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Discussion in 'NOTD Discussion' started by Blaqk, May 4, 2012.

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    Blaqk NOTD Staff: Operations and Web

    Blaqk addresses several grievances with Recruit Mode. Yes, it's a replay.

    Feel free to disagree and tell me what I missed.
  2. HDD
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    Like blaqk mentionned in the replay, SO all the points mentionned below thats IF there is no Vets to tell them what to do and/or they don't give a F**K about Veteran player

    1- Early messages need to be fix a bit, such has tips and direction. , Confusing in overall. Meet at military base when the objective says survive the attack on appolo starport . The Start goes smootlhy, why not keeping it? Restricting regions in recruit, set a path, expand has the game progressing

    2- I kind of agree on the Camera Mission, its always about luck. A whole agron spawn can just troll and kill teammates has well. THEY are useless in every campaign anyway. Except on Nightmares where you can see Troll Meno or a to spot a few second a bosses

    3- The Defensive position (When tart is defeated) is has well confusing, because there is many spots that you can defend whit your team. Adding ''Recommandation to hold at some specific area should help about it , They will remain optional, but have to be a effective hold out

    4- Blaqk, For erebos it has to be on team working to take care of the muta, you were on a solo. But the thing is the lag that make every muta troll you cause there is plenty of triggers

    5- Another defensive position that is confusing, where are you suppose to hold out to survive while the dropship is coming

    6- Detection tips..where are they? What are they useful for and what against? .. Of course they have to read the Wiki.. But where its mentionned , only on the forum. But more like only people that read ''Strategy guide'' for their games are very not common. If they could only take the time to read it, they will become smart and be a good Veteran in NOTD

    7- Give tips on Blindling/Baneling ?

    8- Possible bugs on Blood Frenzy? (Doesnt give damage bonus?)

    9- LAST DEFENSIVE mission -- AGAIN and STILL , WTF is going on? , what i do now?, where i have to go? -- Blaqk comments : Make NOTD more simpler not more easier. There is no reason to leave the entire map open to exploration anytime.

    (HDD) Personnal note on this Point : Scouting tips is non-existant after erebos 2, only saying to find a way into appolo, but telling what to do...For most of the case you need the help of allies to make your way into appolo (Which is what its suppose to be) But once you finish all these. What now? I scout? You can't because your team aleardy busted into appolo for finishing the game. i understand the scouting to be optional, but it should have some nice tips that the items you CAN find may help but not winning entirely

    10- Broken Arrows DOESNT help the newbie cause. If they cant avoid Black ops artillery, they might not survive on Airstrikes

    11- No tips on how to fight the Queen? what weapon i can use?

    @Blaqk, nice replay watched it all and gg on that solo game lol. 1 Thing i want to add and maybe you forget. Its the live system , no one telling them they are precious and not being invicible for the win (Like in Contra's games when you respawn whit a short time of invicibility to make your way trough

    Tell a newbie what to do on that video, they gonna be surely get fked and die because they dont know what the hell is going on [video=youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JG0AbSYlxo0[/video]
  3. SirGalahad

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    Although I agree with a lot of what has been said, I really think that a basic Map would solve a lot of the issues. Press f12 for tips, and a big screenshot of the revealed map appears with primary locations labelled on it. This, combined with a simple text command that repings the location of the current main objective, would work wonders for new players.

    Although there are established "ideal" locations for almost every fight, I don't think it's necessary to point out recommended spots (with the lone exception of black ops and queen). This discourages innovation and the development of basic critical thinking skills. General suggestions, like get to high or open ground, or what weapons might be best, should suffice. People have different preferred playstyles, and should be encouraged to discover what works best for them.
  4. TuRKeYMaN

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    Great replay, You and HDD have brought to light many great points.

    *Have little time to comment as I've got assignments to complete.

    Today I wiped my NA bank and played a pub. I have found similar issues as with Blaqk and HDD.

    Main Points

    -SHOW and TELL newbies what to do. So much is happening at once to a new player, so help them a little by pinging recommended location, highlighting pathways on mini map(Like on campaign). This leads me onto the second point.

    -Have the map expand after the first Airlock wave? (for civ mission i guess)

    -This should be discuss further, it is an important point that Blaqk had brought up and should not be dismissed


    - I saw the 'Press B to spend your talent points' AFTER Airlock wave........That should replace the 'Press D to knife tip' as it is more important at the beginning.

    - IMO, Tips on Talent Points, Stats, Sticking together should be displayed before the gate opens. Following this tips on Reloading, Sprinting, knifing and avoiding hits should be displayed. Do other members agree?

    - Tips are displayed too late for players to act on them. E.g Therms Flares for BO. Please have thermals/flares drop on the player location following the tip (Possible problems here-team could be moving and miss them. But understand my point?) Also, why do thermals drop before airlock wave??? We do not encounter ANY invisible units until BO on recruit mode. *There are others but wont mention them now*.

    That's it for now.
  5. Ghost
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  6. Blaqk
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    Blaqk NOTD Staff: Operations and Web

    After watching my own replay, I think Blood Frenzy is working, but the purple numbers just pop up whenever the hell they want to.

    Also... don't charge the queen without checking if you have enough energy for Blood Frenzy... just don't.
  7. Ghost
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    Ghost Warden

    Yeah its on the list.
    Blood frenzy boosts damage and crit damage just fine but isn't displayed next to gun damage, only the purple numbers. Works like anticipation/concentration, except it should display next to gun as its not conditional.
  8. ArcturusV

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    Now, I don't know if this is really within the realm of possibility, but would it be possible to have the Newbie Tips as auto files? It makes it easier for a newbie to pick it up, makes sure they don't miss it while they are in Panic, Kill 'em all mode. Get a few vets to record some of the lines. Hell, use a bit of color so they're not just saying "Press D to knife" but "Hold your ground private! Use D to hit them with that knife to cripple them if they try to charge you!"

    Or something like that. It's a thought. It'd be nice. My concern is if it's actually something implementable.
  9. Ghost
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    Ghost Warden

    Personally I think if its newbie mode, make there be a vote to show a say 3 min tutorial cutscene where all the basics are covered.
    Requires only 1 vote to activate (does not show if everyone clicks skip)

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