For squish: Pistol vs SG on Tartarus

Discussion in 'Archive' started by David, Mar 2, 2014.

  1. squish

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    Neat things, quotes.

    SAFEST thing for tart is to build adren with flame, back off, whip a pistol out and surgical strike. 100 dmg per shot ain't bad. Quickest thing is to shotgun. Quick is good in my book.

    SAFEST thing to do for eli? I haven't figured that one out yet. Shotgun factors heavily into it - but I don't play SMM/Arms Assault because the DPS doesn't compare for me. Sure it equals out over time, but nothing beats +150% or more damage with exponentially higher attack speed in the short term. With the way crits were reworked, old way used to be you'd crit something in a group and nail everything at once, hard. Now, you nail the same thing multiple times and the damage multiplies.
  2. tigonridge

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    You read into what I wrote. I didn't say a thing about weapon range.

    Pistol doesn't have splash for banes/beasts, which can reduce demo's shield to nothing quickly. Quick is not good if the means to that end is unnecessarily risky; not the first time this concept has been mentioned, but you still don't get it. Go figured.

    Safest thing for eli, is called grenades. If SG is scouted, give it to arms assa. If neither crofl nor sg are had, the most important thing is to have tank sap eli, then look when it starts to move. Allies should be using p45, bar, hmg, etc. to focus down eli. With enough DPS classes in the team, there is no reason why eli should be allowed to lay eggs more than once or twice.

    "I don't play SMM/Arms Assault because the DPS doesn't compare for me." DPS DPS DPS DPS DPS DPS DPS... LOL
  3. squish

    squish Well-Known Member

    Anyways. I'm done here. People bitch about sg splash because "oh hurr durr teh commanderp eats beans if he splashes too hard"

    Arms assault doesn't do near as much dps as quick as the commando does. Exponential attack speed buildup, remember? That's not even factoring in surgical strike, with the difference in DPS and energy consumption being massive by comparison.

    Yes, the arms assault shoots for days. Yes, he has dps over time. Yes he has disables like crazy. No, he doesn't KILLSHITDEAD like the commando does. Only one other class comes close to doing that, the Subtlety marksman; and only because crits are LOLBROKEN.
  4. tigonridge

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    Feels like talking to a broken record who is incapable of listening and considering others' views. You still haven't addressed what to do when mando is on CD and shit is raining in from multiple directions, such as random BT's or banes/ags. You keep spewing the same thing over and over about mando's sheer DPS as if nobody knows about it. Anybody who has at least 100 nm wins recognizes that mando is the insane damage dealer. No one has denied that, yet you keep preaching on and on like it's the only thing you know about the game. It's kinda sad... Start looking critically at commando's disadvantages, and how other classes can fill in that hole; instead of assuming pure burst DPS from that 15-20 seconds out of the 30 seconds is the answer to everything. If you still don't get that, then I have nothing left to say to you.
  5. squish

    squish Well-Known Member

    Simple, the answer is the team kites into a defensible position if it's REALLY that bad that 7 other people with a mix of GPR's and M45's, along with assorted talents can't deal with it.
  6. EdowardoLMP

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    No offence, you've just sound like: "All the bosses are belongs to me" and "You guys only have to take care of the rest, fuck you all".
  7. TheWolf
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    + we are still waiting for your video where you proof your point without buying anything, especially HCM.
    Btw Chuck, how long was that elifight last time you were Armsassualt with sg? 3 seconds? 4? that thing died faster than ive ever seen with a sg mando.

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