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    Hello everyone!

    When checking several bugs related to unit experience, I found a few interesting quirks in how shared xp system works. Since info about shared xp from <> is outdated, I thought sharing this publicly would be beneficial to anyone curious.

    Every NOTD enemy has a "Shared Experience" behavior. The behavior triggers an effect called "Shared Experience Search Set" in the event of unit taking fatal damage. The Effect then invokes other effects in a tree like fashion, checking various conditions, until it finally gives a small fixed amount of xp. Here's a diagram:

    In simplified terms, it works like this.
    1) someone kills a unit
    2) the killed unit triggers a search for heroics in 7 radius of the killer, and entire map search for recon.
    3) For each found unit, it launches a "switch" effect, that launches class specific effect that corresponds to unit class
    4) The class effect gives a fixed set of xp, a very small amount as seen in the numbers
    5) If the unit killed was slasher/agron/titan, bonus xp is given 8/15/20 respectively

    Key points:
    * There are no percentages of any kind. Everything is fixed values. It doesn't matter if the unit killed gives 1 or 100 xp, shared xp will always be the same.

    * Minions are not heroic, so they don't get shared xp. Recon drone or engy drone need to steal xp to level up.

    * There is very little difference between most classes. A flamer gets 0.55 xp per kill, a rifle gets 0.3 xp. For 1000 kills, the difference will be (0.55 - 0.3) * 1000 = 250 xp.

    * Shared xp is shared with self, so if marksman kills an agron, it gets 45 + 0.42 + 15 = 60.42 xp.

    Exceptions and Bugs:
    * Brain bugs do not share xp, because they lack "Shared Experience" behavior.

    * Minions like ivan, ogi, tech dog/crawler, fo minis, engy towers/probes/nexus/zoo, po projections have additional shared xp system. They give 100% of their kill xp, split evenly to close allied units that can have xp. So if 3 out of 8 players are close to black dog, when it makes an agron kill, each will receive 45 / 3 = 15 xp. Unexpectedly, the xp is also split with engy x1 or recon reaper drone.

    * Demo satchel acts normally, if demo kills a brainbug (45xp) with fo and reaper drone close, demo gets 45, while fo/reaper get nothing. If same brainbug was killed with Armageddon however, demo/fo/reaper get 15 xp respectively. If no units that can collect xp are close to Armageddon, no xp is given, not even to demo.

    * Commando nukes share xp appropriately, mono traps only give xp to commando.

    * Pets also share their xp with surrounding units, but unlike minions, they do take their portion of xp. So if a predator kills a stalker (10xp), with an assault close by, predator gets 5 and assault gets 5.

    * L3 has its own system too, with a behavior called "XP Share Suppression" and a trigger based share that doesn't seem to work.

    Hope this answers some questions about shared xp.
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    the forward observer minions do what
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    If mobile infantry kills ag (45 xp), and 2 players are in 7 range, they get 22.5 xp each.
    if 3 players are in range, each get 15 xp.
    if 3 players and a reaper are in range, each get 11.25 xp.
    and so on...

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