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Discussion in 'Game Bugs' started by Niktos, Mar 3, 2015.

  1. Niktos

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    Pathing sure was tested, and handpainted with care.
    10/10 would find floating stalkers again
    Screenshot2015-03-03 18_24_36.jpg
  2. Kith
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    As shown by the image, there's no way that should be possible (red designates non-pathable terrain). Either it's a bug with the Stalker's cliffwalk (unlikely, as it didn't show up anywhere else) or it's a bug with the terrain object (my best guess is that it has to do with the scaffolding, although that raises questions why it hasn't happened before).

    Either way, do me a favor and cut the snark. I appreciate your playtime and I appreciate your willingness to make bug reports, but the attitude over what is either a simple mistake or something that is not our fault is not appreciated.
  3. Niktos

    Niktos Well-Known Member

    Turns out he spawned there. Yet he clearly was able to walk back and forth.
    44 min with some change in replay.

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