Hello, Friends: The Medic Update/Rework

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    Hello, Friends: The Medic Update/Rework
    Alternately: Oh boy, here we go
    The Medic. Where do I start?

    Problem #1 exists with the Nanoshield. My original intent was to just make it not “heal” shields to full because it made the Demo practically invulnerable with Medic support. While extreme defense is what the tanks are for, the Demo’s offensive capabilities in tandem with the nigh invulnerability is what makes it too good. None of the other tanks are so severely boosted by the presence of a Medic, because none of the other tanks can be instantly healed to full for their primary durability (which also makes them more ailment resistant than anyone else).

    But say I do my thing and nerf Nanoshield. What then? Field’s still got 4 skills that heal hitpoints and if allies aren’t hurt there’s not much for the player to do. That’s not fun. You sit around and wait for your allies’ hitpoints to go down, or for them to get hit by something. Nano’s still unpopular from what I've heard - while it may be effective, it’s having trouble being fun. The Medic is just boring in general, according to many.

    The point of this rework is not only to tone down the Medic’s often-overlooked ridiculous defensive power, but also to make it more interactive and engaging to play for both trees. Another point of this was to make it more intuitive – the newbie that doesn’t know how to cure Venom is unfortunately very common.

    To see all of these issues addressed (and more), read on! Also included is my attempt to make the tree tooltips fluffier with some lore mixed in while leaving the actual command card tooltips uncluttered and strictly informational.

    Out of Nano and Field, Field changed the most. With the addition of Nanostrength, the Medic now has something to do when players aren’t injured. Surgical Laser was cut and its ailment cures spread out, Antivenom was moved to the main command card, and Nanoshield was moved to Tier 3. In cutting Surgical Laser (and Restoration), I put more emphasis on the bandages that the Medic starts with for burst healing and also curing Open Wounds early on. Overall, I personally believe the end result is about as strong as she is now, just less one dimensional with a higher skill requirement. An additional note is that she can no longer cure Blind, but I don’t see an issue with that because the Recon now has innate flares. It also puts a higher importance on having Road Flares handy.

    TIER 1
    Nanite injections have replaced most performance-enhancing drugs to reduce potential dependence and other negative side effects while still retaining many of the positive effects commonly associated with substances such as adrenaline-inducing compounds or muscle relaxants. The Nanostrength packet enhances the overall muscular strength of the subject, increasing their mobility profile and allowing them to more easily handle the weight and recoil of their weapon to increase accuracy. The Nanostrength packet is also commonly used in physical therapy to aid patients with damaged muscles or bones and can be “supercharged” to repair fractures in the field, although this requires additional training as it can lead to complications if done improperly.

    Level 1: Increases attack damage by 10% and movement speed by 10% for 20 seconds
    Level 2: Increases attack damage by 15% and movement speed by 15% for 25 seconds
    Level 3: Increases attack damage by 20% and movement speed by 20% for 30 seconds

    Skill tooltip:
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    Nanostrength – 10 energy, 2 second cooldown, 6 range
    The Nanostrength packet enhances the overall muscular strength of the subject, making them faster and more accurate.

    Increases attack damage and movement speed by 10/15/20% for 20/25/30 seconds.

    First Aid
    First aid is the provision of initial care for an illness or injury and is usually performed by trained personnel to a sick or injured person until expert medical treatment can be provided. By applying a steady stream of nanites programmed to repair damaged tissue and act as temporary oxygen carriers, the Medic is capable of healing wounded allies. The Medic also has access to nanites with a subroutine that exhumes non-native toxins from the body, effectively countering any poisons or venoms that the patient may have been inflicted with.

    Level 1: Heal restores 4 hitpoints per second, Antivenom heals 5 hitpoints
    Level 2: Heal restores 6 hitpoints per second, Antivenom heals 10 hitpoints
    Level 3: Heal restores 8 hitpoints per second, Antivenom heals 15 hitpoints

    Skill tooltips:
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    Heal – 1 energy per second, 6 range
    A steady stream of nanites programmed to repair damaged tissue heals allies for 4/6/8 hitpoints per second.

    Antivenom – 20 energy cost, no cooldown, 6 range
    An injection of nanites programmed to remove toxins from the body cures 1 stack of Venom and heals 5/10/15 hitpoints per use.

    TIER 2
    A packet of nanites is a viable alternative to the “heal beam” that the Medic can use, as it produces roughly the same healing effect but does not require a constant attention.

    Level 1: Restores 6 hitpoints per second for 15 seconds
    Level 2: Restores 9 hitpoints per second for 15 seconds

    Skill tooltip:
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    Nanoweave – 30 energy cost, 10 second cooldown
    Apply a packet of nanites to the target, restoring 6/9 hitpoints per second for 15 seconds.

    Healing Hands
    Being a trained professional, the Medic can alter the nanites to produce additional effects when used such as mending fractures, sealing open wounds, or increasing antivenom efficiency. Each level increases the hitpoint healing efficiency of Bandages by 100%.

    Level 1 – Heal cures Open Wounds over time and Nanostrength cures Cripple
    Level 2 – Antivenom energy cost reduced by 50% and Nanoweave cures minor amounts of venom for its duration

    Mechanic notes:
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    Heal cures Open Wounds based on level: 1 OW cured every 8/6/4 seconds
    Nanostrength cures Cripple on cast
    Antivenom cost reduced to 10
    Nanoweave cures one venom stack every 5 seconds
    Bandages heal 100 hitpoints at Level 1 and 150 hitpoints at Level 2

    TIER 3
    With the thought process that preventative care is better than reactionary healing, the Medic unleashes a swarm of nanites to an area that burn themselves out to supercharge the shields and suit energy reserves of any allies in the area of effect.

    Level 1: Grants 35 energy to all units in a 2.5 radius and supercharges their shields, fully restoring them and granting 75 bonus shields and 4 shield armor for 30 seconds.

    Skill tooltip:
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    Nanoshield – 55 energy cost, 60 second cooldown, 10 casting range
    Grants 35 energy to all units in a 2.5 radius and supercharges their shields, fully restoring them and granting 75 bonus shields and 2 shield armor for 30 seconds.

    Field Aid Medic Variant Tier 3 (NOTD 2 only)
    Hey look an alternative to Nanoshield. As you may or may not know, VT3s will be a thing implemented for NOTD 2 and will be an either/or choice designed to expand possible builds. In this case, it forces a choice between a defensive buff (Nanoshield) and an offensive buff (Nanohaste).

    The Nanohaste packet is a combination of experimental cognitive enhancements and a doubled dosage of the Nanostrength muscular augment with the intent to “speed up” the subject, making them experience events as if they were moving at a reduced rate when in reality the subject functions at an increased efficiency, moving with an unnatural speed and reacting nearly instantly. However, this improvement comes at a cost – if the subject’s body is not in perfect equilibrium and they have open wounds or are suffering from poisons, the bodily overdrive very well may lead to subject death as their heart pumps overwhelming amounts of blood from their body or circulates the poisons into major organs.

    Level 1: Increases the timescale of the target unit by 50% for 25 seconds.

    Skill tooltip:
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    Nanohaste – 30 energy cost, 90 second cooldown, 6 cast range
    Increases the timescale of the target unit by 50% for 25 seconds, but makes ailments catastrophically worse.

    The Nano Medic has gained a new spell for linear damage and Nanoshock has been remade into what is essentially Countermeasures. However, Energy Capacitors has been remade as well, giving slightly more energy and making chain-casting produce deadly and devastating effects. I toned down Nanosear's damage slightly to compensate for the new burst damage that the Medic has available.

    TIER 1
    The Medic releases a swarm of nanites at the target area that are programmed to deliver a sort of system shock to the target, briefly weakening muscles and disorienting sensory organs. If the effected targets are damaged by Nanothrust while they are slowed, Nanothrust deals additional damage.

    Level 1: 45% slow for 1 second, stuns for 1 second if cast on recently Nanothrusted enemies.
    Level 2: 45% slow for 2 seconds, stuns for 2 seconds if cast on recently Nanothrusted enemies.
    Level 3: 45% slow for 3 seconds, stuns for 3 seconds if cast on recently Nanothrusted enemies.

    Skill tooltip:
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    Nanoshock – 15 energy, 6 second cooldown, 12 casting range
    A swarm of nanites slows all enemies within a 3.5 radius by 45% for 1/2/3 seconds. When cast on Nanothrusted units, Nanoshock stuns them for 1/2/3 seconds.

    The Medic launches a swarm of nanites in a line that will tear into and significantly damage anything that she designates as an enemy, turning the normally harmless nanites into a deadly weapon. The damage leaves enemies vulnerable to additional sensory disruption, and if Nanoshock is used on them shortly after Nanothrust, they will be stunned instead of slowed.

    Level 1: Deals 50 damage, gains 30% bonus damage from Nanoshocked units.
    Level 2: Deals 100 damage, gains 60% bonus damage from Nanoshocked units.
    Level 3: Deals 150 damage, gains 90% bonus damage from Nanoshocked units.

    Skill tooltip:
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    Nanothrust – 25 energy, 8 second cooldown, 12 casting range, projectile width of 2
    A swarm of nanites deals 50/100/150 damages to all enemies in a line. If the enemies are slowed by Nanoshock, Nanothrust deals 30%/60%/90% additional damage.

    TIER 2
    Volatile Injection
    The Medic can fire a special syringe full of a nanites with a malicious and dangerous purpose: to force the subject’s body to begin producing an excess of gas and acid, turning them into a living time bomb. Not only does this make the subject unstable and less likely to mount a coherent defense, but also on death the subject’s body will violently explode and spread searing acid to all nearby enemies. Multiple injections further reduce the subject’s defenses, but will not increase the impact of the explosive death.

    Level 1: Reduces target armor by 1 per cast (stacks up to 4 times) and deals 75 damage in an area with a radius of 4.
    Level 2: Reduces target armor by 2 per cast (stacks up to 4 times) and deals 150 damage in an area with a radius of 4.

    Skill tooltip:
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    Volatile Injection – 20 energy, 10 second cooldown, 12 casting range
    The Medic fires a syringe full of nanites that reduces reduces target armor by 1/2 per cast (stacks up to 4 times) and deals 75/150 damage in an area with a radius of 4.

    Energy Capacitors
    The Medic augments the nanite assembly unit within her armor with more powerful energy capacitors, not only allowing her to “cast” more, but also granting the nanites a longer operational life.

    Level 1: Increases maximum energy by 75. Reduces Nanoshock and Nanothrust cooldowns by 2 seconds.
    Level 2: Increases maximum energy by 150. Reduces Nanoshock and Nanothrust cooldowns by 4 seconds.

    Mechanic notes:
    Show Spoiler

    The stun bonus from the combo cast is a separate effect, and does not replace the slow from Nanoshock. For instance, if you have Nanoshock at Level 2 and Energy Capacitors at Level 1, hitting a recently Nanothrusted enemy with Nanoshock will stun them for 1 second and slow them for 2 seconds (applied at the same time, so they’re stunned for 1 second and slowed for 1 second after the stun ends). This is to prevent potentially losing effectiveness because often it doesn’t matter how badly the enemy is disabled, but for how long that they are disabled.

    TIER 3
    An extremely effective and dangerous program, Nanosear instructs the nanites to disassemble all hostile targets. On application, the nanites will swarm an area, loitering there and viciously attacking any enemies within. However, their search function takes a significant amount of energy, so if they run out of targets they will dissipate quickly.

    Level 1: Deals 20 damage per second for 60 seconds to enemy units within an area with a radius of 5. Afflicted units are also slowed by 10%. Lasts as long as there are enemies present within the area of effect or until it has completed its duration. Damage and slow stack up to 5 times.

    Show Spoiler

    Nanosear – 20 energy, 5 second cooldown, 12 casting range
    A cloud of nanites swarm and attack everything in a 5 radius area, dealing 20 damage per second for 60 seconds and slowing units by 10%. Additional Nanosear clouds stack damage and slowing effects up to 5 times. Nanosear clouds last as long as there are enemies within the target area or until the duration ends.

    Nano Medic Variant Tier 3
    Same deal with Nanohaste for Field Aid: Pick one, but not both. In this instance, a better DOT without the disable and you can spread it infinitely, but it’s really hard.

    The Nanoplague is actually the same basic program as Nanosear, but does not involve the nanites loitering in an area as they lack a search program entirely. Instead, the nanites are injected directly into a victim and proceed to wreak havoc on their bodies, causing them to dissolve from the inside out. Despite the fact that they lack target acquisition routines, it is possible for the Nanoplague to spread to other targets if one were to come in contact with their bodily fluids.

    Level 1: Deals 40 damage per second to a single target for 90 seconds. Any Volatile Injections applied to the target unit will stack the armor debuff twice and spread the Nanoplague effect to targets damaged by the Volatile Injection explosion.

    Show Spoiler

    Nanoplague – 60 energy, 60 second cooldown, 12 casting range

    Deals 40 damage per second to a single target for 60 seconds. Any Volatile Injections applied to the target unit will stack the armor debuff twice and spread the Nanoplague effect to targets damaged by the Volatile Injection explosion and refresh the duration of Nanoplague on the newly effected units.
  2. vexxenon

    vexxenon Well-Known Member

    increases Bandage healing efficiency 100%

    Does this mean 1 band-aid can heal 2 stacks of OW? similar with 200% which heals 3 stacks of OW?

    Also, "the Medic now has something to do when players aren’t injured"
    I assume you mean using Nanostrength? not sure if a full FA will go Nanostrength, with the already lacking of instant heals.

    With this FA medic change, NC will now be a lot harder to get, since medic is a lot more involved, and the need to use bandaid is increased at beginning.
  3. Kith
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    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton

    Check the Mechanics notes of Healing Hands. It's hitpoints only.

    Considering that people often abandon Healbeam altogether due to the presence of Nanoweave a tier later, I foresee it being a matter of choice. Granted, Surgical Laser is gone, but there's also a significant amount of medical items in every campaign.

    NC will be more difficult, yes. Whether or not that's a good thing is a matter of perspective.
  4. vexxenon

    vexxenon Well-Known Member

    So, does bandage cure open wound if someone other than medic were to use it?
  5. Kith
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    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton

    Bandages will remain just as functional as they are now (healing hitpoints and one open wound per use, both on self and on application to other players).
  6. DLINK

    DLINK Well-Known Member

    maybe change the stats on nanoshield to: 20s shield duration, 40s CD, 20 energy restored and 50 energy cost? 60s seems a bit underwhelming (actually a lot) for a measly shield that's going to be broken in like 5-10 seconds max from a boss even with a fortdemo. Also you didn't include a casting range (unless you intend the skill to be centered on self, in which case shielding the tank would be near suicidal as you'd have to run up to him and get splashed with attacks).

    The variant T3 for FA med is even more underwhelming, 90s duration is huge and should be toned down to 70 or 60s, for a buff half that duration to 1 ally as a ultimate. Also, I'm not completely sure on this but I do believe timescale affects every buff AND debuff used on/by the unit, so other DPS boosting abilities that are cast on/by them are only going to last 2/3 as long so you're going to need extra energy in maintaining enhanced DPS in the same period with that timescale (Someone verify this for me?).

    I am glad to see nanostrength finally on the FA side (AND it does more than just buff), as well as nanoweave getting a buff. I still don't see any reason to max out heal though, as increased DPS is just overall better instead of 4hp/s more and weave largely covers large healing needs anyways.
  7. Ramses II
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    Ramses II Help, I can't change my title!

    The change to nanoshield effectively forces demo into the role for which he was designed: a kite-tank. Unfortunately, in NOTD1, this makes the final boss for the demo very difficult. But then again, demotank is supposed to be harder than assatank, and it hasn't been since we figured out how to use him properly ~2 years ago.

    I very much like the switch to make FA med be more active, as there were definitely games when we were pumping out EC NM speeds when JohnWHarding would go afk for half an hour during an important part and no one would notice.

    I think I agree with DLINK's post, I'm a pretty big fan of shorter durations and shorter cooldowns.

    I'm super excited for the new synergy of the nano tree as my biggest issue with it before was that it was just a compilation of kinda cool talents that basically replaced each other every time you got to the one in the next tier.

    I dunno how I feel about the removal of tier 1 open wound care, would suggest making First Aid cure OW after a certain number of seconds without Healing Hands (maybe make it take twice as many seconds as it takes with Healing hands, so 16/12/8).

    Finally, my suggestion for those who take issue with this making it harder to demotank the queen and don't know how to make a zoo: Watch and see if you can find a specific tactic that (as far as I know) has only been attempted once and I have yet to see replicated at any level.
  8. vexxenon

    vexxenon Well-Known Member

    Demo tank without zoo has been done in ec nm many times. Sorry, no replay tho.
  9. rockz
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    rockz Well-Known Member

    Are you removing the hp regen from nanostrength or just not telling anyone about it?

    Really? how often do you actually use SL to heal after you get weave? I can't see anyone maxing heal beam in high level play. IMO a good skill tree can do either 3/1 or 2/2 regardless of game. What if heal beam were a proc for nano-weave? This would make heal beam much more attractive at level 2 or 3 rather than just leave it at 1. In high level games people would rather have nano strength, as it conserves ammo, and is a better survival tool, but having a faster proccing nano weave would mean you're not sitting around just healing and can shoot things.

    Nano weave (I'd rename it to residual nanites or something) is severely reduced, but stacks up to 3 times, and is a passive skill which helps heal beam. If you heal someone for a second, they get one stack of nano weave. Increased levels of heal beam reduces the time it takes between applying stacks. This would make heal beam actually used during normal play, as it's now the only way to heal apart from antivenom and bandages/medkits.
  10. rockz
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    rockz Well-Known Member

    without zoo and nanoshield?
  11. I totally agree about blind but taking out SL and making heal beam take its place come on we had hard time with that stupid skill as i heard once
    now thanks to that rework we cannot heal cripple till level 2 in tier 2 so if we got a newbie crippled we leave em to die right? although nano will speed him up but not enough , this rework may be effective in very organised games not in pubs (trust a pub medic)
    now in pubs a good player has to do many jobs now i will have to just stand smiling to heal a newbie while team is getting hammered right? usually in the old stuff i just beam that guy with sl go to other boy take some hits for em then sl him and all is fine this makes it not just harder but more terrible i think i made the point about t1 clear and now i end this with a quote
    now the t2 you got the weave untouched thank God now when i get t2 i can be more active with nano right? wrong as i will have to get healing hands before it to heal OW and cripple (in pubs people get hurt a lot)
    then the T3 good things (maybe an increased radius but it is still a good ability if you reduce cooldown) (although now we have no AOE healing right?) this means that medic will be out of energy so fast (that was a reason not to use heal ) i hope you increase the arc drops then
    FROM NOW I SAY MEDICS IN PUBS WOULD HAVE HARD TIME THIS REWORK HAD IN MIND THE ORGANISED NOT THE PUBS, i agree to increase medic work but nor like that if you remove the heal and put SL(you can keep curing the OW to t2 but not cripple ) this would be a good thing
  12. DLINK

    DLINK Well-Known Member

    I don't see much of a disadvantage in taking away SL, especially since you're going to be nanostr-ing everyone instead of just sitting on your 245 mana. Which will make them pretty much facerape recruit zombies even by themselves. And if newbies are going to take hits then you won't be able to save them with just an SL or 2, I speak from experience. Might as well just nano them and make them mow down all the zombies instead. Yes, nanoshield (which IS the thing that you save newbs with) has gotten switched to a T3, so now you'll have to use weave instead of shield to keep newbs healthy, but that's about it. The T3 might actually be better for recruit since AOE shields can be more useful during queen, muta waves and ere2.

    One thing that I'm gimped about this is that post-T3 FA meds will have very little options in terms of crossing trees, they can either get a crappy nuke or a 30% slow that's actually worse than the current nanoshock, even if it only uses 15 energy. OR they can max their healing beam that doesn't offer anything extra.

    Now that I've had more time to think, I'll also say this: Nanomed is useless for most medical purposes now, since a medic needs to be level 5 to even cure OWs, and level 6 to cure cripples. Not to mention nanomed will need to level 1 point into heal beam just to get AV (you even increased the energy cost for it too).


    If you're not keeping AV as an innate, then why not just keep SL as an innate (with 20s CD, 20 energy cost and only heals 10hp but cures OWs and cripples, not blind since you don't like curing blinds), and make healing hands simply reduce the CD on SL (to 8/4 just to cure things, it will still heal only 10hp) instead of buffing nanostrength (which really doesn't need a buff, if anything it needs a bit of a nerf in duration back down to 30 or even 25 seconds).

    Also, heal beam needs more of a buff to it. The current problems with healbeam:
    1. It's not that energy efficient (FIXED with new beam)
    2. it doesn't heal as fast as other methods, AND it doesn't heal fast enough to warrant your medic standing there channeling it. Especially when your medic can have 8 weapon mods and actually dish out noticeable damage, healbeam just feels like it's in the way and only ever used as a backup.

    Instead of buffing it to cure OWs and having improved bandaid efficiency, why don't you have +30/60% (or +40/80%) healing speed but also +20/40% (or 25/50%) energy usage, so it heals faster and therefore actually scaling to be a good heal in mid/late game (medics can actually choose between leveling nanoweave/a T2 healbeam with better AV). Healbeam will then be dependent on both the T1 and T2, but maxing both of them out will basically give you a superheal. The FA med can also viably max the FA tree (something that's pretty much never done before), with nanoweave and superheal stacking on each other for somewhere around 20+hp per second.
  13. TheWolf
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    TheWolf Surgeon of Death

    For the Field Aid tree:

    So why would i even get nanoweave with that new tree? I have to use healbeam anyways if my target has ailments (and i need lvl 2 healing hands first before i can even cure all of them anyways). If he has pure hp damage he can either eat a kit or, esp if its nc, i use beam and save some energy as long as hes not close to the 135hp lvl2 weave heals. and conisdering that the "use restoration and remove all stacks of sth" option is gone now i need to permabeam my target anyways AND need healing hands to do so first.
    Seeing that they heal at almost the same rate, beam seems more like sth i would skill and totally skip weave now.
    target has mass venom stacks? max healing hands for cheap av and spam that + healbeam if necessary. bleeding out because of mass open wounds? need to permahealbeam on my target anyways since no sl or use bandages, which again doesnt work in nc (+ i always give bands to the tank in case healing is not enough or hes away from me)

    Giving FA NS also seems ok my only question is: does t keep the slighty boost to hp regen it currently gives?

    I can live with the Ultimate just reduce the cooldown a bit. 60 second is too long. considering it last 35 seconds the cd should be around 40 or 45 seconds.

    For the Nanomedic tree:

    I like that the damage portion of Nanoshock, now called nanothrurururuhust gets buffed but personally i dont see any use in nanoshock. 30% for 3 seconds isnt that helpfull.

    Rest of the tree is the same old tree that i really like (except that you reduced sears dmg by 5). The alterantive sounds attractive but id still prefer sear (esp since targets with VI usually either are bosses that get VIed for the armordebuf or mobs that get focused soon after to weaken/kill the rest around them).
  14. Ramses II
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    Ramses II Help, I can't change my title!

    1. Cripple reduces movespeed by 30%. Level 3 nanostrength increases it by 20% and holding fire increases it by 10%. This makes cripple more of an actual thing instead of the current "hey medic, I got the worst common ailment in the game, why don't you use your innate talent for 20 energy to fix it instantly."

    2. Vex, you should try reading every once in a while. The new issue with demotanking is the change to nanoshield which should make it impossible to facetank Eos with just a medic shield-spamming. I just mentioned zoos because with a decent zoo you don't actually need anything other than maybe look.

    3. You have a pretty damn good reason to max heal-beam now. Level 3 heal-beam takes 4 seconds to cure OW. Level 1 heal-beam takes 8 seconds. That's an extra 4 energy, 4 seconds of standing there, and 4 seconds of not shooting. Anyone who DOESN'T max out heal-beam by at least level 11 is a moron.

    4. I much prefer the idea of having to spam weave rather than shield on newbs as their rating will actually tank rather than increasing because of their top-notch medic.

    5. You would get weave because it isn't channeled. This means your tank can keep kiting without you having to follow him around, and you can heal multiple people at a time. You can also cast it before the damage happens to keep someone at full health while tanking a wave/boss, or on a cutting mando, or just when moving from place to place and someone got whacked by a muta. Getting OW or one or two venoms takes some time of sitting there to fix. Weave them and get to a safe place where you can stand there for a few seconds to fix it.

    I might think about increasing the movespeed bonus to nanostrength 5% and dropping the duration 10 seconds. Makes it slightly more situational, makes you think a tiny bit more about who to cast it on, and makes it slightly easier to deal with cripple early-game.

    There's also the minor issue of not having a way to deal with cripple without having an FA med. You can deal with OW and venom with items, but the only ways to deal with cripple are FA med and waiting 3 minutes. I'm assuming this was intended, but I'm also worried that it might make people even less likely to go nanomed (even though nano looks much more enticing now).
  15. Ability
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    Ability NOTD Creator

    Agree with inputs that Nano Shock by itself isn't very helpful - especially for a maxed out FA/hybrid build. Nanothrust is generally stronger in more situations without Tier 2 (Energy Capacitors).

    Suggestion - add a damage component at end of X duration:

    TIER 1
    The Medic releases a swarm of nanites at the target area that are programmed to deliver a sort of system shock to the target, briefly weakening muscles and disorienting sensory organs.
    Level 1: 14% slow for 3 seconds. Deals 25 damage at the end of 3 seconds.
    Level 2: 20% slow for 3 seconds. Deals 50 damage at the end of 3 seconds.
    Level 3: 32% slow for 3 seconds. Deals 75 damage at the end of 3 seconds.

    - Nanoshock can be a useful situational standalone tool. E.g. kiting mobs and using it as time-bomb to do damage. It'll can be a more energy-efficient, micro intensive way of damaging mobs vs Nanothrust. For people who don't like the micro, and isn't able to skill up to Nano Medic Tier 2, they can choose to skill up Nanothrust instead.
    - For regular mobs, in a standard shoot and pray situation with team, the mobs will normally die before the extra damage at 3 seconds can kick in. So there's little net benefit in a camping situation - which is fine and intended. If a team is on the move, Nanoshock will increase the gap between team and mobs plus do damage. More utility here. Requires thinking and more active involvement from Medic - and ups the skill curve without any harm to newbies.

    What do you think?
  16. TheWolf
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    TheWolf Surgeon of Death

    i like the new version (esp since they all slow for 3 seconds and not just 1 at lvl 1). but then again we now have 2 t1 skills that both deal damage. maybe add sth else to thrust or ake them with t1 already complemet each other like pos force push and ravage.
  17. Ability
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    Ability NOTD Creator

    If Kith wants, he can make Nano-Thrust immediately trigger Nanoshock's damage when cast on a target (rather than wait 3 secs). Nothing major, but still something. That will still keep the big synergy (turning slow to stun) at Tier 2.
  18. TheWolf
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    TheWolf Surgeon of Death

    yea that should solve all the problems with nanotree. still leaves fieldaid a bit troublesome
  19. Zeriathyr

    Zeriathyr Well-Known Member

    For Nano-Sear at Tier 3, why not give it an automatic 1 stack of Volatile Injection as well. Nanites eating into flesh while converting the bio-mass into explosives sounds the right thing to do..
  20. ChuckWing

    ChuckWing Member

    Yes Rockz, Vex is correct. I have myself (have seen Niktos, Munt and Ons also) demo tank ec nm with no medic or engi. Have even gotten nc a few times without them.
    Of all the comments I've read, the only tank people mention is demo. Like I said, I have seen and have for myself tanked ec nm without a medic without problem many times. Demo does not need a medic at all in ec nm, especially with an fs engi. Has anyone forgotten about the flamer tank? Also known as the weakest tank. You guys have already buffed ac nm to the point where it is almost impossible to put together an moh run (let alone speed because of the boost of duration of both the cronus fight and ivax fight), and all this update is doing is making that storyline harder. I can guarantee you that 90% of flamer tanks will die on demeter if you make these changes (assuming medic doesn't hit lvl 9 before. Not likely). You are also going to make fs engi become the very 1st class that needs to be picked in ac nm (anytime you say that you "need" a class, is that not the sign that a class is overpowered and needs to be nerfed?)
    Instead of reworking a class according to one storyline, why not rework it according to all of them? This rework will make med even less relevant in sec, and make (what is at the current moment the hardest storyline) ac even harder.
    Also, since 95% of people who play this game don't tank, you should probably only listen to the 5% that do when making changes that affect the tank more than anybody.

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