller units will be hit by less flames and bigger units will be hit by more flames
    unmodified targeting range is about 2 range less than the distance of the last circle in the line but there is a small break near the end which can reduce max range flame accuracy
    590a5 Shotgun
    upload_2017-7-28_18-31-38.png 200% damage 100% damage 50% damage 25% damage
    it does high damage to low armor massives has double strike on the main target
    targeting range is a little bit longer than the attack range so it can cause automatic chasing on targets in the target range but outside the attack range
    Easy Company

    use 590a5 on the boss because tartarus is a low armor massive and not a large unit
    tartarus has high damage resistance on the front, medium resistance on the side and can take full damage from the back
    let the demolitions stand on the left of the boss so the damagers can stand on the right which will hit the back weakness of tartarus
    watch for banelings during the boss and parasites after the boss
    use 590a5 for splash on the eggs
    start with sap on the boss so the boss will not run far away
    everybody stand under the boss to use knife and 590a5 splash can destroy the brane bugs
    have the burst damage when the boss is low health to prevent the boss from healing
    Erebos airlock
    use flamethrower because erebos has high armor and is not massive [aer13 or m45 for long range]
    it is good to battle erebos on an open field to let there be more movement paths
    erebos has splash damage on basic attacks so spreading out is good
    road flare can keep vision after the erebos global blind
    dodge meteors by running around erebos so you can still attack from a different angle
    use 590a5 or flamethrower [m112 or stinger for long range]
    chain stun or root the boss to destroy fast
    the team can chase the boss into a wall or corner
    the recon can double execute using refresher
    use flamethrower because erebos is not a small unit [aer13 or m45 for long range]
    erebos has global blind
    watch the formation of vortexes to dodge them before they start doing damage
    do not attack erebos in the regeneration form
    use flamethrower because the unit size is big and eos has high armor [aer13 for range]
    if eos has to be delayed during invulnerability use sap and look on her
    demolitions can stand in melee range with crowbar and use time to die before the first shriek
    flamethrowing on eos should be near the demolitions because eos is large so close flaming will be the most accurate
    nano shield will prevent the stun of shriek
    look on eos once then on nearby targets can prevent eos from running away

    Alpha Company

    use 590a5 because demeter is massive and not large enough for flamethrower to be better
    damaging demeter far away from the team will activate the stun sequences

    start with pulling demeter close to the team then tanker can move to the middle of demeter and the backline moves to about 4 range away

    on the mindstare demeter can stun the team if demeter is stunned but will not stun the tanker if the tanker is close enough to the centre of demeter
    on the eyestare the recon can cloak the team to prevent stuns

    c2 armor is good to reduce venom from the parasites
    use faith after the parasites spawned or if demeter attacked somebody instead of the tanker

    demeter will release flying cocoons after she died which will suppress their target and they can be destroyed with faith or repelled with sonic trap
    use flamethrower because cronus is not massive and is not a small unit

    kinetic armor is good against the lasers and reactive armor is good against the basic attacks
    cronus has splash damage on the basic attacks so it is good to stay away from the tanker

    cronus can summon creep under him and is invulnerable on creep so
    run away from cronus if he is on creep
    stun and shoot cronus if he is off creep

    matrix cloak is good to dodge lasers and run around cronus

    if you use faith at the moment a new creep starts then the creep will be instantly destroyed and will not spread to make cronus invulnerable

    a cronus laser is a line of many circles that rapidly do damage and are less accurate the further you are away from cronus

    when lasers start, move between two lasers and stand right behind the laser that is moving away from you and closely follow that laser until the second lasers start
    then the second pair of lasers will split up away from you and you should follow the new laser that is moving away from you
    then when the first pair of lasers disappear there is one second until cronus can start moving again so you should run away a little to get more time to dodge lasers of a moving cronus
    this will allow you to flamethrower cronus during the lasers and take zero damage

    cronus can run to the closest target that is damaging him when he can move

    if cronus dies while shooting lasers they can sometimes continue to do damage invisibly so you should move far away from the epicenter so lasers are less accurate
    use flamethrower because cerberus is not massive [aer13 for long range]
    the tanker can stay beside cerberus when he is invulnerable
    smite→faith→shatter on cerberus when he is vulnerable
    use aer13 or xm814 because it is better to battle ivax at medium range

    kinetic armor is the best against ivax ivax is immune to stuns

    do not smite ivax or use high burst damage most of the time because ivax will become invulnerable if he takes damage too fast

    stand at more than 8 range away from ivax to not get attacked but less than 16 range away to not get hit by missiles

    red mines do high damage in the middle and lower damage at the edge of the mine
    violet mines drain energy and shields

    matrix cloak can help dodge the mines but ivax has to keep vision of the tanker

    smite can be used if you need to disable the attack of ivax to save somebody
    ivax will become unrevealable then disappear then reappear cloaked as revealable
    when ivax reappears there will be some mines and should be decloaked at that moment with heightened senses

    ivax can attack zombies and he can quickly change targets randomly so it is important to stay outside the attack range of ivax
    use flamethrower because perses is big enough to make the flamethrower more powerful than 590a5

    kinetic armor reactive armor and xs 4 are good against perses

    perses has many attacks that can multi target but standing away from the front of perses can reduce the chance of being targeted and perses can attack while he is stunned

    the recon matrix and flash flare can blind ivax to let the team not be attacked and when the team is uncloaked they can be nano shielded to prevent hits

    the flamethrower should be shot at middle range because
    if perses is on top of you in very close range then there will not be many circles that hit perses
    if perses is at max range then the break in the circles can lower the accuracy
    if perses is in the middle of the flames then it will be the most accurate

    at the firewave perses becomes vulnerable and takes extra damage from everything so it is good to burst perses at the firewave but if you can not finish perses then you should run in a blue shield that protects from the firewave

    if you are far from perses then you can run away to dodge the firewave sometimes but firewave has a longer range than eos shriek so it is uncommon to run away

    it is good to use repeated smite and faith on perses to do damage and lock the position

    to battle perses with a stinger marksman is to run away and flare perses then quick aim when perses is vulnerable and run in a shield or very far away on the firewave

    Security Team

    use stinger because deimos is ranged and to clear the cocoons [m45 if not stinger and flamethrower for short range]

    deimos will only path through the middle if he spawns at the top and is going to sabotage ivax

    kinetic armor is the best for deimos because he has total armor penetration so c6 will not do anything

    deimos will not attack until he is stunned or the battle is initiated by taking about 8% damage

    deimos has splash damage that slows the targets hit
    deimos has cocoons that have low health and can die in one grenade with extra radius
    the cocoons can unleash minions that have a lot more health than the cocoons and will heal deimos

    deimos is very slow so the team should shrink the marksman to reach the boss faster after the first holdout
    if psi ops reaches the boss first use mental projection→speed of thought under deimos then move the psi ops and the clone away from deimos so he will not have anything to attack when he is unstunned so deimos will not move from that spot until he takes damage
    if techcina reaches the boss first then use mad spark on deimos and do not attack deimos so he will stay in that spot until he takes damage

    recon should laser designate the boss and the boss can be delayed with mad spark and mental projections which should be sent forward one at a time

    if the team is flaming deimos, the tanker should be spread out from the rest of the team to not splash and the cocoons have to be grenaded because there is no stinger splash to clear them
    use stinger because the long range and splash [aer13 xm814 or m45 for non stingers and flamethrower for grounded]

    kinetic armor is because nazara is ranged high damage

    p45 and mp9a2 have low armor penetration and nazara has high armor so they will do low damage

    nazara has scaling damage that increases with time so it is good to use mad spark to reset her attack

    nazara can create drones that do low damage and can die to stinger splash

    recon should laser designate the first nazara and then after nazara uses mirror images the original one can still be designated -but sometimes laser designate is removed during the split

    nazara will get high resistance and blind the team for about five seconds after the split so it is not good to shoot nazara when you are still blinded

    nazara can empower zombies or drones and give them detection so they should be focused by the team

    nazara and the clones can be delayed with mad spark and mental projections which should be sent forward one at a time

    if there is level three nanosteel net then nazara can be flamed when grounded but the tanker has to shoot nazara many times to keep aggro

    nazara will destroy all the shields and energy after she died so you should use as much energy as you can before nazara dies
    supply station can be used right before nazara dies to give the team energy after they are drained

    inception should be used when nazara splits to give the team time to run away when blinded or right before nazara dies to slow the lasers and increase psi ops regeneration by 150% after the energy drain
    use stinger because long range and splash huggers [aer13 xm814 or m112 for non stingers and flamethrower for grounded]

    apoptosis has high resistance to players without open wound so it is important to have open wound to damage apoptosis

    c6 armor is the best against apoptosis because he is melee with low armor penetration and does not have very high damage

    apoptosis will drop huggers on the path to the team so it should be remembered by the scouts so they will know where the huggers are on the map

    apoptosis has vulnerability to nuclear missiles so he will take extra damage from them

    apoptosis should be chain crowd controlled to prevent him from flying over the team
    inception→force push→mad spark→nanosteel net

    stinger should not be used if apoptosis is on top of the team so it will not damage the allies

    apoptosis will sometimes storm below him to give open wounds to players under him

    if you get open wounds as a group without hammer of the gods, the damagers should stand under apoptosis until they get open wound then inception and possible shadowstep away while the tanker can nanosteel net to prevent apoptosis from chasing the backline

    the tanker can close cockpit to not get open wound and repeat nanosteel net to root the boss
    then the damagers can flame apoptosis when grounded or use aer13 at range
    use stinger [flamethrower in alpha company because the boss is not massive]

    reactive armor is the best because he has high armor penetration and high damage so it can be reduced a lot from reactive armor
    the boss attack is a double strike with area damage like a titan

    the boss is passively cloaked and will dash to a player that is seperated from the team so it is good to stay grouped on this boss

    laser designate is good on the boss to decloak him and let the team attack from longer range with vision

    in alpha company the tanker should move to a different angle of the boss so the splash damage will not hit anybody else in the backline and the team can use flamethrower on the boss or the tanker can kite the boss because he is slower in alpha company

    use stinger for splash on cellular structures [590a5 or flamethrower for close combat]

    athena is invulnerable until a cellular structure is destroyed near her
    cellular structures can not be targeted so they can only die to area damage or magic damage

    athena has high attack speed and low damage and total armor penetration so armor does not do anything against athena

    athena will be temorarily vulnerable after a cellular structure is destroyed near her so inception should not be used when athena is vulnerable because it will slow the allied attack speed

    keep athena far away from the team if using stinger with force push, mad spark and nanosteel net

    use quick aim on athena when the cellular structure is dropped and grenade the cellular structure

    if you are facetanking athena the tanker can stand in place and the rifleman grenade and crowbar splash can destroy the cellular structure so the team can damage nazara with 590a5 or flamethrower
    use stinger because hades is massive and for critical strikes [aer13 for critical leading and flamethrower for close combat]

    hades has no basic attack but can summon spine tentacles that do spell damage with 10% chance to give infection

    hades can create vortexes if the team is far away from hades so it is good to stay in 16 range of hades

    hades will shoot lasers and vortexes after a short time so it is important to destroy hades fast before there are many vortexes

    there is a living bomb that can attach to one hero and explode on them which damages the heroes that are close

    the recon can use matrix to cloak the marksman and give them +50% damage so the marksman can use more energy on quick aim instead of self cloak

    it is good to use iron hand on the hammer of the gods with anti material rounds to burst damage hades

    the matrix can protect the team from spine tentacles

    if you are flaming hades stand on the south side of hades to see things easier and move a little forward because hades is very large so max range flamethrower will be less effective

    when the first hades is defeated the team can run farther away because the second hades has 12 range on a high damage attack

    the second hades should be laser designated and the team can support the marksman with supply station array penance and matrix

    the second hades can be quick aimed until the marksman is out of energy then hades can slowly die

    if you are tanking the second hades use march of the machina with kinetic armor mind link and open cockpit to crowbar the boss
    the tanker has the same chance get short circuit with closed or open cockpit so prepare a drone somewhere near the reactor core that will not die to collateral damage so the drone can be sent to the team when needed
    but hades has high splash damage and area so you should stay away from the tanker to not be hit by the splash
    use flamethrower on hades at a different angle from the tanker

    use 590a5 or flamethrower because ivax is a large massive unit that is not biological
    flamethrower has higher single target dps but 590a5 can clear the enemies that are close to seth like the healers

    every player will get a charge and they will get bonus damage if the same charges are close together and take damage if different charges are close together

    seth can summon healers that should be destroyed fast with knife or area damage

    it is important for everybody on the team to use knife on seth to get more critical strikes

    seth has a slow explosion after some time that does high damage and should not be tanked without kinetic armor or mindlink
    every repeated explosion is bigger than the last one until it reaches maximum size

    when seth is started the team can move up to pull seth up which can create more open paths around seth which is important to rotate around seth for the electric charges

    the tanker can stay on the left side of seth and setup the location for the team
    the players with the same charge as the tanker can go to the left and the opposite charge can go to the right

    techcina can use crowbar and array with closed cockpit and use madspark when seth attacks somebody else
    psi ops can stun seth with speed of thought to reposition or when seth attacks somebody not the tanker
    flamethrower can repeated smite seth and faith when seth attacks somebody else
    demolitions can taunt and use time to die to destroy the healers and stun


    Tartarus does not have any damage resistance at any angle

    use 590a5 for area damage
    surgical nuclear missile is very powerful if you can hit many lelanthos
    taunt does not draw all the damage so the demolitions should stand under the lelanthos and the damagers can stand behind and get nano shielded if they are attacked
    there can be flanking slashers on this battle so it is important to watch the zombies

    Cronus is not invulnerable on creep
    if two cronus come at the same time then everybody should hold fire
    the demolitions can sap one cronus and taunt the other one away from the stunned one so the psi ops can take one cronus away when the demolitions can let the other cronus be destroyed

    Perses should be gravity grenaded away from the team so he can not attack the whole team
    nano shield is good to prevent damage on the backline from perses

    Guardian Of The Beta
    use 590a5 because the boss is massive and not a large enough unit for flamethrower to be accurate
    reactive armor is the best armor because 200 damage with taunt→shield armor is less than 100 damage so it can reduce a lot of damage and then mindlink and riot shield can reduce it more
    xs 4 is the second best armor to reduce damage and increase shields

    the boss should be started with high energy because the boss has high health and does not die very fast to 590a5

    this boss is the fastest and has charge

    the medic should keep the demolitions shielded on the battle so he can not get short circuit
    the psi ops can use speed of thought to repeat stun the boss and inception multiple times to reduce the attack speed of the boss
    the demolitions should use only taunt until the boss is at 30% health then if you have extra energy you can use time to die
    any stuns are good on the boss like faith and vrl because the boss has high dps

    another way to battle without a medic is to get two large heroes to stand in front of the demolitions to block the path of the boss when the demolitions is taunting so the boss can not reach the demolitions and will do no damage

    if there is no demolitions the other tankers can be order flamethrower or modifications techcina
    flamethrower can use faith rapidly and when the boss is unstunned it takes level 3 vengeance and the psi ops speed of thought to repeat stun the boss so the flamethrower will not die
    techcina can use march of the machina with open cockpit to tank the boss with c6 armor
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    Time to die increases shield armor by 7. With CP, xs4, and spiked armor, demolitions has 2+4+4+1=11 shield armor. With nano shield, this is 13 armor, or 20 armor with time to die.

    On Guardian of the Beta, I'm Your Father reduces damage to 110 per attack, and 20 armor reduces damage by 100, and mind link reduces damage to 5.5 per attack.
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    When battling Cronus, the following situation can easily occur and cause massive chaos:

    A lazer spawns directly on a player. That player doesn't react in time to sprint away or that player goes back and forth trying to discern the movement of the lazer.

    A lazer spawning directly on top of a player deals massive damage but there a simple trick to dodge lazers.

    Set your "Effects:" tab in graphics to ultra. My settings have literally everything except Effects set to low.
    Show Spoiler

    This allows you to see dust which pops up from the ground. This dust indicates where the lazers will spawn.

    Show Spoiler
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    Good info OnceAgain. Though IMO gameplay should not be affected by gfx settings, so if we aren't lazy should either remove it from ultra or add it to low.
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    you do not need to have ultra effects to see the pre ignition of the air

    it is on other settings
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    If it's really an issue you could just have an AoE splat for the laser's windup instead of the dirt.

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