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    okay. so it turns out my sickness is meningitis. so i was watching the die hard movies. i must say...

    die hard 1 = fantastic movie lots of action, quips, turns, comedy
    die hard 2 = great movie. even higher stakes. just an escalation.
    die hard 3 = different feel then first 2 but the twists make it just as awesome. much more vulgar than first 2 though.

    die hard 4 ( live free or die hard) = mediocre movie. it was nice to see mcclane and the story with his daughter. but all the computer fire sail shit, not a die hard feel. action is limited to mcclane driving a police cruiser into a helicopter and him fighting the asian chick. sub par action sequence. was hoping for more. very little stunts. where as first 3 movies bruce willis did a ton of the stunts himself it seemed like a cheap rehash of the series. similar to the feeling the 4th indiana jones movie did for that series.

    die hard 5 ( its a good day to die hard) - worthless. we finally see mcclanes son for the first time since die hard 1. its supposed to be a hat tip to the son im guessing to continue the series like his father but it came across as shallow and transparent. so disappointing. the bad guys were as fake as pamela anderson's tits. i was hoping after the debacle of the computer die hard 4, that we might see some action. but the action consists of mcclanes son doing most of the heavy lifting. now you might say because bruce willis is older and maybe more careful or that he doesnt want to risk it anymore. but it makes the movie feel wooden. you would think by the 5th movie you would see mcclane, his son, his daughter and his ex wife all grown up and see the dynamic between them. it just wasnt there.

    i mean the first 2 movies were dependant on the dynamic of survival and saving his wife. the third, the family dynamic was contained to the the phone calls. which i thought could have been better because i actually liked his wife character. the 4th movie. the only family dynamic starts more than halfway through the movie. and the only dynamic we have is between mcclane and matt farrell (justin long) i just couldnt buy it. now the 4th movie salvaged some of it near the end but the 5th the dynamic between father and son was so stretched it was flimsy.

    supposedly there may be a 6th movie but if they do i would suggest they rethink how they approach things. of course we're all going to like the mcclane character but we need more than just having a familiar face to satisfy. using a face thats friendly because we liked him in the past is not enough. we need to have a connection to the "hero" to be able to suspend disbelief. audiences arent going to take their time if they dont buy the story.

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