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Discussion in 'Online Operations' started by Zuriel, Feb 5, 2012.

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    Hi guys.

    Many of us have lived in the previous version of the forums, and we know what it was like. Now that we have a fresh beginning, I would like to propose a fresh start for all, and lets treat each other with courtesy and respect.

    I have taken the liberty to suggest some dos and donts regarding posting stuff.


    Type in a clear and concise manner, so as to allow others to easily understand your idea/message/point.

    Think through your comment before posting. Does it aid in the discussion? Is it relevant? If so, fire away!

    Offer constructive criticism, not destructive cynicism. Many of us have a bad habit of showing an ugly side of us when we disagree with other people's views. Lets keep ourselves in check, and help rebuild this community.

    Try to use appropriate language. Keep swearing, cursing to a minimum, we are all mature enough to choose appropriate words to use.

    Give thanks. Your kind words can make somebody's day, and spread a good vibe in the forums. It doesn't cost a lot of time to post a thankful comment or PM.


    Don't do something that might potentially hurt somebody. We want to keep negativity to a minimum, so as to foster closer ties and greater understanding amongst fellow forum members. (This includes hacker accusation, keep all reports in a neutral perspectie, offer appropriate evidence, await investigation and discussion by the relevant authorities)

    Don't restrict your NOTD suggestions. More ideas help make this game more dynamic. Do think them through before posting, so as to weed out any half-baked ideas.

    Don't do anything that you don't like others to do to you. Pretty straightforward, unless you're a masochist, in that case uh... :p

    Lets work together and move forward. We can make this place (and game) a better one for all. :D

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