Discord for dummies tutorial (VOIP)

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    Simplified procedure working since december:

    Step 1 - Download app or use browser version from this link:

    After installing discort app, click on this link: "https://discord.gg/Q6BWRd6" .You should automatically join "notd" voice chat.
    Step 2 - you will know that you're conected by... hearing voices... and your icon and name as marked by number 8 on this screenshot. You can tell who's talking by observing those icons - speaking person got green circle around his avatar.
    Step 3 - you're muted by default. Go ahead and unmute yourself by pressing the icons marked by number 9. Everyone can see if you have muted your microphone or speakers, cause there are icons next to your avatar.

    Now you're ready to go.

    You can tinker with your setting to improve your AND OTHERS life quality.

    Those steps are optional:
    Step 1 - get into settings by clicking gear icon marked with number 10
    Step 2 - get into "voice" tab by clicking it (marked with number 11) then you can choose your communication method by clicking on item marked with number 12. If you choose push to talk, you can assign key with tab marked by number 13.
    Step 3 - if you choosen "Voice activity" (which is default) you MAY OR MAY NOT need to set your sensivity (we will tell you). If you mouse / keyboard operation triggers voice detection, you should uncheck automatical detection marked by number 14.
    Step 4 - observe the active yellow bar which is relative to sound around your mike. Move it to left or right, so you cut off keyboard / mouse / snoaring but voice is still picked up. In my case number 15 was background noice, and voice was starting with position marked by number 16.
    Step 5 - if everyone is quiet, you can turn up discord sound with tab marked by number 17. If someone telling you, that you're really quiet, you can crank up your mike output by tab marked with number 18.
    Step 6 - if some member is quiet or louder than others, you can finetune everyone. Right click on person icon marked by number 19, then adjust the bar marked by number 20. If someone is spamming / annoying / drunken amazing, you can mute that person, by checking the box marked by number 21.
    Step 7 - Finally, you may find your game / music too loud while chatting. You can use attenuation function. Click on tab "advanced" marked by number 22. Then select if you want discord to turn down the volume of other programs when you or / and someone is speaking. Finally adjust the bar marked with number 23. More to the right, quieter the game will be when someone is speaking.
    WARNING: if you use attenuation, discord eventually WILL mute your programs. It has something to do with multiple apps running at once and alt tabbing. What you have to do, is manually restore the sound in windows mixer everytime it happens. It's an awesome feature, your call if you want to use it or not.

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    30 lines of text too much, humanity have no hope.
  4. Your tutorial is very good and you did very good job ....!!! This tutorial is very helpful for me. Thanks
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