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Discussion in 'NOTD Discussion' started by spartanhija, Jun 24, 2012.

  1. spartanhija

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    So I have mentioned this before but Id like to bring it up again and this is completley open to suggestions, modifications, and or of ideas. We have all experienced the dropping of 1-2 and sometimes 3 players at start of game. I have asked peoples opinion about this before bit for different reasons, i now have a more realistic reason.
    So the question is, if one or two people drop, or otherwise the team is incomplete, how would everyone feel about an AI marine replacing at least one or two of the players? In reality , they will not be as usefull as a player past tart, especially of equipped with GPR (12dmg + hulks) and will only appear if the team is 6 or 7 ( or less of course) players .
    So the reason i mention this yet again, is i was playing a game with 6 ppl including 3 or 4 recruits and 2 dropped . So really the main reason for this is if a game starts and you are stuck with 0 or very little xp players, you can get a little extra help not to be overrun at epsilon and starport. Of course i would much rather have people and am only asking if people are dropped are someone whos played one game is host and presses start when only 5 people in lobby this will help people coninue game and not quit because drops or small team.

    Sorry for typos and this thread is completley open to suggestions comments complaints but lets please try to be respectfull, i promise i will too.
    As another possibility only have this feature in recruite mode? This will ensure it only helps new "ish" players and is NOT related to soloing.
    Id also suggest in normal mode, but ill wait for feedback.
  2. Ghost
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    Ghost Warden

    While it may be a niceish addition to Recruit Mode, keep in mind that the game rescales difficulty to the number of players alive at certain intervals. While comparing 5 vs 8 players, if you got 8 competent players, you will still be better off than with 5 as the spawn adjustment is not 1:1. However that is part of the challenge.
  3. Ryan III

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    If there were a AI marine to take over leavers, I would still like control over them, like in Survival Man.
  4. spartanhija

    spartanhija Member

    the game doesnt scale like it used to it still spawns for 8 ppl.
  5. spartanhija

    spartanhija Member

    guess not worthy of more attention. ty to 1 guy reply though lol.
  6. Lyanden

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    It has always scaled spartanhija. Though I suppose being a relatively new comer, you have not noticed just how and so think that way.

    Scaling in the game works on different levels.
    There's the spawn health points scaling to squad rating


    the spawn numbers scaling to starting team size.

    If you start with 1 person, the game will spawn few zombies the whole game.

    If with 8 people, the game will be set to spawning a larger amount of spawns.

    On both situations, with HPs appropriate to the difficulty.

    If people leave, the game will still be spawning the same amount of enemies as what it originally started with but every spawn created will have significantly reduced HP.

    An example would be 8 Agrons spawning per cam for an 8 player team, each with 1500 or so HP (depending on Squad Rating).
    If only 1 person is left, it's possible that the Agrons spawning will only have 500 Health each.

    This is the reason the Field Engy was considered buffed recently.

    In the old days (Engineers = pink), MCing a 1800 HP agron would turn it into a 500 HP one as "team controlled units did not scale to rating".

    Now however, an Engineer's MCed units do scale with rating and it's possible to have 1800 HP agrons on your team's side. The talent is now one of the few that truly can be considered as scaling with difficulty.

    This scaling system is also the reason pub games with a single vet standing can end up with said vet being able to post pictures of them maxing out both of their talent trees (I.E. Sagev many many many times).

    Killing seemingly infinite hordes (spawned for 8 players) with very little HP is a quick and easy way to gain experience points and farm talents. A task that requires significantly less ammo.

    Now having the player replaced by a mini who does not "steal" ammo from the team:
    Never reloading, gunning down (depending on the occasion) slightly or vastly squishier mobs.
    Add the fact that they share exp amazingly well with the team and I guess you could see why people might be averse to the idea.

    There are more factors to consider however, such as vet vs recruit mode and the storylines. EXP levels etc.
  7. spartanhija

    spartanhija Member

    After i commented that i realized its true, although for a while i believe it was spawning* for 8 players but modifying hp. But if sum1 drops there is still there name with 0 xp, therefore i believe spawns for 8. Although hp will be reduced as sq of drop will be 0 i pressume. Thx for in depth info, i really appreciate it.
    Also wanted to add that gpr is effect against many units, but during civs or by ere 2, liable to die. Maybe its just pubs ive been entering alot of these guys are dead by ere 2 (dead guys are players) , and minis if survive almost always , emphasize , almost alwaays, die at gens, the little bastards dont know who to follow and die running between all. So like i said realisticly most minis die by gens. Lol i did a study , literal study observing them.
    Also i reread that last post, and wanted to thx again caught a few things i missed first time. I guess im relativley new :/
    But my last post remains unaltered! By the gods of the xel naga there must be compebsation for droppers! Controlling a leaver is usefull but ridiculusly exhausting, especially when its every dam game.
  8. Lyanden

    Lyanden Well-Known Member

    The minis staying in the middle of the team has long been the way the AI works. Unfortunately only a fraction of the NOTD population knows/has observed this and so are commonly the cause of their minis' deaths. As far as I know, Ability has yet to figure out a different system for it that would not be biased for any player (like minis following highest SR guy/Rank etc).

    It's also the reason people do not hesitate to executed Rambos in Alpha given how crucial the minis can be in the storyline and why the story of mear was of great relevance to some of the older players.

    As for the compensation for leavers, well. Back to the drawing board for you I guess hehe
  9. spartanhija

    spartanhija Member

    Haha thanks. I was kinda leaning towards first ppl to epilson get 1 mini each or medics if applicable. Possibly lowest xp and rating since they probably need most help, at least in ec. Ill give that some work. Or when team is divided for w/e reason, just tag along with whoevers closest until regroup ( max 1 per person). Idk ill think about it, I like your anger/poisen line at bottem, off top. btw.

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