Grievances and Strife

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Blaqk, Feb 11, 2015.

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    Hoo boy has it been a long, infuriating day for me. In lieu of waiting around and either a) letting a situation escalate or be escalated and b) having to lock down more threads, let's all have a big ol' sit down and talk about this.

    A very long thread was just created and immediately Blaqk Boxed. If the creator wants it deleted I would be happy to do so, but it's not coming back into public view and any attempt to recreate it will result in disciplinary action.

    Now let's talk about why. If you are upset, have become upset, or have been made upset by the actions of others, the game, or yourself, then that is a personal matter. This is not Facebook. This is not a place for you to air your grievances. If it's an issue with the community, then your first step should be to talk to the people who are causing you grief. If that fails to resolve your problem, then your second and last step should be to talk to me directly and no one else. There are an ASSLOAD of ways you can contact me. Let me list them:

    • Steam: blaqksheep
    • Forum: Hi, I'm right here.
    • SC2: Blaqk/670
    • Client: Blaqk#1364
    • Email:
    • Skype: BlaqkIce
    • Phone: 14234146778 (I wont answer phonecalls but texting/WhatsApp is fine)
    • TeamSpeak

    What you should never do under any circumstances is make a public discussion about it anywhere. All you will do is draw more negative attention to yourself and escalate your own situation.

    Now then, let's all take a deep breath and remember that, although this may be a vidya game, these are all real people. Each one with their own personalities and their own quirks. That said, treat NOTD, SC2, and anywhere else online the same way you would any public location. Show some manners, respect, and some damned class.

    One last time, if the person whose thread I've stashed away would like to speak to me directly, look above for your options. Otherwise, try to take it in stride.
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    Mirage ಠ_ಠ What are you looking at?

    Blaqk stop modding my posts :p

    Also you got some balls posting your phone number publically, spam bots gonna crawl your shit. :D
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    Ramses II Help, I can't change my title!

    Give it up mirage, you'll never be a true Irresponsible Princess. (last post. and the next page.)

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