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    This is a short guide for all beginners who wish to participate in private games but doesn't know what to do and how to do it.

    Class introduction:
    Why should you choose Rifleman at the first place, well simple - even if not played correctly this is a very decent and efficient class that provide nice control of the hordes of zombies or deals massive damage to single or multiple targets.
    Other classes have some restrictions, some drawbacks or have tasks that require knowledge of the game while the Rifleman can stay with the group all the time.

    So let's start with introducing the important character statistics:
    1. His energy regeneration is the highest among all classes so he can use skills without much of second though (and none of them do friendly fire).
    2. Vision is good thanks to his innate skill Focus Fire (giving +3 to a total of 13). So he can skip Ocular Implants in favour of other modifications.
    3. Large inventory space and 3 modification slots - you will have plenty of room to hold everything even if you are not sure what to do with it. It's good to have large variety of weapons in your disposal from which to choose versus specific foes. Ask the group for best weapons in your next encounter.

    Skill builds:
    How should you build it ?
    Well that differs from game to game, there are two skill trees at which one is DPS oriented the other is for crowd control.
    As for 'when and what' mainly you can decide if the team doesn't need anything in particular.

    Read carefully the skills from the NotD wiki page for statistic, synergy and combos.

    If you go the DPS route you should take 3 times critical strike and one point in Fire up before proceeding to Tier 2 skills. While giving a little less DPS it will save a lot of ammunition and when using Focus Fire your ammo consumption will be slow making it easier to time right your manual reload.
    At Tier 2 Grenade is the superior choice two points in them and you can entirely skip Weapons Proficiency (note: you will need it only if you use Barret, Heavy Machine Gun, Laser Rifle or Stinger MK3 as decreasing reload time will significantly increase their DPS) in favour of more points in Fire up.

    After on level 9 you take your tier 3 with the skill point of level 10 you can do 2 things. You can take a single point in Crippling Fire as it will give you the bonus move speed and attack speed de-buff on enemies as at level 1 is good enough as it gives 15% slow. If you don't have Survival Rifleman in your team it's very good choice.
    The other option is to fill the gaps in your Combat skills to increase even further your DPS.

    Survival or Trapper as they tend to call it is a little more complex as choices.
    You need at least one point in Crippling Fire as it's bonuses are best there. Saline is very good skill if your Medic is not that good or even some of the team keep taking hits and need lot's of medic's energy. The choice you make is better to be permanent as after you get your Tier 3 skill, you should aim to make as much DPS as possible.

    On Tier 2 both skills are very useful, Sonic Trap must be taken to level 2 as level 1 is not really that good, but Precision Shot is a powerful skill too especialy versus tough mobs and bosses.
    So whatever you take first, you should level-up the other too.

    Where to put my statistics ?
    If you are going the DPS route you should place every stats you've got on Perception, as it gives you more chance to score a critical hit and some detection relieving you from the need of Thermal Sight.
    After maxing it, points in both agility and intelligence is good. Personally I prefer intelligence as your need of extra energy is big after you start using your skills on every cooldown.
    Where if you choose to do the support role you should aim to take energy first and perception/agility as secondary.

    What weapons, modifications and other gear to take ?
    As a support Rifleman you have no need of anything still Rifleman is better user of any weapons than other non-DPS classes. For Heavy Machine Gun you are the second best user after Commando (and Arm Assault) as it's huge splash and not so big DPS is good for applying de-buffs such as Crippling Fear, AP's minus armor and HE's fire vulnerability so this modification are good for you if you have HMG.

    In general - any free gun your group have - take it, carry it and use it if needed. Give to other DPS classes if it's not spare.

    As DPS you should have lot's of weapons in your inventory and use appropriately. Learn or ask your team mates what to equip and when. Switch time for Rifleman is 50% faster you can change in mid-combat with nearly no penalty.
    For example in Easy Company you should have Gauss (versus hordes), m45 (versus Gargoyles and Erebos) and Flamethrower (vs Hulks, Zombie Eggs and Erebos and you can throw it away after Enhanced Erebos or if you find m5 Pulse Rifle). While you can use grenade and m45 you can conserve energy. With HE Flamerthrower's DPS is significantly higher.

    Nearly every weapon is yours, so take it and learn when to use it for maximizing DPS efficiency.

    What to do while holdout/moving across the map ?
    That's simple:
    DPS Rifleman just stay in the middle of the group and use Focus Fire, Grenades and Bloodlust of course with manual reload.

    Survival Rifleman should use Focus Fire and manual reload with some Precision Shots at important enemies - Agrons, Slashers, Titans and any Banelings, Beastlings and Infesters (if the group decide to kill it - DON'T get infester angry if the team doesn't focus it first) in sight.
    How to use traps - first you should choose good locations in the choke-points where enemies comes from and in the middle of the group, as they keep flyers in check.
    Traps too further away will make the enemy clump up and overwhelm you when the charges of the sonic trap end. Too close will be useless versus banelings and other strong enemies which require one hit to spread panic in the group.

    Second you should place few traps and just replenish them when their charges expire. No need to spam it every cooldown or make tons of them without using even half of them.

    When moving you should use the Hold Fire command and stick with the group, use Focus Fire for extra vision. If you see any gear - sprint, take, get back to the group. If you see enemy - shoot and if it's dangerous - take step away form it, flash on the mini-map so that your allies who doesn't saw it take appropriate measures.
    It's best to equip the lighter weapon available (pistol, shotgun and m5).
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    Important thing as rifleman is to constantly be shooting stuff dead with the most effective weapon(there is a good reason weapon switch speed is 50% faster); and three mostly effective weapons are very common: gpr, flamethrower, and marksman rifle.

    Combat rifleman does not need any super fancy HMG...etc. to function.

    Also, I recommend more focus fire upgrades or at least balance it with the other Tier1skill; Crit is good but focus fire upgrades applies to your tier 2 damaging skill more reliably(in case of combat rifleman, yes grenades can crit...no they are not dependable unless you at least have 9 in perception and lv3 crit, which people being told to read this guide probably do not have).

    I always go two fire up on crofl before tier 2 skills because it cancels out the lowered attackspeed, therefore when killing stuff that requires same amount of hits with our without focus fire with marksman rifle(such as gargoyles) and flamer, you are not gimping your dps.
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    Critical is better as I stated to conserve ammo and improve Area of Effect DPS (grenades), while with maximized Fire Up you will be burning ammo really fast. And at levels 7 and 8 you can take another 2 points to improve Focus Fire and leave Weapons Proficiency for later.

    30% to do double damage with grenades and a little more by perception is reliable enough in my opinion.
    And that's only for the AoE, your single target DPS will be buffed significantly as well.

    Fire Up at level 1 gives 15% attack speed, negating the -20% attack speed by most for only 1 point.

    In most of the RPG games you should watch the skill progression and calculate the cost efficiency.
    For one point you gain +3% damage and 15% attack speed.
    One more will gain you the same, and that's 100% increase.
    While third point giving the same boost that's only 50% buff to the existing bonuses.

    For the same reason I don't take level 2 Motion Sensor for Recon, as it's bonuses are not as valuable as level 1 and getting one spare point in some other skill.

    Thanks for the reply!
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    Focus fire never gimps [assuming it means lower as i never met this expresion before] your dps, even if left unskilled it raises your dps due to +25% dmg -20%att speed on lvl 0.

    As for crit vs focusfire it is mostly prefference dependent, usage of different guns can tilt it one way or another as slow shooting guns profit more from focusfire and fast ones of crit, as an simplification of math that is behind it for real.

    When it comes to hmg, i completely disagree with mando needing hmg EVER but leaving that aside as it`s another topic. In my opinion combat engineer comes in a list before crofl when you do have both in your game.

    Granade is cool 'panic button', it helps a lot if you dont have apropriate guns vs armored enemies, or situations like parasite worm under your feet. On the dps side of things granade hinders your output in long run. You cant sustain both bloodlust and focusfire over longer times even with 9 points in inteligence [and they are main source of crofl dps] let alone spare energy on nades. They do help in leveling, they kill zombies as well but where dps matters being bosses granades are obsolete outside of specific situations.
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    Because a level 2 flare is better than an extra sensor? Hmmm I fail to see the logic. Just like critical being better than FF. The main thing you're forgetting about critical is it's a "chance". FF can be spammed freely until level 9. Frankly you can skip nades or weapon proficiency depending on company and scenario. Thinking that nades are better than FF, when FF + bloodlust is less energy consuming and more dps boost than nades I fail to see "your" personal option being put vs math.
    Also hmg doesn't go to arms assult or mando for priority. HMG usually given to ppl who need leveling not dps, thus hmg is not good dps. It's better dps than a gpr or m45, that doesn't mean dps takes priority for it. Most dps could just use p45 the whole game.
    Also it says a guide for beginners in private games, but i see get perception and agility.... Everyone knows to recommend strength if you are new to private games.
    This guide is more based on preferences than math.
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    It does when lowering attackspeed while you one/two-shot stuff(when having focus fire on or off does not matter in how many shots it takes to kill) with marksmanrifle and flamethrower...etc.

    Effectively in that case you kill slower.
  7. kamukag3e

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    I do agree that is great for clearing dangerous small fries like Parasites, Ghouls, Gargoyles and other fast moving enemies and it's not best single target DPS (in case you face a boss). But in low-rating low-skilled games sometimes a horde just overrun the group of players in some holdout because the lack of AoE DPS in which case Rifleman's grenades can clear alone.

    I highly value vision on any game I play and very much on NotD as it's very limited. +3 AoE to the flare is rather big in my book while in the same time the Motion Sensor get the huge +15 when you already have 25 sensor range.
    I choose more clear vision over bigger sensor.
    In my opinion the main bonuses of the Recon is his ability to see behind obstacles (without using flares) and lowering enemy armor. Both of them you can get with only one point in the skill, the second just increase the range while by huge merging it's not just that useful or at least I think so.

    I said that 2 more points in critical are better for saving ammo than 2 points placed in Fire Up. As you take one point in it in every case when you play Combat oriented Rifleman.

    Chance with the use of Blizzard's PRD is very reliable and it does statically improve your DPS by flat 10/20/30%.

    I do skip weapon proficiency most of my games.
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    And I know that grenades do a lot less single target DPS and I never use them versus bosses, I abuse their high AoE and damage versus ligh enemies and clear the spawned groups of light enemies during boss stages.

    I also know that HMG doesn't deal high amount of single-target DPS, but DPS is not all about single-target. The damage per second your character can inflict for example on some holdouts where hordes of light mobs appear a HMG will inflict times and times the damage a Barret could do.

    I never trend with the rest. I do my own analyses at everything I do. Most of the times I'm right.
    I know I'm a beginner at this game, still I don't take points in strength if I'm not the tanking class. I know how to kite efficiently and will recommend to every new player to learn this rather than taking strength to tank a hit or two more in every one of his games.

    Thanks for the reply!

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    2. A person who limps.

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    Learning the speed of how a specific unit moves on minimap will tell u that u need to flare ld. Flare only does a 10second reveal. No need to have a massive visible area. Long as the main spot or main target is visible thats all u need.

    Since when is ammo a problem? Also in a ec/ac/surv nm start u are always better off with fireup. Since your extra dps with crit won't do a whole lot when most zombies run at you. Also fireup does extra dmg on top of shooting faster so you know. Which allows crit to do more dmg when using fire up. So 3 - 1 build really doesn't make sense in most cases.

    Comparing HMG and barret vs bunched mobs... There's usually mob control in all modes. Also it depends on enemy. Weapon such as m5 will produce more dps than hmg depending on target. Hmg has always been the least favorite for dps. On top of that you have granades for little mobs. So what exactly is the hmg for?

    Lol? Strength isn't only for tanks. It is mainly for thus who have low hp. Also you don't know how to kite efficiently because you usually die and its always because you have 0 strength with light classes. Most of the times you're right, compared to what? Having a 9 agility MM is better than a 9 strength one? Especially if beginner? erm ok. You indeed are right.
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    I would say go 2/2 across the skill tree in the Crofl tree. Fire Up increases damage by no small amount, just level 2 Fire Up gives 6%, half of an HP ammo. It also increases Grenade radius by 1. You'd only lose 10% crit chance, and with 9 points in perception, you'd only be losing 1% crit chance.

    Weapon's Proficiency also increases FF duration (it's not stated on the wiki, but it's there), faster reloads = overall higher DPS, and increased FF duration increases DPS by making your damage boost last longer, and also provides more time to take advantage of the Grenade radius increase.

    After Boodlust you could max out Crit Strike for some more damage, or get Crippling fire for some CC.

    Ammo isn't exactly scarce, it's not incredibly hard to find. Ammo is even less of an issue if you have a Survcon, which most AC games, because of the regenerated ammo and energy.
  10. kamukag3e

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    While I agree that getting vision at the main target is the most important part still bigger AoE has it's uses.

    And as you put it down you don't have sensor at all if you take just one level of it which is totally not true.

    Fire Up give nearly 18% DPS per level when active. Critical give 10% per level which is less. I don't argue about that.
    But as the game put up reload into the DPS calculation you will lose little DPS (neglectable) due to more often reloading I don't think it's that much better than static and passive improve to both shooting and grenade damage.

    And there I though that Survival Rifleman is the guy who has to control the mobs. And HMG in the hands of a Rifleman as stated is mostly for the de-buff part. As for the DPS part - some classes can mole down swarming enemies in a matter of seconds with it which is better in some hold outs in some team compositions.

    Well I kite quite good, I die mostly because of horrible lag, spikes or my stupid mistake (like attack move just when reloading). Nothing to do with kite skills. And +100 HP won't save you in most of the cases where you die instantly if you are at bad position. And when stat points are low you have to use them well and I will prefer 9 agility or perception MM over 9 strength in any day of the week, as you need to position better as a Marksman than take hits.

    I may be beginner at NotD, but I'm pretty sure to have much more game experience as whole than you for example. So 'new' doesn't mean a player who see computer for first time in his life.

    No dude, you just doing it wrong (about the calculations). Whatever you do you will have level 1 and thus 3% damage and 15% attack speed. I'm arguing about the other 3/15 you will get for second point. You will always lose 10% chance if you don't take point in critical even if you have 9 perception.

    It's true that DPS relay on reload time, but some weapons benefit more from it than others, that's my statement at the guide. And I usually skip it in favour of maxing Fire Up with this skill points.

    Or you could have critical and fire up both at level 3 at that time while reloading little slower and then go for Crippling Fear and skip it again or taking weapon proficiency, depending on the needs of the team.

    While I never have any problems with the ammo I tend to use it efficiently. It's not hard to find if you have the time to find it, and at the beginning of a campaign you don't. As of later - you will have Fire Up so there is not a point to argue but that's not the point.

    I have a simple question about DPS increase:
    If you do 10 damage per shot and attack once a second.
    How would you improve your DPS if you have 2 options.
    Option one will be increasing damage by 10, second choice is to increase the attack rate to 2 shots per second seconds.
    And which will be more ammo efficient ?

    And while in every game where people know what to do there is a Surveillance Recon, not in every game is people who know what to do.

    Thanks for the replies!
  11. ComradeHX

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    Simply increasing damage does nothing when enemies only have 10hp(for example). Extra damage on top of enemy max hp is useless.

    In this case crit is not even reliable(pseudo-rng does make it more consistent but still not guaranteed).

    In case of grenades; do you really fire enough grenades for it to crit consistently?

    2/2 for combat rifleman is still great because you rely less on chance to do dps.
  12. Scorpione

    Scorpione Well-Known Member

    There's a nice feature in this game. Manual reload when rounds are at 0,1,2 u have fast reload. You claim u prefer agi, it reduces the reload time.

    A smg is more efficient than hmg on a dps class. Simply because hmg isn't effective as people think. Sure its "nice" 1 fail rld due to lag etc and GG for 5+ seconds

    orly? I beg to differ. I've been a geek and nerd since 12. 7years later still geeking and nerding.

    The amount of times I lived thanks to 100hp+... As class scouting alone then mass mutas come and im left at 100hp total. It can make a difference and usually does, especially on nm.

    The fact that you're hoping on a "chance" to do more dmg than an actual set 100% doesn't make any sense. Luck may not strike when u most need it.

    N like I said, ammo isn't usually a problem. Not sure why "saving" it for less dps makes any sense. + you dont have to use fire up, you can wait for appropriate time etc. I smg many games n no1 lacks ammo, including ec. So...

    I may be beginner at NotD, but I'm pretty sure to have much more game experience as whole than you for example. So 'new' doesn't mean a player who see computer for first time in his life.
  13. Arturia

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    You know, I keep seeing "math supports it" but if you're going to make such a claim, I do request that you show your math.

    So yeah, just do some math for those of us who are too lazy to do the math.
  14. Ryan III

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    Looks like I'm a little late.

    I beg to differ.

    In low rating games, a Rifleman with bloodlust, fire up, and weapons proficency can hold the line fairly well. Not to mention any tank can keep the hordes at bay.

    I also disagree with this as well.

    GPR Stats:
    Damage: 12
    Weaponspeed: .4
    Reload Speed: 1.5

    60/0.4= 150 Shots per minute w/o reload
    150/30 = 5 Reloads per minute
    1.5*5 = 7.5 Seconds used on reload per minute
    60-7.5 = 52.5 Seconds used to fire in a minute
    52.5/0.4 = 131 Shots per minute with reload.
    131*12 = 1572 DPM

    Now reduce the reload speed by 14%
    14% of 1.5 = 0.21
    1.5 - 0.21 = 1.29
    60/0.4 = 150 shots per minute w/o reload
    150/30 = 5 reloads per minute
    1.29*5 = 6.45 seconds used to reload per minute
    60-6.45 = 53.55
    53.55/0.4 = 134 shots per minute with reload
    134*12 = 1608 DPM

    Difference in DPM: 36 damage, which is enough to kill a zombie at minimum health according to the wiki.

    +100 HP will save you from a Beastling hit and even a slasher hit(s) for Commandos. Agility isn't that useful when your playing Alpha NM, Agility won't do much when you're holding out.
  15. Kith
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    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton

    Fired Up Level 3 makes Grenades get real nasty. That 4.5 radius does some pretty unforgiving stuff to enemy faces. Going 3/3 and speccing for Grenades can make for some extremely ammo efficient damage.
  16. kamukag3e

    kamukag3e Well-Known Member

    Still it does have effect when enemies does have more HP.
    Critical in blizzard games is reliable and making chances 39% is very much a pure 39% DPS increase.

    I do fire lots of grenades at holdouts. And I take 3/1, then two points in grenades then back to tier 1 to make Fire Up level 3.

    I use manual reload, and as I stated prefer perception and intelligence over agility, but will take agility or perception over strength for every non-tanking class. You are not supposed to take hits. If I take hits I blame myself for bad positioning, not my logic that I'm not supposed to take hits.

    And still that's a lot less then me, my first games were Dune and Dune 2, played competitively SC:BW, Counter-strike at local level, WC3 and DotA. Done few matches with competitive players at Heroes, SC2 and had lots of fun in all the D&D series. And lots of other small games which you wouldn't even heard of.

    I agree that 100 HP may save your life, but just sometimes. Agility can give you MS boost that could save you too, every statistic is useful, which is 'more' depends on the circumstances and for Rifleman I will stick to perception and intelligence over strength.

    In computer programing there is nothing as illogical as chance, you have nearly 40% to score a critical hit, that means that from 10 hits 4 will deal double damage and you can relay in that.

    If you make complete random chance in software you will be really rich.

    Your DPS suffer if you don't use Focus Fire constantly and take points in Fire Up, while taking Critical Strike doesn't. It's effective even if you have the energy to use Bloodlust only. Not that it matters at this point, as I said many times I don't take Weapon Proficiency and not Fire Up. Just delaying it slightly.

    Thanks for the support and understanding.
    The other guys just blindly suggest that I don't take Fire Up at all.
    And it's all about 'few levels delay' kind of thing.

    So does Rifleman with bloodlust, fire up, critical strike and grenades. Will just consume less ammo and more energy, but the AoE will be very much overwhelmingly better, as grenades will tear apart the swarm of zombies.

    Going to calculations:
    Show Spoiler
    And that's a total increase of 2.2 percent.

    A calculation for other weapons:

    Heavy Machine Gun does 21 damage, has AS of 0.5 and reload for 6 seconds.

    120 shots per minute and 4 reloads per minute.
    24 seconds lost due to reloading time a minute.
    34 seconds of firing a minute that would lead to 72 shots per minute and a total of 1512 DPM.

    Reducing the reload time by 14% will to 5.16 seconds of reloading time.
    It will now take 20.6 seconds every minute to reload the HMG.
    39.4 of firing time will lead to 78.8 shots a minute and a DPM of 1654 (142.8 DPM difference, which is a DPM increase of 9.4%).

    The P-45 Pisol:
    With it's 40 damage, AS of 0.65 and reload time of 1 second.

    60/0.65= 92 Shots per minute w/o reload
    92/30 = 3 Reloads per minute
    1*3 = 3 Seconds used on reload per minute
    60-3 = 57 Seconds used to fire in a minute
    57/0.65 = 87 Shots per minute with reload.
    87*40 = 3480 DPM

    Now reduce the reload speed by 14%
    14% of 1 = 0.14
    1 - 0.14 = 0.86
    0.86*3 = 2.58 seconds used to reload per minute
    60-2.58 = 57.42
    57.42/0.65 = 88 shots per minute with reload
    88*40 = 3520 DPM
    40 damage difference which is a total of 1.1% of increase.

    In conclusion the Reload time is part of the DPS of a weapon as much as the damage and shooting speed, so to increase it most cost efficiently you should buff the weak parts, not the strong.

    In the guide is stated that you should take Weapon Proficiency if you have heavy weapon which require lot's of time to reload so the DPS increase will be worth it and skip it if you don't have such a weapon.

    Thanks for the replies everyone!
  17. Scorpione

    Scorpione Well-Known Member

    While moving or scouting with team or alone it doesn't mean you'll be safe just because you can kite. This is especially for nm games. Just 2days ago, I was amm, 4 mutas come in my head from highground. Thanks to strength I lived. I wouldn't been able to out dps them if it wasn't for extra hp and I had extra speed or crits. Also it seems you aren't taking into account high squad rating games and nm games.

    Too bad you didnt read the geeking part too.

    1 thats not how it works. If the tooltip said "40% chance in every 10shot" then 4 would be criticals. However because it says for A shot, the math you've presented to prove the point is highly incorrect.
    It's a 39%(with perception) for a hitto be crit. Lets round it to 40% to help me make this next example. Its like this, program selects a number 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9. Number 1,2,3,4 are crit chances. If the program selects one of those then the hit will be crit, else its normal.(hm yes I know you'd normally use only 0, 1. However it is possible for a person to write different algorithms for any programs etc.)
    It's like flipping a coin 10times. 50% to be heads or tails. Doesn't mean you'll have 50% tails result. But its true, computers fail to realize the chance that random exists. But you can still get random.
    There are algorithms such as: pseudorandomness, no repetition, good numeric distribution, lack of predictability etc to help make randomness/controlled randomness.
    Logically from the way the tooltips are written it says % chance to score critical hit. Logically it would mean you have a chance to get crit if outcome = X. Not that out of total hits then X amount will be 100% crits. Most random things use pseudo calculations since it is sufficient. However it depends.

    The only way to get total randomness by using a Geiger Counter infront of something radioactive and connect the Geiger to a pc. Also I haven't looked into this topic for a while, there could've been more ways developed.
    Show Spoiler

    Excuse me if something I explained isn't clear. I learned this in Italian, hard 2 translate certain things properly.
  18. kamukag3e

    kamukag3e Well-Known Member

    Still true randomness doesn't exist in the software world, those numbers are based on something, including weather - if you know the pattern you can predict the next number.

    And Blizzard's games use Pseudo Random Distribution in which percentage based skills are quite reliable. High chance as 39% means that nearly every second, third or at least fourth attack will be a sure proc as on the forth the chance would be 100%.

    To make an example for those who doesn't understand it.
    Show Spoiler
    If you have:
    1, 2, 3, 4 and only "1" is the proc. If you don't score critical your next attack will have one chance less to miss the critical.
    1, 2 and 3 where again "1" is the chance to proc.
    On your next attack (if not critical) it will be 1 and 2 only.
    Your fourth non-critical attack will have only 1 as a choice and it will force a critical hit.

    And if you do a critical at any attack the count will reset to 1, 2, 3 and 4 again for the very next attack.

    THIS IS NOT HOW IT'S DONE ! It's a rather simple explanation for those of you that doesn't know how the principles of PRD works.

    As for points in Strength - I don't argue that they MIGHT save you. In some game you MIGHT not take any hits at all so it will be a waste. While Perception, intelligence give nice boost that you can use in every situation. And new players should learn to control their characters better as I try to do and not just expect something from someone.

    It's like teaching a player to hold his ground versus any enemy in a game as 'you are the tank' while he can kite just like the other players while using different patterns so he won't endanger his allies.
    As it's really not a problem for Assault in EC. Later he will try to hold his ground versus a Titan or Slasher in AC and wonder what's going on and why is he dying. That's my point about the statistic management.

    And I'm sure that those devices which generate numbers based on whatever out-side of the computer software are most probably at labs and not in the game servers. Yeap guys - poker sites are still crackable.

    Thank you for the reply!
  19. Scorpione

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    with 40% you u have 11.14% chance to hit crit on 1st attack. then 22.28% on 2nd, 44.56 on 3rd. 89.12 on 4th over 100% on 5th. So you can only do 2x 100% crits. You can do more but thats a "chance".

    Fire up level 3 provides me with 34% dps. For everyshot, 100%. Also allows 25% attack speed faster shooting. Very nice on a barret, hmg etc.

    You can't predict what will happen in a game. Strength remains superior to energy amount/regen and a 9% crit chance.
    Even endurance is better. Also a tank like demo, tech, firebat can afford 0 strength since they have ways to self heal/keep enemy away etc. So strength isnt "mainly"/"only" for tanks.

    No they aren't, most poker sites use other tech. Even this: http://www.random.org/
  20. brizingr5

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    Holy fucking off topic.

    In regards to the math: I believe you guys were forgetting certain factors, because I came to different results (never bothered coming to conclusions). I believe you guys overlapped the time you shoot and the time you reload, not factered them both into the same set of 60 seconds. Here's my math:

    For the GPR:

    1 minute || Reload time
    Clip Size || cycles per minute

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