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    Holy fucking off topic.

    In regards to the math: I believe you guys were forgetting certain factors, because I came to different results (never bothered coming to conclusions). I believe you guys overlapped the time you shoot and the time you reload, not factered them both into the same set of 60 seconds. Here's my math:

    For the GPR:

    1 minute || Rate of Fire || Reload Time
    Clip Size || cycles per minute


    60 = 30 * (.4x) + 1.5x
    60 = 12x + 1.5x
    60 = 13.5x
    4.444... = x

    Now that we know the total cycles of shooting your entire clip, then reloading, per minute, we can start filling in the gaps.


    Now, if we switch out the 1.5 reload time for the 14% reduced reload time of 1.29:

    increased cycles per minute by approximately .07ish

    application to damage and reload time:


    As far as analysis goes, keep in mind that with manual reloads, the reload time reduces by quite a substantial amount, but you also cut off the last few mags. If you want to calculate that, just reduce the clip size and reload time appropriately, re-find your cycles per minute, and then plug in the values.

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    mother fucking rage at forums not having tables... hence the rest of the formulas didn't look nearly as pretty as the first one did...
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    1 use google docs?
    2 u can reload at 0 and not waste any bullets
  3. brizingr5

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    Not realistically and consistently. If you have that level of skill, just walk away from this thread, because you clearly don't need the help, lol
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    ^What he said.
    My belief on how the RNG works is a percentage of 100. 39% of 100 is 39, so the percentage being 1 through 100, gives you the numbers, with anything rolling a 1 to a 39 being a crit, and anything else being a non-critical.
  5. Scorpione

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    That is how RGN works in theory. However there's no way to roll numbers randomly due to how computers work. It is either 0 or 1. To have true randomness RGN doesn't use a PC as a 1st base of calculations but rather a physical or computational device. SC2 like most other games uses pseudo.
    Once a crit is hit the chance restart.
    With current technology used it works like a special bar. Once used it will start refilling and then reusable. The more right things you do to fill that bar the more chances of you having it full are.

    That's not skills. That's just timing and being able to pay attention. Anyone who tries can do it very easily. You try when you are 5k xp to impress the best, you'll always do it.
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    I'd rather not try to reload at 0 on -nm with the current ammo system. The glitchy ammo usage to attack animation means if someone kills your target after you use your ammo (before animation starts) and before your attack is sent (somewhere in the middle of the animation, not the beginning) you'll begin your auto-reload. Not worth it IMO, especially if you're supposed to be the DPS.
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    ^this. I generally reload with 5-8 mags left if I'm using a rapid fire weapon (lol I'm a noob whatever, at least I don't spend a year reloading), and maybe 2-5 with a slower firing weapon. I really only do gold reloads with a stinger, since it's so micro intensive already it's not that hard to throw in the reload.
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    Question do any of you regularly play the beloved ROFL? Or even haveing played in every campaign with regular wins?
  9. Niktos

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    I can assure you they did, recruit-normal-nightmare alike, across all campaigns.
    I say did as more than half of this topic posters including initial guide maker no longer play, or do so once in a blue moon.

    Saying that, this thread is over a year long so trying to spark new discussion could use some more content other than vague question that doesn't even directly relate to anything.
  10. Markus_Black

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    Well I was just wounderin' because
    1. I'm new and wanted to get involved in the community some
    2. I saw that this became a probability argument
    3. The ROFL is my favorite class next to FO and wanted to learn more from people
    4. I didn't know that this was a year old thread
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    Welp thread being old is not a problem in itself, it's more that people involved might no longer play/care/notice.
    You can see post date at the very end of post below signature for future.

    As for involvement, forum activity tends to be spiky, usually rises after some major patching fuckup or general balance changes.
    Your best place to start probably is http://notdstarcraft.com/forums/notd-discussion.44/ with a few posts about 'to be changes' looking for opinions from across the board.
    Or you could go here (i never did) that said, Hi.

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