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    A definitely agree with vex on this one. I think every tooltip needs to cover the components required to construct the equipment, specific mechanics involved its use, and a brief (one to two pages should suffice) history of its development and impact on the human psyche.
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    yea totally sounds like a tooltip to me. maybe add a how to use manuall + video in the tooltip. /sarcasm
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    I definitely agree, lets just post stupid shit and contribute nothing and bee slowly consumed by the gravitational anomaly of terrible posting that has started.

    I'm assuming Helium is turned into a plasma that is then propelled via other gases or we just have a mini-fusion reactor inside of our little flamethrowers to generate a large amount of heat and thus allow our weapon to burn through multiple enemies with little effort. As the Plasma / beam travels farther, it weakens and deals less, while it is at the apex of its heat when initially launched.

    So the helium is used to generate heat via mini fusion reactor, and the flamethrower optimizes this process in conjunction with his suit to yield better results. In the event that the Flamethrower faces death, in order to prevent an uncontrolled fusion reaction from destroying everything, the material magically solidifies into something akin to napalm and burns intensely for a relatively short period of time.

    Naturally, I'm in favor of the Fusion reactor because it sounds marginally more plausible, considering the infinite energy machines that we call our Marines.
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    As likely as create a mini nuke bomb when flamethrower died, incinerating anything around the corpse.
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    Or how about a device that simply ignites ambient helium-3 in the air??? After all the shit's being mined in an open-atmo sort of deal...
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    We all know weapon's are neigh-invulnerable. Besides,

  7. EdAWACSdenyY

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    I agree with Aturia on the function of Helium-3 which must use a Thermo Helium Overdrive Reactor (T.H.O.R.) I would propose the reason being:

    The feasibility of nuclear fusion came to fruition with the introduction of Thermonuclear Helium Overdrive Reactors (T.H.O.R) some time in the 2060's. The design of the reactor was ingenious.

    Originally, 2 approaches have been made to the concept of nuclear fusion,

    The Tokamak a doughnut-shaped torus fusion reactor which relies on electromagnetic constrictors to contain the searing temperatures of ionized plasma and internal laser confinement utilizing powerful lasers to compress the atoms.

    THOR used the latter option due to major advances in laser technology at the time. Using multiple powerful photon lasers concentrated onto a single focal point by multiple centrifugal force mediators THOR is able to use fuel more efficiently than previous fusion reactors. Also, since the process wasn't hampered by the need for cumbersome magnets to contain plasma the energy transfer was also more efficient and easier.

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    Seems lke we have mr fusion on moon, too bad it only uses exotic helium 3 as oppose to banana and coke.
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    Yes but remember that only a small amount (basically on the atom of He-3) is required to be imploded in the THOR by photon bombardment.

    Also the THOR also utilizes bosontronic technology which generates higg bosons to increase the pressure further and to insure the He-3 nuclei is under extreme pressure forcing it to fuse as well. Thus that is why the THOR is both compact, efficient and doesn't require cumbersome magnetic constrictors to contain thermoactive plasma. This also make power generation very efficient and production/maintenance costs cheap and economically viable in 2060's

    Remember this is in the plausible future and I've tried to make it as reasonable and not too-far fetched in theory.
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    Well, it should at least bother to mention that flamethrower hits a ridiculous 12 times, because it doesn't say that anywhere in the actual game. Same should go for lots of things...
    It's pretty silly that you really cannot judge things very well through the game, you have to go here or to the wiki in order to play correctly.
    Unless you buy them. Then your contractors teleport their weapon out of there.
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    Well you can't really know much by just playing, that's why most game have walkthrough,guides, info to the tiny bits of everything in the game. Wiki, game's book.... etc. You should thank for the peoples (or devs) who contribute all these stuffs.
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    Ramses II Help, I can't change my title!

    A lot of what keeps people playing is the misinformation. Feeling like you're special because you found out some cool mechanic of one of the skills or weapons gives you an additional reason to keep playing. That we still don't know everything about how stuff works keeps it from just becoming a min-maxer's math problem like other custom mods. Hell, we've been misinformed about the flamer for years and its only just come to light. I think that's great and it means I'm excited to see what happens if I let go of my reverence for its fiery heart and figure out the real reason it's so effective and in which the situations it's still king.
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    Lol. Too damn true.
    I am getting tired of finding out that i've been fed misinformation over and over. I wanted to figure it all out, but it seems that no one really has all the answers.

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