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Discussion in 'NOTD Discussion' started by Zeriathyr, Feb 12, 2013.

  1. Zeriathyr

    Zeriathyr Well-Known Member

    Anyone has any fun experiences to share with certain odd results from using skills?

    The Demo's Look! skill:
    In one game, I got Leto to kill Zeus right from the start of their spawning, and Erobos to kill an Infestor.
    Erobos even ignored the rain of bullets.. casually strolling from airlock to Dome B to punch the festor like a boss.

    To a lesser extent, the rifleman's sonic trap.
    I placed it to ward off a stalker near Erobo's stage entry.
    The cutscene's banelings were repelled by it.
    Gate still exploded though.
  2. Scorpione

    Scorpione Well-Known Member

    Using technician's right tree allows u to have a ranged crowbar :).
    Engineer mind controlling mutas+gargolies.
    Mind control infestors for mass sheeps.
    Psi ops push allies into enemies.
    Mando grav nade vortex team.
    If u get armadeggon u can make it explode n kill the civs + banes.
  3. Extifer
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    Extifer Stiffy is what Lyanden calls me.

    There was an infamous time (around January - February 2011) where we could use engineer's mind control on infestors and have them hug bosses.

    Insta win every time.

    I need to go look up that screen shot.
  4. Scorpione

    Scorpione Well-Known Member

    So bugs and old imba stuff count too? Panaced shiva then ;D
  5. Ryan III

    Ryan III Well-Known Member

    Commando's nuke can kill Charlie without getting shot to death.
  6. Scorpione

    Scorpione Well-Known Member

    Anything can now :p
  7. ImaDomo
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    ImaDomo Clad In Armour

    Do you mean huggers Ex, not infestors? Like mind ctrling one of Demeter's huggers in surv to hug Gotb.
  8. Extifer
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    Extifer Stiffy is what Lyanden calls me.

    Read my post DOMO, it was around January - February 2011 during NOTD beta. A time when you were not around. Anyone from my time such as Shooz, Arch, and Lyanden can tell you about it.

    Btw the bug you speak of are Demeter's Cocoons (which was late last year 2012), not huggers.

    Learn to read properly next time.
  9. Miracle
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    Miracle NOTD Staff: Assistant of many things

    Easy Company
    - Timing your air strike/fire mission/armageddon/napalm/contaminate/tactical nuke, so it kills the civilians during Erebos cutscene
    - Destroying dropship with nuke as it flies away
    - Get killing blow with mind ravage so Zeus/Leto/Infestor/Other bosses become yours for 10 seconds
    - Using gravity grenade on dropship (when it arrives or as it flies off)
    - Kill Menoetes with nuke/napalm/fire mission
    - Use look! on Zeus/Leto and make them attack each other
    - dRyRain's medal of honour celebration nuke

    Alpha Company
    - Tanking Cerberus as a Recon with RA and reflexes

    - Shrink teammates
    - Use look! on teammates

    Can't think of anything else at the moment.
  10. Osaze

    Osaze Well-Known Member

    HEHE, you find that screenshot, cuz that was a bug I found :)
  11. Extifer
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    Extifer Stiffy is what Lyanden calls me.

    This was the only thing I could manage to find, which was huggers being bugged with them being mc'able and being able to hug.

    Notice the old UI of NOTD.


    P.S At least I found it origination of your Princess title Osaze. LOL. I also found some funny stuff, I'll PM it to you.
  12. Lyanden

    Lyanden Well-Known Member

    gravity grenade sucking in vikings from the FO's airstrike causing them to throw the bombs in random messed up directions. (frequently results in TKs)
  13. Ginger Gerald

    Ginger Gerald Well-Known Member

    I remember that.

    I can't think of any skills that I used for practical effects, but I remember when Freeman was around and had his opening cinematic, I'd play Demo and throw down a fire wall so it looked like he was walking out of hell. Good times.
  14. SkullCapp

    SkullCapp Well-Known Member

    Before dropship became unclickable and invulnerable, some people have fun osoking/kmsing dropship before ammo drop. *picture of amms and submandos with trollface*

    Using Shrink on pred skin such as Terra Tron, Hybrid, Brutalisk, and possibly Archon (since its original model size is bigger than one in notd).

    Before PF's Jump and NQ changes, PF used to traverse terrain or jump to 'island' (such as south of SY and west of Death trap/valley).
    Before PF's Booster or whatever (one that increase speed) change, PF used to be a mobile sonic trap as he go through mobs, they get pushed back. It was fun.

    As fortmo, using Look! on team mate, if he/she is rude.
  15. Time

    Time New Member

    Holy crap man, overreaction much? I'm pretty new so I had no idea that time was during beta and thought you were talking about huggers too.
  16. Extifer
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    Extifer Stiffy is what Lyanden calls me.

    Domo has a history of failing to read things properly, hence why he was banned on the forums for numerous incidents for failing to read.

    Also the reason for my tone to him.
  17. Zeriathyr

    Zeriathyr Well-Known Member

    Using Psi-Ops to Psi-Tempest the Erobos entry zone will not only cause the civilians to die but also Erobos to walk right into the fencing and look like he is bending over ass up.
  18. Scorpione

    Scorpione Well-Known Member

    Use MC to get a flock of mutas for the lulz :D
  19. Froblock

    Froblock Well-Known Member

    In Pub:
    Nuke cutscenes.
    Nuke cam, activate cams and run away before the nuke drops. (This will kill at least 1/3 noobs. Ofc i went 3/3 one game)

    MC enough agrons and u can tank the queen!
  20. ArcanePariah
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    ArcanePariah Miracle Worker

    Mentioned elsewhere but:

    Random Demo, Tech, Flamethrower and Psi Ops. Mind Link all the above. Enjoy virtual invincibility.

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