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Discussion in 'Class Discussion' started by squish, Feb 12, 2013.

  1. squish

    squish Well-Known Member

    So, I got a rework in the works that I think you guys are gonna like for the explosives demo - it will FORCE the demo playing explosives to communicate a bit more with his team - or risk their demise. Will post it up after I get home from work. -- about 4.5 hrs from now.

    Edit: Kithrixx I think even you would love this rework.
  2. squish

    squish Well-Known Member

    Alright - So - Here it is.

    Major rework part one: Make all the explosives that demolitions throws out except for satchel charges to be on the team of neutral, similar to apollo guns so that they can only be seen by true sight, detectors etcetera - similar team to apollo guns - zombies aren't gonna know what mines do in real life, and will step on them and get blown the fuck up.

    Major rework Part Two: Armageddon charge I feel could be changed a bit so that it's a little more risky, because in my opinion, if you're blowing shit up with a radiation warning on it, it should be DANGEROUS to use.

    Armageddon charge: Same as it is now, but with no remote detonation command. You gotta shoot it to blow it up
    550 damage in same radius, with a minor change.

    The lava shit doesn't happen on a moon - so here's a new lore suggestion: When detonated, a containment device holds Thoron Isotope rays in a small area, causing tissue damage and cellular muscular degradation to units in that area, however, there's a small chance that the containment module could fail in the explosion - instead dealing in radius of 15 200 damage, with 100 damage dealt to heroics, and a 2.1 second movespeed slow of 50%, with a 0.1 second micro stun. 10% chance for containment to fail, scoring a critical hit detonates the charge instantly, fracturing the containment unit anyways - regardless of RNG.

    That's my proposed change to the Tier 3 of demolitions, now for the tier 1 changes.

    Tier ONE: Landmine Apparatus.

    Combines Lay mines as it is now, with create mines, as it is now for one talent.

    Tier ONE: Explosive Ordinance Detection Network:

    Level 1: Demolitions can SEE explosives as they are out to 10 radius.

    Level 2: Demolitions can SEE explosives as they are out to 20 radius, and takes 50 less damage from the armageddon's Thoron radiation, and will NOT be targeted by mines that he lays after skilling this talent - mines on the field are unaffected.

    Level 3: Demolitions can SEE explosives as they are, and is completely immune to the damage of thoron radiation - allies also at this stage, are not targeted by mines, and take 50% reduced damage from thoron radiation.

    Open to suggestions, critique, and thoughts - Have at it!
  3. Arturia

    Arturia Well-Known Member

    and that is the story of how nobody wanted to use demolitions ever again.

    Problem one: player hostile mines. You just recreated the problem with demo's current T1. Miner demo will still have to max T1 or else have an absurdly high chance to fuck the team over without any reasonable benefit. Mines are the same except they will now make an active effort to TK us.

    Armageddon is still the same shit with some chance effects and retarded detonation.

    And in the off chance you random a demo into Apollo and he goes explosives, HAL hijacks your bombs.

    Its a nerf overall.
  4. Kith
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    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton

    Not gonna happen. Explo is already hard enough to play.

    Demo's due for a buff anyways, and what's going to happen is that Satchels will be able to kill those stupid sight-blocking rock pillars. However, that's going to be a while in the future. Such a change is going to be a lot of grunt work, and will come by the time that the team doesn't have much else left to do.

    Also maybe a tooltip rewrite of Armageddon to change "lava" to something like "unstable particles with a half life of a 20 seconds". The red gas is not visually representative of lava by any stretch of the imagination, and the concept of lava on a moon is silly at best.

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