Unconfirmed Fixed Bergmann Laser Weapon (EC CH1)

Discussion in 'Game Bugs' started by SunCloud, Mar 12, 2017.

  1. SunCloud

    SunCloud New Member

    I patched Bergmann's Laser weapon in EC Ch1. Although he looks funny (shooting from his chest), he now properly team kills when a marine prematurely enters the lab in chapter 1.
    - Switched Bergmann's [ATA Laser Battery] with [AER Laser Rifle]
    You can see the changes here: https://github.com/ArcanePariah/Night-of-the-Dead/pull/22
  2. JohnyM

    JohnyM Member

    Only clases that can do that are Psi ops and pathfinder, and them entering lab prematurely have no impact on gameplay. I dont see what's the point of this thing.
  3. stanK

    stanK Member

    Prolly just an easter egg
  4. rockz
    • Donator

    rockz Well-Known Member

    IMO, this is the sort of stuff that we shouldn't waste our time fixing, but you can't argue much with 4 lines.

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