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    Three years ago I had a rock solid, large income and very few bills. Because of that, I bought my meteor grey Audi A5.

    I have been in need of new tires (we're talking wear-bars visible) for months. I hadn't bought them because I was going to spend my tax return on them but all of my tax return disappeared in the divorce. At this point, my front left tire is borderline Buddah and I have rotated it to my rear right. I called my dealership today to see how much a new set would cost.

    I have $792 left in my savings to keep me alive until I can find a solid job. The cheapest new set of tires, mind you I'm stuck with 18", would cost me $796.


    ITT, please post your own FML moments to make us all feel better about ourselves.
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  3. ArcturusV

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    18, a clueless kid. Kicked out by my parents against their word. Deal was if I was going to school, I had room and board. I was slated to start up school that September, they decided that wasn't good enough because I was going to a crappy community college instead of a university. Just for shits and giggles my mother also emptied out my life savings I had gotten over years of doing everything from laboring in the orchards, janitorial work, retail, grunt labor, etc. Because the account was opened when I was a minor and my mother was thus a signatory on my account. Threatened to have me thrown in jail if I ever bothered her again. Stated that she was going to adopt new children so she could finally have one that wasn't a complete waste of life. Told all my relatives that I was a drug lord and some sort of criminal kingpin (I laughed in her face when she accused me of it. I hadn't even so much as touched a cigarette in my life, much less seen or handled illegal substances, I was as straight laced as they come). Suddenly all my friends turned away, typical "Yeah, sucks what's going on... no I won't help you" stuff. Spent a hard 6 months homeless, including through the dead of winter with nothing but the clothes on my back.
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  5. ArcturusV

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    Love Sakura. :)

    But yes, that is the short version of events. Also explains why I smack people I know who say things like "I won't give that hobo money, he'll just spend it on booze/drugs". Been there, know how hard it is. Don't blame people that need that chemical escape from that sort of situation. Also know that not all of them are washed out drug addicts or sodden fools.
  6. Emperor

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    Ummm... One time I stepped on a lego.
  7. Ryan III

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    ^ OWWWWW
    Happens to me far to often
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    Yeah I'm in a similar situation to Arcturus right now. I quite simply don't have any living family and the only reason I'm not homeless is because my great-grandparents left me their old farm, which is barely livable when you consider this house was built in the late 1800s.
  10. Inquisitor

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    Far better than nothing. Besides.. Barely livable can easily be turned into adequately liveable.
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    Yeeeaaaah not this one. Once I've secured any job I'm going to get an apartment. It would take far too much money to get this place up to speed. Indoor plumbing and electricity were as modern as it got here. Plus the other day on the way to the kitchen to get some coffee, I fell through the floor again. D:
  12. TuRKeYMaN

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  13. CHENZ

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    Words cannot start to describe the situation I find myself in.

    me and 3 friends decided to start a small firm in Australia. Problem is, all 4 of us are University students. that means no money, and little time >.>

  14. ArcturusV

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    My favorite was when an acquaintance of mine was whining about how hard life was. The situation was as follows:

    Daughter is sent to college by Father who pays for tuition, room, board, car, and a small allowance for luxuries. She decides she wants to get a tattoo. Father hears of the Tattoo plan, tells her that if she does get a tattoo he's not going to keep paying for her... well... whole life. Daughter proceeds to whine to everyone she meets about how unfair life is because she isn't being allowed to get a tattoo.
  15. KatsuraJun

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    Visit boyfriend in San Francisco.
    Get kicked out of his house by his parents.
    Live in a car for 3 weeks.

    Though it wasn't too bad. Except for the freezing nights.
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  17. Blaqk
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    My shitterwebz (as NiteShade has dubbed it) makes uploading stuff to servers very patience-testing. Where I'm staying, the only internet I have access to is through my phone, which I'm thankful I have unlimited data and mobile hotspot. The moment Sprint realizes I've burned through 17 GB of data this month, though, I'm in trouble.
  18. OdinTL

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    I had access to wired internet when I was going to college, then I moved back home in the country and there we have no access to cable or dsl internet; however, I did just install a pimp ass 3G set-up with Millenicom (which uses Sprint) with unlimited data plan and the U250 modem. I have the U250 hooked up to a 3G antenna (Yagi antenna from which significantly boosts the signal and now I am back online and able to play (so far with no dc or lag). So watch out fo me.:D
  19. Lyanden

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    Lost 3 patients now, each one to them deciding to take their lives into their own hands.

    Right to refuse/stop treatment and all that.

    While it's true that their conditions meant they would have to be "drains in their family's income for life"
    (Ex. Chronic renal failure 2ndary to diabetes = perma dialysis)...

    “Death is so final. Whereas life, ah life is so full of possibilities.”
    -Tyrion Lannister, A Song of Ice and Fire

    Fuck this life
  20. ArcturusV

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    I lived in the only US state which passed medically assisted suicide. I can honestly say that being surrounded by the walking dead is a truly traumatic experience (my time volunteering in those death factories... I mean "old folks homes" really bothered me as well), and when given the option my family has opted into it as soon as it was legal.

    There is something that disturbs me to the very core about it. Spending days with my grandfather, turning into weeks and months where he wasn't really alive. He couldn't talk anymore, couldn't move by himself very well. Constantly hooked up to devices that were taking over the majority of his life functions. Every day he would stare at me for hours on end, his eyes screaming out in the unending, painful agony that he was going through. There was madness in those eyes. The only small reprieve my sanity had from that experience was that he was unable to talk. I could not imagine what he would have said during those days.

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