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    General Tips and Tricks for Night of the Dead

    This is a list of general tips to playing NOTD that may not be obvious to the casual observer. Please feel free to incorporate any and all of these into your gameplay.

    1. Stick with your firing team. There is safety in numbers.
      1. Some classes, such as mobility recon and subtlety marksman, are effective scout classes. However, you should only solo if you ask permission and you are sure that you can survive and your team doesn't need you for the next segment. (unknown soldier)
    2. Soloing infestors is not recommended, as in higher difficulty games they spawn banelings when attacked and creep and parasites when killed.
    3. It is never a good idea to go in front of your team's designated tank.
    4. Every marine is equipped with a combat knife (hotkey D). There is no penalty for spamming it constantly, and it does decent damage with a great slow effect.
    5. If you manually reload (hotkey T) you will reload 30% faster, and if you get a perfect reload (2 or less rounds left in a magazine) you will reload 50% faster.
    6. Generally, active skills are better than passive skills.
    7. You can hold fire by pressing X F and you will move 10% faster. You can break this by attack-moving or pressing X G.
    8. If you have fibrin bandages in your inventory, you can use them on allies by pressing X X and then clicking on them.
    9. Type -sq to see the squad rating, squad experience, and difficulty.
    10. There is no penalty for having stuff in your inventory. If there is an item on the ground that someone might want later, and you have open inventory slots, carry it for them.
    11. Different weapons are affected differently by armor. For example, gauss rifle loses one point of damage per armor point, laser rifle gains one point, sub machine gun loses two, and flamethrower bypasses armor entirely.
    12. Items have weight and will slow you down when equipped. Having more than 50-60 magazines equipped can slow you dangerously. (Thermidor)
    13. You can unequip magazines and drop them into your inventory to reduce the weight penalty (hotkey X C). (Thermidor)
    14. Taking hits is almost always a bad idea. You lose a lot of rating for taking a lot of hits, unless you are a tanking class. Always kite when possible. (Thermidor)
    15. You can see the location of your allies by pressing X Q. This will ping everyone's location on the map and show their names above their heads on the screen. (Theter)
    16. Pausing the game saves lives. If you see someone in a dangerous situation, feel free to pause and let them know. (Theter)
    17. You can change weapons while you reload. This is especially helpful for commandos stacking adrenaline with a rapid-fire weapon and then switching to a weapon with a slow attack speed. (Theter)
    18. Make use of the wiki, it is your friend. (ProbeGst)
    19. Flares are very useful items. They give vision over walls, reveal cloaked and burrowed units (such as black ops and infestors), and show your location to the dropship that brings you more ammunition. (ProbeGst)
    20. Many bosses have tricky mechanics, and when fought correctly become much easier. Again, use the wiki if you're having trouble with a specific boss. (ProbeGst)
    21. There is a slight delay between reaching 0 rounds and the start of the automatic reload. It is possible to accomplish a perfect (gold) reload during this time, and is the only way to do so with weapons such as the stinger, barrett, and L3 grenade launcher (unless you start with a partially full magazine). (NiteShade)
    22. Classes having higher experience requirements means they require more skill to use effectively. This does not make them better classes. (Peerawatz)
    23. Most teams will need a field aid medic and most teams won't need more than one medic. Choose your class accordingly. (unknown soldier)
    24. Typing -a reveals how much ammo players have equipped, although it does not take into account the amount people have in their inventory. Use this to make sure new players aren't running low or whoring ammo, and to subconsciously remind people that they need to be mindful of their ammo. (unknown soldier)
    25. Be mindful of the gear you pick up, as other classes may need it more than you. If you see an item with a purple or gold name, or an armor early in the game, you should ask someone before taking it. Here is a good (if very old) guide to the weapons in NOTD: (unknown soldier)
    26. Talents are set up in two trees of five talents each. Make sure you stick to one tree, either left or right, until you get to tier 3 ultimate ability at the bottom of that tree. (unknown soldier)
    27. Most of the early classes have very spammable abilities with low energy costs and cooldowns and high energy regeneration rates, so you should be using your abilities at every opportunity unless specifically asked not to. (unknown soldier)
    28. As a medic you should almost always focus on curing ailments first and then restoring hp. Crippled marines are more likely to get hurt, and bleeding/poisoned marines will drain your energy. (unknown soldier)
    29. You should almost always have medical supplies with you, especially if you are tanking or scouting. Be mindful of those who don't have any in case you need to share. (unknown soldier)
    30. When in doubt, ask for and listen to instructions from more experienced players. Don't trust experience completely however, you should check their decisions after the game with another experienced player in chat or on the forums. (unknown soldier)
    Please also feel free to post additional tips, I will add them to the list.
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    It's not a good idea to equip all the mags you see as this slows you down. If you have too many mags equipped, press X C to drop them into your inventory. You can equip them later when you're low on ammo.

    (I think the hotkey is X C, correct me if I'm wrong)

    Do not facetank the enemy. Kite them to avoid unecessary hits.
  3. Theter

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    - If you feel lost, and alone, press X+Q will indicate to all where the rest of the team is, for a few seconds.

    - Don't hesitate to pause the game. Sometimes explaining whats is going wrong cannot be said within 2 seconds, and it can save several lives to you and your company.

    - You can manually reload and change weapon at the same time.

    Edit : As this list will become very long, I suggest you to sort those different tips by type (combat tips, general tips, story tips etc...)
  4. ProbeGst

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    - if u wanna know more go to wiki
    - use flares it is very usefull
    - every bosses are easy but there are condition.(cerebus)(appo)
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    You can manually reload even when you reach 0 rounds remaining. There's a slight delay until the Automatic reload kicks in, and if you're quick you can still perform the Golden Perfect Reload. This massively increases the ammo efficiency of the Stinger, by allowing you to get an extra rocket of per magazine. This is also the only way to get the Perfect Reloads with the Barrett, L3 Grenade Launcher, and Stinger unless you started with an unful magazine.
  6. Peerawatz
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    - A higher xp-requirement class doesn't mean it's going to be better than the starting classes, even though they use the Spectre Model and looks like a cyber-ninja, each higher xp classes means they are harder to use for greater effects than standard one.
  7. 1 if there is no medic in the team BE THE MEDIC as the team always needs a medic
    2 some classes such as mobrecon has to go solo so u can ignore rule 1
    3 you can press -a to find the mags carried by the team
    4 know what weapons are used by which classes one of the big problems in pub games is that some newbies take a weapon they cant use for example a medic using shotgun before tank
    5 always know your role not all classes can do everything
    6 stick to one tree till you get the ultimate ability this can be game changing
    7 do not be afraid to use your abilities (especially if you are a rifleman) energy can be regenerated :)
    8 curing ailments have priority compared with regaining hp as an open wound can be fatal
    9 try to carry a bandage and a medikit with you if you are tank or you are soloing as recon
    10 always listen to vets they know better than you
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    Thanks unknown soldier. Someone find me a good items guide to link to #25? I don't have time atm.
  9. Arturia

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    Sticky'd Thread.
    Will try to rotate some of these fantastic threads around so they aren't completely forgotten about. <3
  11. Marcus

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    Pet has base attack(A) - melee type. At lvl 7 it becomes range attack type. But it dont auto attack enemies. You must click on enemy or ground(if enemies are in sight range) and pet will attack them.
    Read more about pet here:
  12. ozzy

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    how to play easy company recruit

    kithrixx explained most important parts of it
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    Dat smexy queen spin.
  14. ozzy

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    in recruit it is easy to facetank with no medic if you have c4 riot shield and medkits

    I always taunt and tier 3 on shriek to live

    spinning is good if you have space and less medkits and it has less chance of short circuit than facetanking
  15. HISMOM

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    Just going to put this out there. Contrary to #3 on the list, depending on the tank, if it is a tank that has a Taunt skill (Assault or Demolitions), then it is actually beneficial to stand in front of your tank. This way, you can knife (hotkey D) the enemies coming towards your tank and slow them down before they even attack the tank, with no harm to yourself as your tank will be taunting. This is very useful in higher difficulty games, especially on nightmare where the enemies have so much health and charge at you that it's harder to kill them before they reach your team.
  16. this have so many cons that i can think of. If an agron is coming, a bane, basically any AOE enemy. Also for assault it is possible for the taunt to go on CD so you will need to monitor the time quite well. Even for demo taunt can go on CD for half a second due to lag (which is enough to kill you).
    Note: this is tips and tricks, not for pros but for those who want to step up a bit after first nm
  17. HISMOM

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    Yeah, but facetanking an Agron or Baneling is generally a bad idea. Most players tend to learn to actually step back and kite when a baneling/beastling is coming, and if they don't then they will learn quickly. Also, lag ruins everything. You could counter any arguement with "lag". I try not to factor lag into it.

    And on that note, just because you're the tank for the team, it does not mean you have to facetank everything. There are a few enemies that you cannot tank, or that it is bad to tank, such as Agrons and banelings/beastlings.
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  18. Marcus

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    This tip is useful for early game anyway, when only enemies range from ghouls/zombies/stalkers and in nm games this is pretty common to see(Hmm :p I mean in nm games played by experienced players). Later as game evolves and so the enemies new tactics comes in play. Guess this was not ment as all game tip just for special cases( and early game mainly ). Good point out :).
  19. MissHumpz
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    Guys can we keep in mind this original thread is over 2 years old, some of the tips may be a little outdated now considering that NOTD is frequently updated and adjusted, especially in a 2 year time frame.
    However the jist of this is still very helpful to new players learning the concept of NOTD as it is a different gameplay to most games.
  20. Ramses II
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    If you're in front of the tank and an agron or bane comes they have no ability to side kite to pull aggro and everyone has to run away. The point of a tank is to make it so everyone else can sit still for as long as possible, because moving = not shooting. If you're using tactics that require you to go past the tank to knife, rather than just stacking on him/her, you're doing it wrong. Murphy's Law is incredibly present in NOTD, and consistent wins come from doing what you can to minimize risk and have ways to deal with random shitshows.

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