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    I enjoy where things are going so far! The ability to select difficulty was a nice thing to see in the game now. Looking forward to seeing that polished up. [We played on recruit for both replays because we are nubz.]

    Person I was duoing with said that she could not tell which one was which during class selection. Maybe make it so it says it underneath/above the class, or when you hover over it says the class' name. I didn't personally have a problem with it, as I already knew which classes were which from playing earlier classes as they were released.

    Immediately noticed that I could not drop mags. This was frustrating just because I like having a low mag count for the MS Boost. [RIP Marine Actions.]

    It was nice to see that inventory was functioning again, as 3 or 4 weeks ago inventory was invisible for me and unusable. Only suggestion is to maybe scale things up a little, the icons are really small and can be difficult to click sometimes. [NVG button is very easy to miss with how small it is. I did not have problem with it, but I can see it being an issue in the future.]

    Maybe it was because we were just duoing to ditz around, but it seemed like the civillians were the attack priority of zombies and not players. Kind of frustrating, but I can see where that is coming from. Peacekeepers also like to ditch the civies and go off on their own and bring the fight to Eltrad.

    The 2nd boss should at least make an effort to kill players that go to meet him. Killed him before he even got to the reactor in one replay. Completely ignored us. [Also, the nano-strength is so good with bloodlust and crowbar, holy balls.]

    Major inconvenience: Manual targeting with Auto Shotty would ALWAYS provide an error message if you did not click precisely on the target. Did not even A-move. Was especially annoying when trying to target the centers of mobs to maximize splash.

    Target priorities seemed wonky. Parasites from corpses held more threat than the actual zombies, and the AI would target them instead of zombies in front of the unit. Annoying when added with manual targeting bug(?).

    Modifications will do weird things when attempting to equip them. For example, you can put the Recoil mod in the 1st mod slot, but AP cannot go in the 2nd. When moving the Recoil mod to inventory and equiping the AP I was able to equip both. (AP in 1st slot and Recoil in 2nd.)

    Ammo cases do not auto fill with mags [when picked up from otg] that are already in inventory, not sure if there is something that could be done about this. But it is a very minor inconvenience.

    Fairly significant thing: Predator's attack priority is so low that I was able to do some really stupid things with it. For one, I could run away from my surviving partner and zombies would not aggro onto the Predator. They would continue to chase partner that is 30+ range away while ignoring the kitty noming their ankles. The only enemy that went out of its way to attack the predator was the 2nd boss, and even then it was sort a sort of half assed attempt with its AI bugging out between wanting to kill reactor and kill pred or player.

    Predator was also able to completely block the 3rd boss next to a car. It seemed to have broke its AI as the boss simply stood there without even fidgeting. Kind of stood there like, "lul dat ticklz".

    Predator rockets also seemed to shoot way more rockets than what should have been happening at its attack speed. Seemed like I was using cluster rockets. May have to do with the fact that predator has to stop to use attack and it is like nipping its heels, but never gets the attack animation to go off fully.

    Also, the only 2 things that cost energy for the Predator were Sprint and Cloak. Energy field was free and basically knife for Predator with AoE. While it was cool to walk through mob trains unmolested by target priorities, it was a little ridiculous. [Speaking of knife, if the "cooldown" notification could go away, that would be nice. I know my knife has a cooldown, that will not stop me from putting a marble on my D key.]

    I am sure you are already aware: When bosses spawn there is a minor lag spike for most of them. But when it comes to the final boss, lag goes off the hook. It is literally unplayable, we just quit because we had -10 frames per second.

    (Some of the new sound effects for guns are legit doe. Auto Shotty felt really good to use.)

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    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton

    We'll be cleaning up the class selection screen in the future.

    You can, actually: click the Ammo Bar to drop Magazines. Commlink is currently working on the User Interface - the end result will look something like this. The Reload button is supposed to be Drop Magazine - it's mislabeled due to a miscommunication at my part.

    The Inventory was reduced in size to reduce visual clutter, but we'll think about it.

    We're aware of the AI issues, our current development priority (as noted in the Things To Be Done thread) puts classes before missions. We want to make sure the classes are functioning to satisfaction before we start refining missions.

    Sarbus will be recieving updates.

    I'll give it a look.

    Target priorities should be equal for all units. I'll take a look at it.

    It's intended that Ammo Mods can only go in the first slot - this is to prevent the mod stacking that occurred in NOTD. When we polish the UI, we'll try to make that more evident.

    As far as I'm aware, we unfortunately can't really do anything about that.

    We'll look into equalizing its threat priority.

    The vehicles that litter the map are currently placeholders - we'll be replacing them with units that can be destroyed by large enough units.

    The rockets come out at a delay to prevent clumping and missile mover issues.

    It should have an energy cost, thank you for that.

    That's listed as a quality of life thing from the To Do thread.

    We're aware of spawn lag issues and we're looking to resolve them.

    Thank Peerawatz for that.
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    Stereo Paper Boy

    That is pretty obscure, but once it displays correctly I think its a nifty idea, and a good way of shaving Marine Actions.

    Could make that slot have a type of watermark on it to denote that it is for weapon modifications [like a bullet or something]

    So does that mean certain massive units will be able to destroy them by stepping on them? (And does that mean they do damage to players if they step on them?)
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    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton

    That's the idea. We may also add a tooltip to clarify.

    Or shove them out of the way.

    If there's a fire, yes, players will take damage.
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    Cool beans.

    (Also, going back a little, when I say the inventory could be a little bigger, I do not mean too much bigger. 5~10% larger I think would be fine.)

    Edit: I'll try to keep all of my feedback posts here, too. Gonna ditz around with other stuff at some point.
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    I also forgot to mention that the Auto Shotty did not appear to be criting at all. It may have been [in that it was doing the bonus damage], but I was not seeing any red numbers to denote there actually being one. [Had level 3 critical.]

    When I used other weapons I saw red numbers, so it might be shotties/just the auto shotty that this is affecting.
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    Laser Rifle is really unresponsive when it comes to reloading with a high attack speed. SMG did not seem that bad, but I did not use it with Bloodlust. Laser Rifle semi-unresponsive w/o Bloodlust. [Not sure, could be my 25~35 framerate.]

    I believe the lag is tied to the number of enemies spawning/loaded in. During the initial fight with final boss it was all pretty smooth, but as soon as I started focusing boss instead of mobs things slowed down quickly.

    Civies seem a little fast for the escort, hard to position self in a way to defend them. Could just because I am playing solo, and would probably be waaay easier if I had a partner/team.

    Suspecting Auto Shotty Error is because target is "out of range". However, I have a sneaking suspicion that the shotties are not getting the Focus Fire range buff, and are thus doing weird things.

    SMG splash seems pretty large, even if it is 1.75. Makes it pretty powerful. [Then again, still playing in Recruit just so I can explore things without getting instagibbed. (Tried playing Nightmare once. I died to the initial spawns.)]

    Replay is there if you want it. Mostly posted it because of the laser rifle being unresponisve.

    EDIT: Bank stuff.

    Games played are not updating. Rating updates. Not sure if XP is updating or not [Total or Available.] but I could just not be aware of changes.

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    (Bank is updating now. Games played is now counting up. 4 total now, yay. May have been something that I broke earlier and fixed now, but whatever. Its working now is my point.)

    The very first game we played as party did not initialize the difficult selection. It appeared as a blank screen. It was fixed when we remade. Thought it had something to do with the color red. Such was not the case. Did not happen again, but it is something to look out for. (When I went to save it I rushed and accidentally the whole thing, and whoop now its gone.)

    The civies spawning so close to the first objective is silly, but for recruit whatever. Norm and NM should have them spawn in locations that are a distance away from the HQ.

    Color code classes like it was in NOTD1. We look like power rangers. We're space marines. It is a clear demotion.

    Eltrad not joining the fight is annoying. The lingering fear of a sudden god damn sexu- ravenous tyrannosaurus coming out of the FoW is scary.

    Citizens of Edin are all omniscient, and can see things up cliffs with no clear vision granter.

    Recon feedback is from the game we played together, replay attached.

    Unit names are cut off when selected. They may be too tall, or you haven't put them in yet. They seemed to be there last time I looked at it.

    Knife range seems to be nut to butt, and it is very ineffective right now. Not on-par with Knife in NOTD1, but I am not sure if thats what you're going for. Also, why 4.98% chance to crit? Why not just 5? Knife seems to remember it is stabbing when something is in front of you and has gotten a hit. Maybe give it a little range? .5? (It is also pretty lame for other classes.)

    Recon did not appear to be getting an MS buff from low mag count. Got MS buff when on Hold Fire. Did not appear to be getting MS buff from Escape either. It LOOKS like I am running faster, but I do not see the MS adding bonuses in a way that makes sense. Picked up Comm Relay and got +.02 MS. Having 20 mags, no gun, and no armor, 2.59 +.8. Something seems wrong. (No MS bonuses when weapon equipt with weapons free.)

    Knife breaking cloak is silly. If it is going to break cloak, I think it should not be usable until cloak is turned off. If I want to turn cloak off I will use the hotkey, not my knife.

    Escape + Stealth cloaks items too. Assault Cohesion also gives buff to items.

    Frankly, from playing Recon with Cloak, Execute was pretty worthless to me [Although, I spent most of the game depleted on energy]. Should have gotten flare 3, but even then, I was never item running and both were basically useless. We had everything we needed to succeed in like 25 minutes. Including some... Uhhh... "Divine intervention", shall I say. (It was recruit, though...)

    I can see Scout Recon running missions with team being somewhere else, but in Recruit, it might as well be the team running missions. It would yield the same results. Once more missions and stuff get put it, yeah. 10/10. WTB points in intelligence though, energy drain was murder on a stick. (Because Recon easy mode is nice.)

    Tarion, without detection, is an imbecile. Give him detection. The fact that I could cloak you guys and him just stand there and get scratched on the back with an invisible poker is silly. Also, Flare Gun did not slow him down, but maybe I missed it/he was not under the AoE. Maybe just give all bosses detection

    Looking at unit count, there was a large Shambler count.

    Distinguish special armors from regular ones (RA looks like a Light Plate). Special weapons from others (AMR looks like an AR). A simple color switch would do nicely. Make RA red, KA teal. HMG and AMR yellow, or something.

    Demo feedback below. Game I was playing with me mates before I conscripted them. Some other things of note here, namely one thing in particular.

    The Provoke animation seems frivolous. Making it a singular red pulse would do nicely. Also kind of hard to tell if it is on or not, so maybe a sort of red effect on top of the model that appears for the duration. Provoke also only works for units in the initial radius, which is sort of silly imo. At one point I run up to get a stalker off of someone but it keeps chomping them even with provoke up. (But the constant pulse is annoying, and really seems like something for Escape.) [Maybe make it 1 pulse and all afflicted units have the red floaty thing???]

    As demo, in the replay labeled "case", at 14 minutes you will see me try to pick up an Ammo Case. For some reason beyond me, I cannot pick it up. Even with space, and no mags in inventory. (There is another case that can be seen, but I do not notice it. Ammo Cases are difficult to see, and I believe they should have a highlight of some kind.)

    Random effect played on the Demo, I only know it as the visual for Head Trauma in UA, so maybe you know what I am talking about. Not sure what it represents, and it is unclear in game.

    For Demo, Shield Bash has a good concept, but is bad in practice from what I have found. Another replay below will show that: Get SMG, turn provoke on, watch enemies die to splash without denting armor. There is no reason, with how it is now at least, for Demo to have anything but SMG. There is no reason to have enemies away from you when having them die to sooper splash makes you more invulnerable than... Ogilvy? No, bad analogy. Than NOTD1 demo. (I would pick it up at 10 and 11 simply because it is pointless teching into Explo.)

    Never got to Level 9, or went through a full game so it is pretty short feedback.

    (What are test subjects? They the benign creatures in the lab? Also, for race, set HAL to Protoss, Mechs to Protoss, and Mercs to Terran? i dunno, just a replay thing.)

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    Stereo Paper Boy

    Also: Are Available XP and Current XP values supposed to be different? (877 total, 782 available.)
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    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton

    Oh whoops guess who forgot to reply to some stuff. Replies ahoy!

    Shotguns use weird damage types, so the critical damage may be applying but the visual effect may not be popping.

    It's not your framerate. NOTD 2's weapons have issues with responsiveness that becomes very apparent when using rapid-fire weapons. We're unsure as to why and are looking into it.

    The major source of lag right now seems to be the spawning mechanics. We're attempting to optimize things so it's less staggering.

    Yes, it's intended to be a little difficult to do a convoy on your own.

    We'll look into it.

    Weapons are slated to be updated, but yes - the SMG is incredibly powerful on Recruit due to its high attack speed and high damage per shot against Light targets.

    Due to NOTD 2's decentralized file structure, sometimes the editor bugs when it uploads and the triggers don't get linked to Game Start properly. Sometimes updates will cause no triggers to fire at all, resulting in a blank screen. Unfortunately we can't do a whole lot about it other than be vigilant about making sure things are uploaded in a specific manner.

    Objective spawn location is random, sometimes you'll get lucky and it'll be nearby and sometimes you'll get screwed and it'll be across the map. Mid-mission objectives will have spawning logic (I invite you to check out the updated Chapter 1 threads in Missions), but the triggers for them will not due to Chapter randomization - a system that players can metagame slightly (be in certain areas in preparation for potential missions) is preferable to one that players can metagame highly (staying in certain areas prevents certain missions or mission variants from triggering).

    This is on the "to do" list.

    We're aware that Eltrad is bugged and he is slated to be redone entirely.

    This is intended.

    We have yet to refine the UI to the point where we can add them.

    Sidearms are getting an updated thread soon, as mentioned in the weapon update thread.

    One of the Recon's class features is that it has the Weight Tolerance of a Heavy unit. This means it can carry a lot of stuff without much impact to its movement speed, but it also means that shedding items and ammunition doesn't do it a lot of good. As for Escape not applying a Movement Speed bonus, this is a confirmed bug but the Recon is going to be redone soon anyways.

    Stealth Matrix at Level 1 breaks on ability use, which counts the Combat Knife. Stealth Matrix Level 2, on the other hand, will allow you to


    Execute gets a lot more useful in higher difficulties, believe me. There are many more Detector units and more mission-critical enemies. Also, the Recon rework will make Execute handle better and therefore easier to find uses for.

    In higher difficulties, the team will have less time to complete missions. Having a Mobcon will make things much easier, but it will be unlikely that a single player will be able to do all of the missions themselves, both due to time constraints and due to advanced enemy composition.

    Tarion will be getting updated, yes.

    Walkers transform into Shamblers after 5 minutes of being alive.


    Provoke is still being refined and is at this time essentially broken - we were originally going to do it one way, but testing has shown that the implementation method we tried was undesirable.

    Ammo Cases are currently bugged.

    If it was yellow sparkles, that's Sadist's visual indicator.

    SMG is getting nerfed (as stated previously in this post), Shield Bash is being refined (will likely gain increased range and a longer cooldown).

    The Test Subjects are the original, pre-alpha testing faction. They are an enemy group that can be controlled by all players. The only reason they're there is because they have yet to be removed.
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    Stereo Paper Boy

    Items on the Ground and items in inventory have different names. [Recoil Limiter on the ground, Improved Accuracy Module in inventory, for instance. All armors have the same issue.]

    Shield Booster armor says it grants 0% bonus shields. Put it on and it granted bonus shields.

    Flamethrower is not receiving Hecate Range buff or Focus Fire range buff. Has a base of 12 [which seems really silly for a base, why not 7 or 8?] that does not go up. [I can see Focus Fire not working, although I am not sure why the range buff would only buff LRs.]

    Flamethrower just seems really strange to use right now. Great boss weapon [check out that dps doe], but using it on trash mobs was really unsatisfying. Used it to save ammo in the replay attached, but the relatively long range was strange. I'm really used to face nuking with it from NOTD1, but eh. Whatever.

    Eltrad can be cheesed by jumping over a fence. Increase the size of Eltrad too, it is really easy to miss. Looks like a... I dunno super bull mastiff that ate a bear. Which is still pretty easy to miss considering: It is brown + There is not enough contrast from environment to unit color-To see it easily. Might as well give him burrow.

    At the very end of the replay you will see me get spawned on by a horde. I do not think they are supposed to suddenly pop into existence.

    Charlie, even with her nifty cloak idea, was found almost immediately after spawning [NVGs OP, no reason to pick up Field Lights (Field lights have a busted name while OTG)]. Gave her a good lickin' but had to get civies. Peacekeepers and Paratroopers ended up finishing her off. The parasite mounds she made were inconsequential, and appeared to do nothing but comfort her. I wonder what it was like for it to suddenly get beat up by a rofl and some angry locals? (She got stuck between two mounds and had a mental breakdown, methinks.)

    Infestor only appeared to give some level XP. If it gives Rank XP, cool beans. But seeing XP values is kind of hard for reasons you can imagine.

    Spawned in the Top Right Left of the map in a place that was bad. Game recognized this and moved me. Is it possible that items could be landing in these no man's lands?

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    Stereo Paper Boy

    Also, with Energy being standardized at 100, is the Intelligence stat point going to be reworked to coincide with the new values?

    EDIT: Thinking back with cheesing Eltrad, Sarbus and Tarion could also probably be cheesed with the fence jumping/fence kiting in their current iterations. Rendotus is "uncheesable" (atm, anyway) because... Cliff walking.

    EDIT 2 "THE EDITING": Ranged infested bosses, plz. Tartarus could do a better job of killing fence jumpers. (And has more HP than Eltrad [Even in recruit].)
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    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton

    It's part of an update that didn't get finished, unfortunately. It will be finished when we redo items.

    Just a broken data reference.

    The Flamethrower, owing to its unique handling (see also: fixed projectile size) does not receive range buffs like normal weapons do. Technically it is a melee weapon.

    I'm not sure what you mean.

    Eltrad is going to be made bigger with the update/rework.

    We're trying to figure out why hordes are bypassing the minimum distance we've set for them. They're not supposed to be anywhere near players when they spawn.

    Charlie's AI still needs to be fixed. That said, Parasite Mounds spawn Parasites and enable Parasite spawns from dead enemies.

    The Infestor Sub-Mission is intended to give both level and rank XP.

    Nope. Items share the same pathing that players do.

    It already has.

    All bosses are gonna get updated.

    I'll file this under "maybe". I'm not too hot on the idea of ranged units in the most plentiful enemy type - Infested Marines from NOTD were a pain in the ass to deal with and I'm trying to avoid enemy types that are a pain in the ass.
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    Stereo Paper Boy

    >I probably could have explained that better, but I made that immediately after I got out of that game. What I mean with flamethrower, is that its range seems too long. If you attack things at max range, implying nothing is between you and target, you are getting trash yield from the shot. Maybe give the target a tiny burn, like holding your finger above a match/candle. I think shortening the range to 8 or 9 might do it some good. That way it is attacking, and splash is carrying on through the target. (At least, thats what I HOPE flamethrower works like. Lowering it to 9 has like 3 lines of splash that are just there. Extending past the 9 range.)

    >I don't think it'd be too horrible to have a single ranged infested (Maybe even two or three) that is mostly uncommon. The problem with Infested 'rines was that they would spawn in pretty overwhelming numbers. Your only hope was to kill everything BUT them before those other things could grant those piranha faced mother hubbards vision. (Also, a ranged boss isn't a bad idea either. Tartarus could make an angry mutated reappearance. Call it canon that the players evac'd it from Apollo during EC, or something.)
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    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton

    The Flamethrower's default weapon range is 4, and its projectiles extend to 4.5. It fires 12 projectiles in that length, one projectile for every 0.375 distance, each dealing 6 damage. These projectiles overlap, with more hitting the closer the user is to the target. At maximum default range, it deals 12 damage (as two projectiles hit the target). At minimum range, it deals 72 damage, and that's not counting the splash damage that it's also likely dealing.

    It has the honor of being one of the most ammunition efficient weapons in the game while also having some of the highest DPS. It has the potential to be insanely powerful, but it requires effort and micromanagement on the player's part. I see no reason to change it.

    I'm only going to be adding ranged Infested if full-fledged Beta testing shows that the game is not challenging enough on higher difficulties. I have several ideas of what I would do if such a situation arose, but until we arrive at that point I'm not going to go into further detail.
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    Stereo Paper Boy

    (I'd personally give the honor of ammo efficiency to the Crowbar, but that's just me.)

    The Game Info screen has four "Survival" windows. I understand there was going to be a separate mode for choosing accessibles, but what are the other two going to eventually be changed to? [Also, why do we even need these other 3 right now if the focus right now is missions? Why are we defaulted to the 3rd? Is this all just pre-prep?]

    Edit: Also, could being spawned on by hordes be caused by unpathable locations? Like, if the horde spawns in an unpathable [or unpossible] area, that it just shoots it to the closest pathable location?

    Edit 2: Return of the Squish: Make note that NVGs can be turned on with N key. Discovered this a while ago by accident trying to hit B and forgot to mention.
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    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton

    Okay, smartass. :p

    Alternate game modes such as the real Survival, Competitive, and Black Ops. That said, the extra modes are likely just a holdover from the build script process.

    No, the spawners cannot spawn in unpathable locations.

    We will when we update the UI.
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    Stereo Paper Boy

    Bank continues to update successfully.

    This replay is about 10 minutes longer than usual. I went searching for the AMR in an attempt to kill Rendotus without having to get too close, while still dealing good damage.

    Sergeant Ascalon abandoned the civies to whore up in the middle. Can be seen at about the 6 minute mark.

    During the Comm Array mission, there is a beacon that spawns in the top left corner of the map. This position is strange, in that, it is half way off and on the cliff. I don't think its a HUGE deal, but it is definetly strange to look at.

    You see me attempt, at 11 minutes, to put down 2 comm arrays at the same time. I failed at this attempt. [Was trying to break the mission with queued commands, lol.]

    Can Charlie have a nod to her character in NOTD1? Like, when it says, "Can rally nearby infested to protect itself", make itself into herself? [Its a simple thing, but I think worthy of the change.] (If look at replay from my perspective you can see her just glance through my vision, but detection radius made me miss it, lol.)

    Also, while on the subject of Charlie, she has 2000HP. I three shot her with the Flamethrower and Hecate Module (+FF and Blood Lust). Literally turned her into a blast shadow before she even knew what hit her (Did 600+ damage each shot to her, RIP). 1 shot her mound. [It also appears that she has a motherly moments on top of her own infestor mounds.] (This can be seen at exactly 19 minutes into the replay.)

    Infestation mounds produce a larva at the end of their life, but the mound times out while the parasite is at completion. Literally gets its first claw out the hole and gets turned into mush by the mound timing out. Giving the mound 1 more second of life time should allow these poor souls their time to live.

    Eltrad almost melted like butter to flamethrower, didn't see exact damage, but it was frying.

    Maybe make it so if you have no shields the chances of getting SC are lowered by some percentile?

    Wander mechanic is giving move commands that lead into nonpathable areas.

    Parasites are only a few HP short of being tougher than Walkers. (5 HP, to be exact.) Maybe give walkers 30 or 35 max HP? Decrease their spawn numbers by like, 3%. Or just lower HP of paras and make them spawn more. Kind of like the old armor values for NOTD1, makes little sense.

    Watching stuff turn into mutations before your eyes threw me off for a moment.

    Watching Sarbus roast before my eyes was amusing [500+ damage a shot]. Also, was his corpse removed because it was causing lag, or because it basically did nothing significant to gameplay? Both make equal amounts of sense.

    Tarion decides to retreat before I can finish him with AMR. Runs all the way into Charlie's bedroom before running back out. At that point, Rendotus spawned and I was unable to finish the jab.

    The number of queens after Tarion is... Wait for it... TOO DAMN HIGH! (The rent is too damn high!) Literally a queen around every corner. Also saw a Mastermind, so that was coo- Terrifying. I mean terrifying.

    Is it me, or are the rating gains WAAAY too crazy. Getting 50~90+ after each run [Remember, I have not won a single solo yet since Rendotus got his act together]. I know you don't want rating gain to be TOO low, but at the moment it seems TOO high. (Roughly, using memory, 4/5 games comes out to about 250 rating gain [for me at least]. As a failure alone.)

    Gargoyles have to go through an attack animation that is cycling too slow for it to hit moving targets. If you keep moving, gargoyles are useless. (This is what I meant way back when with where damage is being applied during the animation. The same thing can be seen in UA from Hunters and Gourmands most notably. Lacerti/Brutalist as well.)

    It is impossible to tell what the Brain Bug has enraged. Can we get an indication of some kind, like they pulsate red and stuff? Almost got iced by a queen.

    Parasites still have more threat than other zombies. At 40:20, you can see me shoot a parasite instead of the other mobs.

    Racers are the literal devil.

    Do Gorgons just spawn at Rendotus, or are the mutations?

    Edit: Matriarchs are terrifying. Good job on selecting the model. Shat my pants when I saw it.

    Edit 2, Night of the Living Edit: Are we still going to get a lobby that lets players go in solo and then choose their vanity items with no timer?

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    Stereo Paper Boy

    Conspiracy Theory: Bob and Otis are related?
  20. Kith
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    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton

    Peacekeeper AI will be refined when we refine missions.

    The locations have a slight amount of deviance to them which will be removed when the missions get refined to prevent issues like these.

    Glad to know you didn't break it.

    I'm not sure what you mean. Make itself into herself?

    I'm not sure what your complaint is.

    Yes, the Flamethrower is extremely powerful.

    Short Circuit shouldn't be proccing through shields.

    Not that big of a deal.

    Nope. Walkers were reduced to 25 HP for a reason. I don't care about logic or what have you - the values are as they are for gameplay reasons.

    If you kill Sarbus too hard, his corpse doesn't show up.

    We'll review his AI when we redo missions.

    Welcome to endgame, yo.

    Rating has yet to be refined. We'll do so once the Team UI is in place and we can more accurately track what does and does not give rating - I'll admit that things are a little murky right now.

    I'll look into getting them refined.

    Sure, we'll add a visual.

    They're not supposed to have less threat rating. It was decided that threat rating variance was, ultimately, just an annoyance - all enemies in NOTD 2 will have the same threat rating.

    Yes they are.

    They're not mutations, no. They can spawn after Chapter 3.

    I personally enjoy their neon redness myself.

    Yes, this will be the Tutorial.

    No comment.

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