Gemini Protocol Blues

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    Gemini Protocol suffers from poor planning in terms of what we wanted to do when actually implementing it. Here's a thread to clarify everything.

    The Assault should get a special inventory that looks similar to the current one, but with an additional slot aligned horizontally next to the current weapon slot, like so:

    W for Weapon, G for Gemini Weapon, A for Armor, X for Accessory.
    Visually, the Gemini Weapon slot is identical to the others, except it is occupied by an undroppable item (using this icon and having a short tooltip of "Level Gemini Protocol to unlock this weapon slot.") until such a time that Gemini Protocol is leveled. When Gemini Protocol gets that delicious skill point, the item gets deleted and the slot becomes usable for guns.

    Also of note: Instead of Gemini applying an attack speed penalty when two weapons are equipped, for sanity, we'll just make it a permanent slow once the Gemini Weapon becomes available. I can't imagine a situation where someone wouldn't want to use a second weapon once they've gotten it, so we'll just call it a consequence of choosing that ability.

    Also, ALSO of note: The original Gemini Protocol weapon restriction list doesn't apply anymore. About the only thing we need to worry about now with the removal of Alt Fire modes is the HMG, which we can just bar the Assault from using once Gemini Protocol is leveled.
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