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Discussion in 'NOTD Discussion' started by ChuckWing, Apr 1, 2015.

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    That sounds interesting, would squish or blaqk care to comment on engi? As far as i know engi has been a passive area-denial character and any tips relating to playing it better has been "click faster and better".
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    Weighing in here.

    stanK. Cool it the fuck down.
    This is not the proper way to get clear and concise replies from anyone, least of all chuck. Part of TmTeam, will just troll you harder.

    That being said -
    Engineer, when played correctly, can mean the difference between a tank being overwhelmed, or everyone being bored stiff because DPS is killing shit and tank has nothing to do. Drag Lulz into a game if you want an example of this from the Field Support side.


    Combat Engi X1 is literally the best tank you can have early game, doesn't give a fuck about anything 10/10. Except Stalkers and anything bigger and worse. Rines, Hulks, Zombies, Ghouls, zero fucks given.

    It's me again can lead to some pretty... dumb DPS output, if you play it right.

    Boom Headshot is a great stun, slap anyone who tells you otherwise.

    Synergy if you can break it makes your dps dumb.

    Overdrive is underwhelming at most situations, when used properly will mop up a horde nicely.

    Field Engi Plasma level 3 is a great slow everything down (except bosses lolwat)

    Probes are good, all levels - the more you can micro the better this gets in most cases.

    Towers are meh now. Probably like 2 kills per tower per wave in ec nm holdout post erebos 1 wave.

    Battery is eclipsed by Supply Station's burst energy/ammo/hp regen, but it is an always on ARC Reactor for your team.

    Nexus is great if you can use it, will cause wipe in hands of shitty player. Micro is rewarded with it.
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    Gentlemen, if you can't keep your posts insult free, I'll start treating you like the children you are and put you in time out.
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    I replied before I saw your post humpz... so I'll edit it for you.

    Great conversation Stank! I have learned so much from it and can now grow in notd as well as in life. You have taught me so much, I feel like I should send you money for your troubles. Some might consider you an angry little man, but I see you as just a very passionate person.

    P.S. As a thank you for engaging in such exhilarating conversation, I have gone through the trouble of finding a wiki that would be helpful for you. Enjoy!
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    Put them nose first in the corner!
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    Hahaha I did have an amusing chuckle out of your original post Chuck and I appreciate you editing into a most heart felt responce.

    I will like to add, to me the image is an obvious metaphor when I'm talking about the monkeys and a banana on a ladder in relation to NOTD players these days and their behaviour. Because obviously NOTD players are not monkeys trying to get a banana off a ladder, hence the metaphor.

    Unless someone has something constructive to add please refrain from posting.
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    Well, I'm not aware of any other way of telling people to fuck off when they keep repeating/trolling. Other than just saying "fuck off" of course, and thats not very informative or polite.

    Like kith said: Such is life. Can't please everyone.

    Not sure why you needed edits. I don't see humpz minding the first one.

    Aww, you don't have to search for troll links if I offended you. But thanks for the whole 20 seconds you probably spent on it.

    Fine, I'll add something constructive. The fact that players don't know what they are doing or why they are doing it has always been around. Its a noob quality. You are probably dissatisfied with the fact that there are more noobs nowadays, not with some particular behavior.
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    Lol, like rly. I always wonders why you make fun of ppl that do something that they dont know why while its yours fault;). Some "newbs"(1-2) get in "vet" game where "vets" say them what to do but not why to do. They happy that can play some mode/chapter they normally cant just follow. Than they play it with their friends where they say them what to do and they see it works. Most "newbs" just want wins to show "vets" they are worthy so they do it always the same way(hard grind) and they dont experiment.

    And then you complain/make fun/joke of them because you didnt have .... to explain them. You just turn them to blind followers, because you dont care(you care only if they do what you want or if not then you wont play with them anymore).

    GG WP.

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