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Discussion in 'Other Games' started by Zeriathyr, Apr 20, 2013.

  1. guys i have a question, how do you comeback from a game where enemy carry was FED (EG: warlock fed and we were in disadvantage that PA was one shooting me as zeus once ghost specter is down (ouch )
  2. Yuey
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    Yuey Warden

    If a carry doesn't go BKB then Heaven's Halbeard is a fairly legit item to get even if you're Zeus. At the very least you shut the PA down for a short while. In that game in particular, your Void could've solo'd the PA under chrono if he went MKB instead of Deadalus. Actually in general, if the two Deadaluses on your team were MKBs instead then PA would've been slightly less of a problem. Of course there is still PA's entire team that can kill you all as well and the fact that you were 4v5 is basically huge odds against you regardless.

    In general:
    Ghost Scepter and Halbeard is good. Eul's Scepter, Force Staff and Blink Dagger are all also pretty good item choices to help you survive enemy carries. Euls just removes the carry from play for a while but it can give you enough time to run/blink/forcestaff away to safety. Of course if the enemy carry gets a BKB, there isn't much you could do except Ghost Scepter and blink/forcestaff away until BKB is down.
  3. ProbeGst

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    sheepstick or halbeart ^like above post and chrono sphere DISABLE all evasion and doesn't need MKB. but you lacked the inniate since warlock left.

    @Yuey we don't have to kill the lane to win, depent on the carry type like faceless void(kill),spectre(outlasting), nature prophet(global pushing).
    sometimes i have to go jungle to farm some money and give my carry space, it's not that hard if you eat the tree near the big camp on the dire site or just take the medium at radiant.
    Since early game i like to have 4 sec slow vs 2 sec snare at 5.
    note: the frost bite will give me the needed gold in SOLO SUPPORT and the Q is 1100 range!!
    i need gold for wards/smoke/dust/anti ward/ward war/ bkb or ghost(/ sheepstick)
  4. nex_

    nex_ Member

    To avoid feeding more
    - ghost/force/hex
    To shutdown :
    - Smoke, & the vorgotten rod of atos for melee carry, the insane range is pretty good to prevent them from hitting & more hex.
    Bait tactic.
  5. Peerawatz
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    Peerawatz NOTD Staff: Sound Mixer and NOTD Troll Chieftain

    One thing that some people forget or never know, is that all types of tornado, whether by Invoker's or Eul's will also purge affected targets, which is quite good in various situation, owning to the fact that Eul's give you extra MS and Tornado Voker usually has high ms.

    Another item people tend to forget, but is quite useful, is Drums of Endurance, the extra ms boost can be very good at certain times, plus it gives very good stats for a rather very low prices.

    And no matter what you do, what you're planning, what role you are, always and always try to have a tele scroll at ready. You can use it to escape hopeless situation, counter-gank enemy's gank attempts or reinforce a lane. This is especially very very important for mages/supports, expect to teleport to a ganked lane often. And try to avoid using teleport scrolls to reach the lane when there's nothing going on.

    Hex and other powerful stuffs like that, are luxuries items that you will not likely have if your team sucks or you're the only 5th support and your team is not winning. So it's generally a better idea to buy the cheaper stuffs that provides the much needed utilities.

    It is also quite imperative that there's always at least someone with decent mana pool to have Mekanism. The hp regen aura is very important, as well as the heal burst it provides.

    Against strong mana burners or low-Int muscles-composed team, Arcane Boots are very much needed, especially against the likes of Quas Wex Invoker, in which just two person with arcane boots will easily solve the emp's mana burn, a fact that many people do not realize, and end up losing teamfight cuz they have 0 mana with no means to regain them fast enough.
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  6. Got a new question guys (sorry but i am learning :D ) how does BS act as anti-carry? i use it as anti-support :p (silence him and goodbye, if he runs rupture :) ) and what is a good counter for ursa and sniper team (with dazzle, titan and lion support)? i was thinking zeus and ghost scepter or something but then i remembered the strong presence of ursa early and how tanky he can become + he can just avoid the sceptered guy and focus our right click carry. Disarm was my second guess but i found it too expensive (ursa snowballs us in mid game usually ). my third guess was the guy who gets hit kites and the other one hits and so on but this seems inefficient in team fights (especially with sniper there) what you guys think? also any video or match countering ursa would be very appreciated. Thanks again,
  7. Yuey
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    Yuey Warden

    Mass forcestaffs is a really underrated strategy. Especially if all your supports/int cores get it. Just forcestaff the guy getting focused by Ursa away and you neuter a lot of what he does. The problem is that team behind the Ursa is...scary as shit. Elder Titan + Lion is basically a guaranteed dead guy every time. Dazzle is really good at keeping Ursa alive and while you're busy running from Ursa, Sniper just stands back and shoot all of you down. It really depends, you don't counter an entire team with one person, your team also needs to have a line up that's scary enough to fight back.
  8. Peerawatz
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    Peerawatz NOTD Staff: Sound Mixer and NOTD Troll Chieftain

    Ursa is usually a pub-stomp hero, the same way as Huskar and Sniper, the key is to get as many ccs as possible, Ursa is a hero that if you shut him down early, he'll be useless for almost until late games, but if he is allowed to snowball early, he will likely just rape your team for the rest of the game (like Huskar).

    Good item counters, cheap ones are Eul's Scepter, Rod of Atos or Force Staff, Blademail may work to an extend, the more expensive ones are Hex, Heaven's Halberd or Butterfly (for agi).

    As for the BS question, many of the carries relies on their escape skills early-mid games, such as AM, PA and Weaver relies on their blink and shukuchi. By using ulti on them, you ensure they can't escape, and with their pathetic stats they will have no chance of surviving your ganks. Furthermore, many carries will get BKB to defend them against ccs, but BS's ulti go through BKB so it's very effective against carries whose cores are BKB (Lycan,PA, Yuey MK II etc.). The key of ganking with BS is to know who to silence, you or the target, for example. Silencing a skywrath mage in a gank is good. Silencing Kunkka is dumb etc.

    Ursa is weak against carries that can easily escape him, like Weaver or Storm Spirit, or carries that can make him miss, like PA,FV or Trolllord, another rather good semi-carry hero that counters Ursa outright is Brewmaster, who not only has innate evasion, has a drunken haze which basically makes Ursa drunk and makes him miss most of his attacks, and his Ulti can be used to kill Ursa when he's closing in on you. Ursa is also weak against kiting, if he could not slow anybody with his skill 1, and has no other assists, he couldn't kill anybody unless you facetank him.

    Sniper is crushed by high-mobility team, or carries who can close gaps to him, heroes like Centaur or Clockwork will easily rush in and turn him into a bloody gore. Faceless Voids, AM and PA also are effective against snipers. Doom is also good, doom their carries or dazzle. Dazzle/Titan/Lion are mage-heavy teams, so get heroes who are effective against mage-types (Huskar, Life Stealer, Razor etc.) and always ensure that every game with Ursa, you have a good amount of cc in your teams. I'd say the best matchup for this'd be Centaur/BB, QW Invoker or Zeus, PA or FV, Tide or ES or Warlock and Omni or Ogre Magi etc. Their team composition is mage-heavy with 1 pub carry and 1 hard carry. If you can shut Ursa down and rape Sniper, the the stupid mages will phase out of game eventually and you will win.

    Another honorable mention is that the mentioned team is quite team-fight heavy, and is succestible to rat-dota if you're willing to go that path. They will have to get Sniper or Ursa to defend your rat-doto carry, it's just the matter of can you win the the other 4, with your other 4 heroes.
    Sniper Team lost, notice that PL can easily reach Sniper, Zeus and Lion can also easily punish him with Undying being the usual troll, Sniper is a carry who will feed his enemies if he is being constantly ganked. If he is allowed to free-farm too much, then it is obvious you will be crushed by him.

    Look at Worst Versus, almost every damn heroes Sniper sux against can get close to him or has evasion.

    At the same time, Ursa is notably weak against ranged carries with slow like Troll or DR or any heroes with reliable cc.
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  9. ProbeGst

    ProbeGst Well-Known Member

    Ursa can be fucked up in a variety of ways. All you have to do is to actually do it, which is more than you can ask from low skilled players, which is why pub Ursas get crazy farmed.
    These work against most pub-stomp hero(s)
    Blade Mail - for obvious reasons
    Guinsoo - his window of effective offense is small, Guinsoo breaks that.
    Orchid or any silence - Ursa that can't use skills is Ursa that can't deal damage.
    Euls - Same as Guinsoo
    Force staff - His damage is strictly melee. Create distance.
    Rod of Atos - Slowed Ursa can't close range
    Abyssal Blade - Same as Guinsoo and Euls
    Ethereal Blade/Ghost scepter - No physical damage, no threat
    Diffusial Blade - Unless it has been changed, his buffs can be purged, leaving him useless. Also slow.
    Heaven's Halberd - No physical damage, no threat
    Doom - No passive/items
    Tinker - Perma hex/ split-push
  10. nex_

    nex_ Member

    A lot of things bashes ursa, but a good team with a not-ganged ursa is deadly.

    Never specifically played bs as an anti carry, but basically rupture + silence + 1/2 friend or a force staff = a kill.
    The low cd of rupture allow BS to specifically SHUTDOWN the opponent carry.

    I like a lot blade mail on bs ... force staff, yasha, bkb ...too many choices are good.
  11. Yuey
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    Yuey Warden

    Oh yearh, if anyone has those Player Cards for the TI4 Compendium thing in their inventories, mind trading me the cards? I'm looking for s4, EternalEnvy, Burning, Mushi, Lanm, MMY, Dendi and Sylar cards in particular if you have those.
  12. I have burning eternal envy mmy s4 and sylar, i can trade em i dont own compendium :) but i dont know if steam would allow it as i dont have any purchases on my account which limits my "permissions" (FTP FTW! )
  13. Peerawatz
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    Peerawatz NOTD Staff: Sound Mixer and NOTD Troll Chieftain

    Funniest match I ever have, the fun thing people tend to forget is, NP is a very flexible hero, he can be played as Nuker, Ganker, Rat-Pusher, Carry...or even Hard Support XD, you're basically int support with global teleport, ability to farm nc, ability to lock enemy down in place and a global nuke, get Mekan and you are basically Carry Chen XD

    Of course the reason I chose to go Support is, if you look at the team roster, the pubbers on my team somehow picked 3 carries (and they picked after me), I decided, fuck it Imma support, since I am fully aware Rubick will not be able to support 4 carries versus Silencer and Disruptor. But oh dear, it's funnier than I thought, and it works perfectly XD.
  14. nex_

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    SEEKING [x]
    titan : amateh ||
    newbe xiao8/banana ||
    IG : all except luo ||
    empire : resolution ||
    ArrowG: mozun/xiangzai ||
    lgd.g : rabbit/Lin/dd ||
    mouseports : mss/pas ||
    liquid : qojva/bulba
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  15. Peerawatz
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    Peerawatz NOTD Staff: Sound Mixer and NOTD Troll Chieftain

  16. Yuey
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    Yuey Warden


    Also, TL won TI4 play-ins to be the 16th team. Welp, that was unexpected. Thought CIS would do better but I guess their visa issues affected them a little bit too much.
    TI4 group stage starts tonight midnight, QQ, first World Cup, now TI4 all with impossible schedules for me to watch.
  17. Peerawatz
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    Peerawatz NOTD Staff: Sound Mixer and NOTD Troll Chieftain

    So many skywrath mage, razor and panda picks....

    I believe Skywrath'll likely get a nerf after Ti4, probably lower starting int.

    Also NP and Lycan is always banned on Alliance match lol
  18. Yuey
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    Yuey Warden

    Do you want R[A]tDoto to get NP and Lycan? Worst idea in the world. 0/10.
    Also, ARROW ARROW ARROW. 0-8 to 7-8 pls.
  19. DcKing

    DcKing New Member

    Not sure why is split pushing even frowned upon. Its actually quite hard to take it down fast.
    All is fair in love and war xD and when the prize pool is in the millions, people will pull every trick in the book.
    I actually find split pushing entertaining, considering how much effort needs to be put into distracting your opponents from not taking notice of that split push, and thats its 4v5
  20. Yuey
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    Yuey Warden

    Split pushing is one of the less viewer friendly strats possible. Its basically admitting that "yes, our heroes suck at fighting you, so we just PvE for 40minutes until you die". Its not bad per say, just really boring for the viewer. Good splitpushing is sometimes good to watch but most splitpushing styles is just so frustrating to watch and frustrating to play against.

    The equivalent is like watching a Greece match in football where they defend for 90 minutes and win 1-0.

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