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    (OOC: This is all a huge WIP. this probably wont get done, even the first chapter until the beginning of holidays. Seniors years a bitch. Basicly, this is a little wip I used to do on other forums for diff rp's. I encourage people to make biographies for easy company so that I can incorporate more people into the story. Me, not being one to RP other people will want you to contribute to the roleplay if your interested. This fanficton will begin on Mar Sara, and later enter UGC Training Academy. Of course, eventually it will get to the events of NOTD, but I like to start at the Beginning Beginning,)

    -James Blaze (Recruit)

    James Blaze
    -Age: 22
    -Homeworld: Earth, Australia, Brisbane
    -Species: Terran (Human)
    -Affiliation: Falcon Rebels
    -Family: Jo and Jonathon Blaze
    -Slugthrower (Commonly seen in Brisbane, this primitive weapon throws low powered Gas blasts at the target, knocking them out or fogging their vision)
    -Leather Holster (This simple designed holster is tough and can take a beating before it's broken)
    Gear: (Ignore Head)
    -Falcon Rebels Outfit

    Current History:
    James Blaze was born in Brisbane a few years before the end of the Corrupt government known as the Guise. Upon the arrival of the new power, the AUG (Austrlia United Government), The Brisbane Locals felt secure and at peace. When the AUG began to force itself into Power, Brisbane began a Rebellious Legion of men and women who were determined to defeat the AUG forces on Australian soil, and free the colony. When William Frederick appeared to save the Rebels,, James and his friends were setting fire to AUG buildings. After The mysterious William Frederick left the country, James and the rest of the Falcon rebels disbanded. With James turning 18, He headed for the nearest ticket out of his state, and headed for the UGC training facilities to begin his life as a UGC Soldier.

    (WIP: Its Late, and i have school, I shall continue and add biography tomorrow)

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