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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Harry B.C. Dresden, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. Harry B.C. Dresden

    Harry B.C. Dresden Well-Known Member

    Looking for any organizations, people, or grants that help pay for medical costs for my girl megan.

    She needs something called a PET scan(which insurance company says is $8,000) to find out if she has cancer. Theyve diagnosed her with multiple things but they dont know yet. (superior mesentaric artery syndrome) Wilkes syndrome. She's gone to johns hopkins, and been to the local oncologists multiple times. Her insurance company, a ppo, anthem blue cross blue shield wont pay for any more, and neither of us can afford to pay for it.

    Ive been scouring the net for 2 weeks now. if anyone knows anything let me know asap.
  2. spartanhija

    spartanhija Member

    sorry man, gl
  3. Diode

    Diode Well-Known Member

    Did you try to see if you qualify for medicare or any federal/state sponsor programs?
  4. Megamoo
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    Megamoo Member

    You can try " http://www.indiegogo.com ." I don't know if it's any good, but people seem to be raising money for all sorts of causes. I wish the best of luck to you.
  5. Harry B.C. Dresden

    Harry B.C. Dresden Well-Known Member

    we've checked into a ton of stuff. she has 3 jobs but only one gives her insurance. i took a shot and had written to the white house, to bill gates, steve jobs before he died and a few other places asking if they could possibly help. got no responses.
  6. Moe
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    Moe Well-Known Member

    Sorry to hear that, Harry. If I could possibly help in any way, I would. My finances are horribly tight right now though. I hope everything works out.
  7. rockz
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    rockz Well-Known Member

    I asked my dad, who proceeded to explain what a PET scan is and why it's so expensive. Even if you know a radiologist who will do it for free, you need a fluorine isotope which is expensive.

    Medicaid is your best bet, but likely because you have insurance you won't be able to get it. Even though I work in healthcare, I don't know much about programs other than the federal government run programs. Try asking for help from family/friends. Honestly your doctors should be able to help you too, since they want your money (and the ability to save your child).
  8. vexxenon

    vexxenon Well-Known Member

    Your girl as in your gf or daughter? If shes your daughter, do you have insurance? What about your wife side? If she is your gf, and she have 3 jobs. Perhaps its a good time for you to quit NOTD and spend the time for extra shifts or a second job to cover the expenses. Few things that could get you a few bucks are: blood/plasma donation, some places pay well for those. Part time news paper delivery/part time anything really. Babysitting, if you have some background. I wouldnt recommend this but drug trial for pharmaceutical company.
  9. Harry B.C. Dresden

    Harry B.C. Dresden Well-Known Member

    nah shes not my daughter. shes my girlfriend shes 24. she works at a theatre box office, peta and an office. she has anthem bcbs. i cant do blood donations/plasma. trying to ask every one i know. i have been cutting back on notd i only play a couple games a day if that. between us we have a lot of bills form medical places.

    so pet scans are expensive because of the stuff they inject you with?
  10. vexxenon

    vexxenon Well-Known Member

    I don't really want to go into your personal life or what so not, however, if you truely care about your gf, and you wanted to help her with all your will, then, you shouldnt even be playing NOTD, a few games = 2, with finding a party, waiting for in game pauses, thats easily 3 hours of your day that you can be using working or searching for job. In the end, its your decision.
  11. vexxenon

    vexxenon Well-Known Member

    Lets not talk about why you couldnt donate blood. Are you near a university? Can you be a ta or something of that sort? Also there usually a lot of delivery work within the city too.
  12. Harry B.C. Dresden

    Harry B.C. Dresden Well-Known Member

    Still fighting the insurance company and doctors, no luck yet. started a letter writing campaign to various groups.

    still looking for whatever assistance is possible. so if anyone knows anything let me know.
  13. Lyanden

    Lyanden Well-Known Member

    That, and

    the equipment itself is pretty expensive and any hospital willing to invest in getting one

    (2.5M USD and maintain it + invest in training doctors/technicians in its use + pay those specialists well enough to have them stay with the hospital and not be stolen by other facilities)

    will likely want to have the gadget "work" off its purchase cost, and then some.

    Their rarity (low supply) further increases the cost of allowing patients to undergo the diagnostic procedure.

    Add the fact that these things are usually used to determine the extent of metastasis (how far the cancer has spread) of an already existing cancer to formulate a treatment/management plan,
    and the procedure's value/demand, and consequently its cost, rises even further.

    Supply-Demand. While many will claim that going into this field is a vocation, and not a profession, the board of directors who own the hospital will say otherwise.

    Below are observations on what you've said so far that I'm curious about. It'll be a tad negative though hence the spoiler and also based solely on what you've mentioned here so it'll be a tad on the uninformed side.

    Show Spoiler

    1. I mentioned that PET scans are usually used to determine how bad a cancer is and how far it has spread, not if it is present

    2. Diagnosis of Wilkes is usually done by exclusion/if it is proven to not be anything else, then it is probably (but still not 100% sure) Wilkes.
    "a least likely of all least likely possibilities, but we've nothing else we can think of diagnosis"
    So they must have ruled out cancer already to theorize it's Wilkes.

    Is the PET really for determining if there IS cancer (which should be possible w/o a PET scan via tumor markers/MRI/CT, even Xray),

    or do they know there really is cancer already and want to know how bad it is before giving the news (hence the request for the PET scan)

    or is the test for something else entirely like circulatory system/heart function which should be more related to Wilkes?

    Asking because if the oncologist still doesn't know what's going on and is going to try to check for metabolic heart function via a really costly test, may want to try out a cardiologist first to see if he/she will have any other/alternative suggestions.

    or are they (hopefully not) ripping you off as some hospitals do for the moneyz. Hey, it's still a possibility. Nowadays, it has become even more important for people to know what they're getting before paying for them or professionals/experts will just use technical language to swindle you out of your hard earned cash. always try to get a second, third or even fourth opinion if you can.
  14. Harry B.C. Dresden

    Harry B.C. Dresden Well-Known Member

    well the last we had heard is there is are tumors around her lower spine and one in her brain.

    as far as them saying she had wilkes, the doctors thought it could have been but wasnt presenting with the normal pathology. i've tried to read up on all of the things theyve said but its so confusing.

    the last thing they said is that the tumors are causing myelitis. they were trying to figure out how the tumors were causing it and said the PET scan could help with diagnosing it.
  15. ComradeHX

    ComradeHX Well-Known Member

    If she was in China; I have connections to best hospital in Capital.

    Anywhere else in world; good luck.
  16. Lyanden

    Lyanden Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the info.

    Wilkes presenting with "normal pathology" is an odd thing to say since one of the reasons Wilkes is diagnosed via exclusion is due to it presenting with seemingly random symptoms on a case to case basis.
    (There is technically "no" usual/normal presentation for Wilkes)

    Another is that a tumor, usually being a structural overgrowth, can impinge/compress a nerve, not cause inflammation of the coating of nerves (myelin, hence myelitis = inflamed nerve coating) so I guess it now makes sense why the case has them stumped and want a PET scan.

    Although, the more I hear about it, the more it sound like a case of atypical T.B. infection.

    I'll try to help with your confusion about what they said, perhaps in private, when I come back from my exam.

    Good luck brah.
  17. Harry B.C. Dresden

    Harry B.C. Dresden Well-Known Member

    update. still fighting with the hospital and insurance company but we're going to move to maryland to be closer to the hospital.
  18. Tychus

    Tychus New Member

    I am only 13 years old, so i dont know anything of those and i cant help you, but i wish you the greatest luck to you and your daughter :)
  19. Harry B.C. Dresden

    Harry B.C. Dresden Well-Known Member

    girlfriend. but yeah trying to figure out something.

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