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    Some of you might be aware of a little project I undertook recently. The restoration of Gravity Gun and Shiva. Two immensely powerful weapons that were removed because of incompetence to "fix" them. Also - and I'll write this in a separate sentence - two of the most awesome items in the entire game that added unique mechanics and fun, AND MADE THE GAME MORE ACCESSIBLE TO NEWBIES. Pay particular attention to that last part.

    Now before u jump into a pub and play Kenny lottery, this restoration doesn't mean they both drop in game yet. The code isn't merged, the game isn't patched, and even if they were - things are code-side only. There are switches that need to be activated before anything is dropped. My plan is that they return as Easter eggs for a week, that will be decided after next patch.

    Extra effort was required to restore the missing parts that were lost over time. Special thanks to Squish and ArcanePariah who's contributions made this possible. Also thanks to everyone who helped test and hunt down bugs. Below is a summary of what was needed to be done exactly.

    Gravity Gun (was mostly gone from code):
    1. Manually copied the data from the old version of the map, rewrote parts that could not be copied
    2. Rewrote the triggers from scratch using old version of the map as reference, changes: 1) NOTDOwnerofUnit changed to UnitGetOwner (builtin), 2) UnitHasBehavior changed to UnitHasBehavior2
    3. Rewrote or copied weapon mod code to affect Gravity Gun
    4. Added item weight, since picking up item with no weight causes infinite loop. Weight set to 3, copied from crowbar. Original code implies weight was zero
    5. Added requirements to pull/throw/cancel/attack abilities to have Gravity Gun equipped
    6. Moved the disable/enable attack trigger calls to Gravity Gun equip behavior, to work with updated NOTD code. This accidentally fixed the "Gravity Gun attack" bug, that allowed a weird form of DPS
    7. Added abilities to each class manually
    8. Added new command card buttons for each class manually
    9. Added Gravity Gun drops and switch (recruit: ECC3, non-recruit: ECC1, ACC1, SECC1)
    10. Restored Gravity Gun attack ability as described in wiki
    11. Fixed minor barrel death bug
    Forward observer and engineer can not use Gravity Gun pull/throw since the classes are at 32 ability limit. Abilities were added over and over to already bloated classes, there is no more space for anything.
    Forward observer, assault, demolitions and technician don't have enough room for ground attack ability.

    Shiva (somehow managed to survive in code, for the most part):
    1. Updated existing data to appropriately use Shiva as ammo, kill immortals, be affected by fire vulnerability and HE, no TK from chem damage
    2. Added item weight, set to 20
    3. Fixed item logic to use Shiva like a consumable item, thus working around ability limit
    4. Added Shiva drops and switch (Kenny 1 in 250 chance, ACC3, SecAC3, SecBC3, 1 in 10 chance in non-recruit ECC3)
    5. Fixed negative rating award bug. Players over 2000 rating could not be awarded negative rating from objectives by game. LOL.
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