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    Ryan's Easy Company Nightmare Guide

    So, you have decided to take on a challenge, good for you! But be warned solider, it may be called "Easy" Company but this is no picnic.

    Now then first things first nightmare mode has some slight changes to gameplay:
    1. Units charge which mean gain 100% movement speed buff
    2. Increased life
    3. Random nydus worms that spawn parasites as well as creep
    4. Infestors gain 1% movement speed for every hit they take
    5. Reload is double length
    6. "Bane" Trains now have banelings mixed in with blindlings

    Here is a list of units that charge:
    Brain Bugs/ Brain Bug Queen

    Part 1: Easy Company Start
    As soon as you select your class get in the small corner near pipedream's shop with the tanks in front of everyone.
    There are 3 different spawns that can come at you:
    1. Charging ghouls
    2. Zombies
    3. Stalker rush
    If you do it correctly it should be no problem at all.

    Part 2: Espilon Mining Site
    Once you reach here get on the hexes and download the files. Once you complete the download, immediately rush to the crystals down south. Make sure you are in deep for there are huggers mixed in with the wave.

    Part 3: On The Move
    Once the fire and fury has settled proceed north to the bridge ( the one leading to the scrap yard NOT the star port ). Be sure to stay together for there are huggers still wandering around. Proceed to the scrap yard and be sure to stick together. Once you are at the scrap yard proceed north to above the armory to check for oglivy/ Ivan. After you have checked for him, proceed through lag forest then go through infester ally. After you are at the south bridge of infester ally go to the Tartarus/ elie spawn place and trigger the argon pop. Once you have done that proceed to the star port.

    Part 4: Apollo star port
    The team usually piles on the hexes for this part, the zombies will come from all directions but should be easily handed. Once the dust has settled take the loot you find, you'll need it.

    Part 5: Boss:Tartarus/eliythia
    Not much changes in this fight. The only difference is that he spawns beastlings while to fight and on death, when he will spawn parasites as well as the usual.
    The key concept in this fight is to chain stuns. The stuns will hold her in place and stop her from laying her eggs. If you have a surv con on your team he should laser designator her immediately. If she escapes your stuns, stop her and chain stuns again. She will constantly lay eggs and will hatch into different creatures depending on color.
    Red: Seekers
    Yellow: Mutalisks
    Blue: Banelings

    Part 6: Airlock
    Other than entering the airlock the way recruits do, you'll have to do it differently. Go left to the edge of the map, then go north until you reach the cam there, then head up the ramp. After that a tank should trigger the airlock mission. A horde of hulks and normal zombies come at you, and the medic should keep an eye on the tank so he doesn't die.

    Part 7: Airlock Eggs
    Once the airlock horde has been defeated trigger the eggs and rush to where there are always two medical kits and a magazine. Wait till the hulks hatch to avoid alerting the brood mothers and after they've hatched burn them down. Now prepare for the battle with Erebos

    Part 8: Boss: Erebos
    Erebos has 2 spawn locations one from where he usually spawns in recruit or from his lair near where you will hold out for the mutalisk wave. The battle with him has only one difference, he will blind everyone. During this time it is important to drop a flare near him or have a recon constantly flare and laser designate Erebos. The meteorites he drops throughout the fight have blood splatters a the victim's feet instead of a warning square, they also do a lot more damage. A good team should handle Erebos with no problem.

    Part 9: Nydus Worm Mission:
    I cannot foresee where the Nydus worms will spawn but whereever they spawn, move together and proceed to the fort, taking out as many worms as you can. An operations commando can nuke the worms that aren't in your path. Worms take 2-3 regular nukes to kill but a surgical strike enhanced one will take them out in one shot. (assuming you have surgical strike level 3.)

    Part 10: Holdout at the Fort
    Once you make your way to the fort, pile onto the top left arm of the fort. Have a field support engineer put towers in the front and back of the group to block the path. The holdout at the fort should be easy, however beware o mementos and a brood lord named lelentos. Once the dropship arrives, prepare for the mutalisk wave, take note that slashers also spawn throughout the mutalisk wave. (that was what the towers were for) once the dust has settled, get ready for the battle with Erebos form 2.

    Part 11: Erebos form 2
    Hes back as the baneling king, his attacks avoid armor. Hopefully a tank with a medic's assistance should stand tall and proud, ready to slay the beast with his crowbar. Erebos now has lost the power to call in meteorites but has gained a few horrific abilities, which you can tell by looking at what color he is:
    Green: all damage dealt to him will heal him at a 1:3, damage/life gained ratio.
    Blue: banelings will spawn around you from afar
    Red: banelings will spawn around you in close proximity
    When he turns red, all characters without reactive armor should run from Erebos, as the banelings can easily kill anything without reactive armor, tank or not.

    Part 12: Generators or Scrapyard Enterance
    This part has not changed at all, it is best to stay in a group with the tank on the lead. If you are trying to get the Legion Of Mert then I recommend doing the generators, if not, it is up to you.

    Part 13: Dr. Bergman and the Bio-Domes
    Some may chose to do the Bio-Domes Mission the old way, camping near each dome or camping in the lab. However, if you have a operations commando on your team, you can simpily camp in the bottom right area of the scrapyard and have the commando nuke Dome D.

    Part 14: Black Operator's Mission: Extermination of Easy Company
    The battle has only 3 major changes from the original:
    The Black Operators have their own Reaper MK-3 drones
    The Black Operators have the power to "Void Prison" someone
    Black Operators can call in multiple gunship strikes.
    Watch out for these and they will be easy prey. (honestly I can't believe these guys made it through Black Operator's training).

    Part 15: Boss: Eos The Zombie Queen:
    You've all heard about her, and hell, today is the day you'll get to face her. This battle will determine if Apollo will become an Undead City, or be what it was ment to be: a place where people could have a new start, a new home, a new life. This battle has not changed at all but I will list the abilities anyway:
    Shriek: At 66% and 33% she will shriek, stunning everyone in a wide radius around her for 7 seconds.
    Lay eggs: She will constantly lay a batch of eggs, hatching into infected marines.
    Flee: At about 10% life the queen will finally realize she is no match for you and flee.
    Never get close too the queen at 2% life because when she dies, she will release an enormous amount of parasites, and because they charge, they will easily surround and kill most classes. Use AOE abilities to kill them.

    Congratulations, you have beaten Easy Company in Nightmare mode.

    Optional: Bounus Missions:
    Seth: we all know him and seen him (I hope) and this is no difference in how you fight him, positive polarity (+) should stay with positive polarity (+) and negative polarity (-) should stay with negative polarity (-). Should one of these polarities come close enough they will shock each other with a horrifying 37 damage per second. Seth will call down SCVs to repair him at almost a rate of 100 life per second. If they are not killed quickly Seth will very likely return to full health. The last of his abilities, the most dangerous one is his plasma detonator. When he is charging his plasma detonator, a blue dome will appear, immediately move out of it for it does a tremendous amount of damage. The range of the detonator starts at a wee 5, but evey time you let him charge it, it will grow by 5 range. Its maximum range is 25, but by that time, chances are the tanks are dead or out of kits or the medic is dead. If you let him reach 25 range with his detonator, you can call quits on your game right there, your tanks will die soon, and then, so will you.

    Camera Hunt:
    This is really would not recommend, 5 cameras for a small 2 Experiance and the chance of losing distinguished service medal, as well as forfeiting speed, is not worth it. However if you are going to do this mission, you'll need to know what each camera might spawn.

    Infester Hunt:
    This mission I believe is almost required, the large in game Experiance it rewards is almost needed to deal with the empowered hordes. However they have gained a couple of abilities:
    Frenzy: Each hit dealt on them will increase their movement speed by 1% max stack: 30
    Spawn banelings: if you attack an infestor and let it live, it will spawn banelings.
    Spawn parasites: once an Infester is dead, it will release parasites
    Burrow: as a last attempt to escape the marines the infestor burrows, knifing it helps you find it, as well as having stat points into perception
    Warning: Once you start a fight with an infestor, finish it, if it gets away it'll spawn banelings.
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    You May Now Post Suggestions For My Guide
  3. Arcelia

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    Moar pictures and colors!!!!
    Right now its quite boring to read through all that icky white/gray text
  4. Nicarco
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    Nicarco Warden

    A few suggestions:

    Make a list of all things that charge. Of particular note are Hulks, Ghouls, Parasites and Agrons.

    Infestors gain 1% move speed per attack sustained in NM mode. This can make them ridiculously fast unless you keep knifing them. (Max is probably 30% boost but I'm not sure).

    Tartarus spawns beastlings during the battle as well, and his "carapace hardening" skill is much earlier in the battle.

    On NM, Brood Mothers are guaranteed to be in Airlock Eggs. Have a few sonic traps to protect those who need to level and send everyone else to the Ramp next to the Muta ramp to repel the Brood mothers.
  5. Ryan III

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    Edited With More Color!!!!!!
    It's quiet... too quiet...
  6. Thermidor

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    Perhaps add that Erebos' meteorites don't have warning squares around them, they are replaced by a small blood splatter. They also do more damage I think. Oh and they spawn creep after detonating, meaning that he must be killed quickly to avoid filling the whole airlock with creep.
  7. Ryan III

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    Added in and edited color as well :D
  8. Ryan III

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    Finished it
  9. Osaze

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    So you recommend not doing seth?
  10. Ramses II
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    Ramses II Help, I can't change my title!

    He doesn't have any optional missions (besides infestors which is kinda required). If you need this guide to play EC NM you shouldn't be doing any optional missions besides infestors. They are too much of a risk for too little reward without an experienced team.
  11. Ryan III

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    thats my point
  12. ArcturusV

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    Heh. I actually find it a bigger risk to rush into the Factory area and the eggs instead of doing Cameras and Seth. Part of this is just kids getting too bloodthirsty and failing to notice things like "Hmm.... everyone on my team only has a quarter to a half energy... Now is a good time to start the eggs then wonder why it was so hard!"

    Or failing to preclear creep, which is VERY, VERY important on Nightmare, what with Charging Broodmothers and such.

    Edit: You might also want to mention that Eos, the Queen of the Dead, can lay a giant egg that hatches into a Tartar Sauce in Nightmare. Also Black Ops could always cast Lockdown on the marines, it's just that in easier modes they lack the Reaper swarm and thus don't usually have sight in order to do it.
  13. Ghostel

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    Ermm colors is good thing but remember "Never too much". guide as it is for now have overdose of color. As people need something to cling their attention too, they need some text for "rest". i'd say it'll be better looking like this

    What i'm talking about -> don't depend on color only (and color everything...DOH! Use your abilities wisely!), use also such attention catchers as different font size, font mode, add pictures and etc. Otherwise instead of GRAY WALL of text i get RAINBOW WALL of text where i cannot understand on what i have to look and where new chapter of guide starts.
  14. Ryan III

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    lol but i use different colors for chaptersfa erm my keyboard is broken so i can deleate the chapter missspell
  15. Ryan III

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    about this i think its better to get speed than do seth/cams with take time depending on your type of team
  16. ArcturusV

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    Eh. I think if Seth/Cams seriously jeopardizes your ability to get speed, as the whole ordeal should take maybe 10 minutes, you really need to tighten up your movement more than worry about it.
  17. Phaslix

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    As a guide, I think he should have everything listed regardless of whether the mission is worth doing or not. At the very least it helps give new players or those who have never seen the mission triggered a sense of how to complete it.

    If you were purposely weeding out unnecessary elements of completing EC NM run, then it would have been better to have named this "Easy Company Nightmare Speed Run Guide"
  18. Osaze

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    have it within the framework of the mission walkthrough at the point when it is best to do it but have it with an (*optional)
    maybe an optional section after that to explain the nightmare side quests and hwo they differ from normal
  19. Foehammer
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    You should probably also note the danger the opsmando has to nuke your own tank due to proximity
  20. Ryan III

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    Well in nm mode everyone should have cp bonus so if a mando has let's say 14 cp in it then it would be exteremly unlikely that they would nuke the tanks because they have "that" much cp in it

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