Faith. Shatter. Smite.

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    I come before you all yielding data:

    Description of Faith, Shatter, and Smite, along with a very limited amount of terminology below:
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    Smite is a T1 ability that the Flamer gets. It does 10%/20%/30% of current hit points to mobs, in addition to slowing them down 20%/40%/60%. Unless otherwise specified, "Smite" refers to the level 3 version of this skill.

    The word "His" is capitalized, denoting that the Flamerthrower's strength doesn't come from himself. Nice.

    Shatter is a T2 ability that the Flamer can choose to get. It does 150/300 straight damage to mobs. When this skill is used on a stunned unit, the user gains 35/70 hit points back. Unless otherwise specified, "Shatter" refers to the level 2 version of this skill.

    Faith is a T3 ability that the Flamer can choose to get. This skill deals 777 damage to all enemies in a decent sized radius. This skill also stuns mobs for 7 seconds. To make up for the terrible damage and stun this skill can do, all of the flamer's shields and half it's max health points are gone. (Need to test, is it half of max hp, or half of current?) However, since Agrons or Heroics will be stunned, a Flamer can use Shatter directly after Faith to regain 35/70 hit points back. Also grants the Flamer 10 armor, and removes 3 stacks of venom, and 3 stacks of Open Wound.


    A mob is any enemy unit that does not have the "Heroic" tag.
    A boss is any enemy unit that does have the "Heoric" tag.
    A buff is any applied status to the Flamer. Examples include Nanostrength, Penance, Madness, or Shrinker.


    Before I get into the point of this thread, I wish to say that there is some confusion as to whether Faith then Shattering works. Let me just tell you, it does. It works on Titans, Agrons, Hulks, Demeter, Slashers, Cronus, Seth, Cerebus, Ivax, Infestors, Lelantos, Does Faith hit air? and Perses.
    (Have not tested successfully on anything else. Units with less than 700 health typically die when Faith is used near the unit which makes it both hard and pointless to test on Stalkers, Zombies, Ghouls, Parasites....)


    Smite:With no buffs

    The formula used to find out how much percent damage smite does to a unit can be found using:

    [1 - (Life after Smite/Life directly before Smite)] * 100

    For example, a Hulk has 638 hit points currently. You use Smite, and it now has 447. 1 - (447/638) *100 = 29.988...%, which rounded is 30%, exactly what is described for Smite.

    Notice that Max hit points is NOT USED at ALL in this formula. It doesn't matter if a mob has 2,000 max hit points, or 10, the damage still will be 30%.

    Some collected data:
    post smite hit points/pre smite hit points ~ [this amount of] percent damage dealt
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    Agron (SR: 2064) (2 people) = 694/990 ~ 29.898...%
    Hulk (SR: 2064) (2 people) = 447/658 ~ 32.066...%

    On bosses, Smite has "redued effectiveness". In other words, Smite now does ~6.2% of current health.
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    Demeter (SR: 1946) (1 person) =

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