Hi guys, returning after 3 years, is NOTD 2 up and running?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Sterben, Feb 16, 2017.

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    Basically i was just wondering whats going on with notd 2, i use to play notd hardcore and i thought maybe it would be fun to return to play notd 2. But i havent seen much talk about it after the year 2016 on forums.
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    NOTD 2 is still in development, but it is playable as an alpha on the SC2 arcade.

    There isn't much about NOTD 2 because there is little new with it on the forum as of late.
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    In that case, please give us some solid updates on its progress. From what I can see, the last announcement about it was about half a year ago. As I stated before in a different post, give us regular updates to how much development has progressed, whether or not there were any. If not I'm going to go ahead and assume it bit the dust.

    Also, Discord is more of a chat room than an actual forum. As such, it is easy to go off-topic during any sort of discussion regarding NOTD development. It's best to view discord simply as a way to find non-pub games, and keep the actual NOTD2 development news here in the forums.
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    2 months, but that's a nit pick. It wasn't made as an announcement.

    Kithrixx and AP are taking a break from active development of NOTD2 to enter the Rock the Cabinet contest. Also keep in mind that Kithrixx is the designer and AP is the builder (if I understand their dynamic correctly). There's a lot going on between them. Commlink has been doing a lot for UAC and I haven't heard much for what his plans are for after that (or anything for the past 2 weeks). Blaqk has a lot of real life stuff and has shelved NOTD. I have heard nothing about Peerawatz, but I've never been in tune with what he's been up to.

    I would say don't expect anything soon, except what is already there on the Arcade. They've been trying to find people to help speed up development (Bounty, FunkyUserName, RPS) but it has been unsuccessful. ArcanePariah is the only editor wizard available, and it is my understanding that he is a busy person.


    Edit: Also Kithrixx and I spend a lot of time bouncing around ideas for the individual classes which mostly happens out of sight. It's a slow stew.
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