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    This guide is my personal opinion. Polite comments are welcomed.

    Overview of the Gunslinger tree

    Tier 1 - Trick Shot a.k.a Bouncing bullets:
    Some kind of AoE damage skill to take down multiple light targets at the same time. Useful tool to "farm" lighter enemies for quick XP to level up. Useful if flamers and shotguns are not available to take out eggs. Shots bouncing off would hit nearby eggs and easily allows pathfinder (pf) to take a bunch of eggs out (2 to 3 eggs) by focusing on one egg. So much better than gauss rifle shooting and knifing eggs.

    Tier 1 - Fast Five:
    Quickly fires off 5 rounds with additional damages. If Trick Shot is enabled (shoot to maim is NOT toggled on), allows a quick burst of damage in an area. Fast Five and Trick Shot deployed on eggs can make the work easier and can be used to suppress hordes of light enemies in a quick burst of fast shots. If "Invaders Must Die" skill has been researched, the additional damage and 4 times of bouncing for the bullet would meant that you would effectively done 20 hits by only firing five shots in quick succession via Fast Five. A pistol fires twice per round / bullet because of SC 2 mechanics and a base pistol damage is 20. Taking into consideration of the dual fire mechanics, a pistol would actual do 40 base damage excluding all the goodies and ammo mods and skills you have. 20 hits of 40 base damage is definitely something useful to wipe a small horde.

    Tier 2 - Handgun Expertise:
    You get more range and more damage.

    Tier 2 - Shoot to Maim:
    No more bouncing bullets (Trick Shot) for now as long as you toggle this skill on. Be careful when using this skill as every time the pf shoots once, 5 energy would be used. Adds more damage and minor slowing of enemies. Only toggle on Shoot to Maim if you want to focus down on a single critical target you want to take out. Always turn off this skill as soon as you have completed your objective of focusing on a single target as it can make your energy "disappear" pretty quickly without you noticing it in time.

    Tier 3 - Invaders Must Die:
    Ultimate skill of Gunslinger tree. Add more damage and increase armor penetration by .5. Allows bullets to bounce off 4 times. Lets the "Shoot to Maim" stack more and slow enemies by 10%.

    Preferred Build Tactic

    Tier 1 - Trick Shot
    Tier 1 - Trick Shot
    Tier 1 - Trick Shot
    Tier 1 - Fast Five
    Tier 2 - Handgun Expertise
    Tier 2 - Handgun Expertise
    Tier 1 - Fast Five
    Tier 1 - Fast Five
    Tier 3 - Invaders Must Die
    Tier 2 - Shoot to Maim
    Tier 2 - Shoot to Maim

    The rationale for the above skill structure upgrade is to max out trick shot so that you can farm more XP quickly during the initial waves by killing more lighter enemies.

    A single point in Fast Five should allow you to combine quick firing of five shots with the bouncing bullet effect of trick shoots to add more hurt to bigger enemies and to quickly launch more shots off (5 shots of Fast Five multiply by 3 bounces of a max Trick shot means that you effectively hit 15 times every time you burst a Fast Five).

    Pistol is a close range weapon but despite the pf's innate ability to add 2 range whenever a pistol is in the hands of a pf, you need the Handgun Expertise to add even more range so that you can stand or move at a safe distance from enemies to fire. The additional damages from a maxed out Handgun Expertise is always a welcome thing.

    The next thing to do is get Invaders Must Die. This ultimate skill would boost the stats of other skills and allow your shots to hit harder, faster, penetrate armour to some degree naturally, slow some enemies, farm more lighter units and give you the capability of putting even more hurt on bosses to some extend.

    Finally, clean up the Gunslinger tree by maxing out your Shoot to Maim skill so that you can do a combo of Shoot to Maim with Fast Five to add even more critical hurt to bosses and critical targets.

    My opinion on utilizing the Gunslinger

    - Gunslinger is a light class despite having 100 shields (around the same amount of shields as demo). Gunslinger shields are NOT MEANT for tanking so do NOT tank. The shields are simply to keep a low HP pf alive.

    - Range is your best friend. Similar to the Marksman (mm), you need to stand as far as possible to shoot as your weak pf would NOT do well with hits by enemies despite the 100 shields. You need to micro micro micro... Get as far as possible within the midst of your team mates to shoot.

    - Stay in the center of your team so that your team can protect the front and back. Use range as much as possible.

    - Anticipate before you move and navigate. You need to have an idea how to react when you encounter some enemies in a blind corner. Do you continue to shoot at the enemy and stay there when you bump to enemies while turning around a corner ? My advise is to shoot and scoot off (sprint if possible) to safety (usually retreating back your path). If you can do a Fast Five to suppress the enemies while sprinting backwards, it would make it easier to escape. Using Shoot to Maim to slow your enemies while sprinting out of danger would be useful but you need to be wary of your energy level.

    - Dual combo the Fast Five and Shoot to Maim. Both Fast Five and Shoot to Maim are energy intensive skills. You need to ensure you have sufficient ammo and left over energy to sprint to safety (if needed) when combo-ing Fast Five with Shoot to Maim. Combo-ing Fast Five and Shoot to Maim put lots of hurt down range at a critical target deemed necessary for that volume of damage but you MUST always be wary of energy levels and ammo levles (to pull off Fast Five portion of the dual combo).

    - Scouting, manoeuvring and anti-creep. Pf hover thus making them not affected by creep. Pf are very agile units and that gives you no excuse for not micro-ing them properly out of harms way and to get bonus shots off enemies. Pf have 6 slots in the inventory and 3 slots of accessories inventory (besides weapon and armor slot) on their body. That means they can pick up a good deal of stuff while scouting around the map for equipment.

    To summarize this entire Gunslinger post, scoot and shoot ... move and be safe ... anticipate ahead in time... don't take a hit ... combo your skills properly while be wary of your energy and ammo level at all times.

    I have not extensively tried out the Rocketeer tree as it's still buggy and needs fixing so I won't be able to comment about that tree. After playing a good amount of pf and having a full pf class cp, I decided to post my personal view on deploying pf on the field.

    The comments of pf being weak and a bad class in many games and are thus shunned because they are weak and they wield pistols is just a bad excuse in my opinion. I personally felt that a properly deployed and controlled pf can put down lots of hurt on the enemies.

    I find Gunslinger pf being a fun class (for now).

    By the way, would the armor penetration caused by the Invaders Must Die skill interfere with LR (Laser rifles) ?

    Polite comments are welcomed :D .
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    My understanding is that it doesn't. What the armor reduction does is change the Pistol's value (It loses 1 damage per point of armor), down to .5 (only half a damage per point of armor).

    It seems you wrote this guide with experience solely with the Pathfinder in Easy Company (I presume Newbie Games, where it absolutely dominates due to the domination of the Pistol in newbie mode). I'd like to see your thoughts and experiences using the Pathfinder in Apollo Security Team.
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    These thoughts and opinions are formed mostly around EC mode. Would try out pathfinder and see what I can form in Apollo mode.

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