Help me with a visual novel??? plz

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by zander, Mar 1, 2012.

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    Um... Use WinRAR and double click on one of the parts, and you can extract the installer, make sure you download all the parts first.
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    WinRaR has a special compress that allows you to split up the compression in parts, extracting one part with WinRaR should allow you to extract the complete thing, provided all the parts are in the same folder.

    DaemonTools is a disc image runner, it allows you to run iso files (disc images, a file format that basically copies all content on a dvd/cd into one file) without burning them to a disc, which is usually used for installation cds. Luckily though, it appears you don't need it :).
  4. fox

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    oo Clannad....

    Make sure you have WinRAR, PowerArchiver or 7-zip (highly recommended) installed .

    After you download all files, right click on the first "volume" (usually the only file without a numeric suffix) and click extract. It will automatically reconstruct the original provided that all the necessary volumes are in the same folder.

    Edit: LOL MegaUpload is in trouble...
  5. zander

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    ohhh kk
  6. fox

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    I'm DLing too :D
  7. zander

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    tell me if it works lol have hw to do
  8. zander

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    nvm i just finished installing works fine yea thanks i just extract from 1 n it said something about the installer n it extracted all lol the begining of the VN is so boring
  9. KatsuraJun

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    Clanand the VN is probably the slowest damn paced thing ever.
  10. Martel

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    You should get the Fate/stay Night VN. Best VN ever, totally blows away the anime.
  11. zander

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    do u have a good donwload link for fate/stay night
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    Figured it'd be fine if it wasn't available stateside, but alright.

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